These Nendoroid More: Face Parts Case are releasing this month, and I got my hands on some early samples!! (*’▽’)

Hi everyone! Suwabe (@gsc_suwabe)  from the Corporate Planning Division here!

Has everyone here seen the Nendoroid More: Face Parts Case before? Here is a quick reminder of the product info for those who have never seen the series before!
‘Nendoroid More’ is a series of products created to make Nendoroids even more enjoyable, and the latest addition to the series are these cute Nendoroid face parts cases! The cases allow you to store up to two spare expression parts inside while also having a cute appearance to put on display – which means that even your spare parts will have a place in your collection!

*Images shown here are for illustrative purposes only. No Nendoroid expression parts are included with this product.

Cute cases that can hold your unused Nendoroid face plates!

The product was actually first an entry into the Good Smile Cup Contest! To think that it would make it all the way to becoming an official product! You can see the first ever rendition over on this article: The 4th Good Smile Cup Figure/Model Contest – Part 1: Built from Scratch!


Became this!

It must have been such nice news for the creator when it was announced that it was actually going to made into a product! You can see a lot of love was put into the original design! Let’s take a closer look at the samples!

Box Opening Ceremony!

 All Together! (*’▽’)

Also cute from the back!

▲ The curly kitty tails are so cute! ♪

\Open Sesame/

▲ A little push on the top will open up the case!

Each case can hold two face plates! (/・ω・)/
There is also a little hit of space to store some smaller optional parts!

Anyway, that’s enough product promotion! Now I’m just going to introduce some of the scenes that my imagination thought up!

“One who loves food, and one who does not”

◆ Author’s Comment
It was rather useful being able to keep all these optional parts inside the cases too! The expressions come from the Nendoroid More: Face Swap set!

“Crying Person Surrounded by Suspicious People”

◆ Author’s Comment

Collecting multiple of the same parts case has it’s advantages! I want to display a couple of the same expression and faces on my desk! These expressions also come from the Nendoroid More: Face Swap set!

“Match Expressions with Cases!”

◆ Author’s Comment
Exactly what the title says. If you match the colors of the cases with the expressions inside them they have a nice matching feel to them!

“Collection of Cuteness!!”

◆ Author’s Comment
Cute is Justice.

I hope everyone else also enjoys creating stories like these with the Nendoroid More: Face Parts Cases!


The Nendoroid More: Face Parts Case (Rabbit) is currently up for preorder! The bunny version is also so adorable! (*´ω`*)

Preorders at the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP are open until the 20th July 2016 at 21:00JST! 🐰

Anyway that’s all from me for today! See you all again tomorrow!

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