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Today I’m going to be taking a look at the anti-aircraft destroyer that has been making appearances at events recently…

Nendoroid Akizuki!

From the popular browser game ‘Kantai Collection -KanColle-‘ comes a Nendoroid of the first Akizuki-class anti-aircraft destroyer – Akizuki!

The ship parts on her flanks can be deployed to set her up for battle, and the 10cm gun turrets can be detached and displayed on their own! She also comes with effect parts based on the cut-in effect for anti-aircraft attacks in the game, as well as effect parts for her turrets and torpedo effect parts allowing her to battle on various different fronts!

Nendoroid Akizuki comes with three different face plates including her standard expression, a half-damaged expression as well as a combat expression. A half-damaged body is also included! As with most KanColle Nendoroids she also comes with food based optional parts – this time riceballs and pickled radish as well as some canned beef allowing you to display her in all sorts of original poses!

“Nendoroid Akizuki, reporting in!”

The 28th Nendoroid from KanColle, and also the first ever anti-aircraft destroyer to join the series – Akizuki is joining the Nendoroids! She has a mostly white sailor uniform outfit which contrasts with her black hair beautifully! I also personally really like the design of her outfit around the hips – it looks a bit like she is wearing a corset! (^ω^*)

The embroidered ’61st Destroyer Division’ letters on her ‘pennant’ headband are painted on with a lovely gold to really stand out! The adorable little 10cm gun turrets are also hard to ignore, but I’ll get into more detail about them later!

▼ This is how she looks from the back!

▲ The ship parts that act as a hair clip are so cute! ♪

The way the ponytail comes out in a fan-like shape is rather unique! The huge torpedo launcher on the back of all the destroyers illustrated by Shizuma is also included!

▲ Note the little anchor marks where the headband is tied at the back!

▼ Now let’s take a look at the Nendoroid-sized 10cm gun turrets!

▲ Which can be removed from the ship parts!

There are cylindrical openings on either side of the ship parts that allow you to insert and remove the turrets! Plus there is a little hole in his bottom as well as a special stand which means…

▲ You can pose him jumping up in the air!

Moving on, she also comes with some food parts!

▲ Rice balls and pickled radish!
These were chosen based on some of her lines from the game! The dish they are on is shaped like a bamboo leaf for some bonus style points! 

▲ “I went and splurged a bit today!” 

She also comes with some canned beef based on this line!! To think that canned beef would be considered splurging…! (´;ω;`)

▲ The can reads ‘canned beef boiled with soy sauce’!

▼ Let’s move into combat mode!

▲ “Let’s get started. Fire away!”

I borrowed the abyssal aircraft from Nendoroid Wo-Class for her to battle against!

▲ “So long as I’m still standing, you won’t get past!”

As she is an anti-aircraft ship special effects are included to recreate the cut-in effect for anti-aircraft attacks in the game! Firing parts for the turrets are also included and she comes with a combat expression to being everything all together! The three-layered anti-air explosion part comes with its own arm stand to easily position wherever you need it!

▲ “Brace for impact! We’re still good!”

She also comes with torpedo firing effect parts for battles on the sea as well!

▼ But if she isn’t careful…

▲”I-I can’t sink yet! I’m the fleet’s anti-air defence!!”

She also comes with parts to recreate her cute half-damaged pose holding her bottom! An alternate body is included with the clothes on her back are torn up, she comes with a special face plate to recreate the pose and there is even a damaged version of the 10cm turret included to display beside her!

▲ Note the little propeller marks on her bottom! (゚A゚;)

▲ Just as cute from the front! 

The ship parts on her hips are very nicely articulated allowing you to place them in various poses like this one! It’s almost like the ship parts are protecting her!

▼ Nendoroid Akizuki!

She’ll be up for preorder from the 12th July 2016 JST!

▼ Plus, orders from the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP will include…

▲ A ‘Nendoroid Akizuki’ Special Box Sleeve & Special Nendoroid Base as a bonus!

Be sure to consider it when purchasing! ╭( ・ㅂ・)و 

Anyway, that’s all from me today! I hope to see you all again soon! (ω)ノシ

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