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I’ve seen two twins talk in perfect unison in the past. It was so impressive… I’d really love to hear that again some time!! Anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at this upcoming item from Phat!
Ami Futami & Mami Futami

From the anime series ‘IDOLM@STER’ comes a 1/8th scale figure featuring both of the mischievous twins – Ami Futami and Mami Futami! The pose is based on the illustration by director Atsushi Nishigori seen on the 4th volume of the Blu-ray & DVD jacket for the anime series, and is the first in series to feature two characters as a single figure!

The figure has been carefully sculpted to have the two characters fit together naturally, and also features a lovely selection of eye-catching colors that all come together to create a figure filled with highlights! Mami also comes with an alternate expression part which can be used to display her with her eyes open instead – simply pick the pose that you prefer!

The mischievous, playful twin idols in an energetic pose!

The innocent appearance and positive vibes of the twins has been captured so nicely, allowing you to enjoy the charms of both  Ami Futami & Mami Futami as a single figure!

The colourful one-piece outfits with the sporty yellow vests as well as the alternate colored scrunchies in their hair, headphones and kind-of matching socks… the super colorful design matches with their huge smiles so nicely!!

Let’s take a look from the back! |・`ω・)

The socks as well as the stars and dots on their shoes are all painted by hand!! (・ω・ノ)ノ!

These kind of patterns are often done with decals, but that can sometimes leave behind a bit of a rough appearance. The painter behind the figure – Maimocchi (Turunoyakata) – wanted to ensure that the vivid coloring and colorful impression was preserved in detail for fans to enjoy!

Ami’s hair has been sculpted to capture the movement of her jumping up onto Mami’s back, while Mami’s bent over back with her ponytail fluttering around is also so intricately sculpted…

Everything comes together to create such a realistic dynamic effect! They look ready to jump to life!

The original illustration was always amazing, but now you can enjoy that adorable pose from any angle that you please!

Anyway, this is in fact the 9th figure in the IDOLM@STER BD/DVD Jacket Illustration series!

Let’s have a look through all the figures in the series so far… (●´ω`●)

#1: Hibiki Ganaha

Released May 2014

#2: Iori Minase

Released June 2014. Rerelease in August 2015.

#3: Yayoi Takatsuki

Released January 2015. Rerelease in August 2015.

#4: Miki Hoshii

Released May 2015.

#5: Takane Shijou

Released in July 2015.

#6: Makoto Kikuchi

Released in September 2015.

#7: Yukiho Hagiwara

Released in January 2016

#8: Azusa Miura

Scheduled to Release September 2016

…the members have really started to come together now! Just a few to go after the twins! ♪

But anyway, let’s get back to AmiMami! (・∀・)

Ever since the Blu-ray/DVD jacket series started, the series has kept the details of both the characters as well as the most intricate parts of their outfits and accessories in tact. ♡

The yellow down vests make use of a glossy paintwork giving them a nice texture, and you can even see the difference in material through the sculpt where Ami’s hand is grabbing on to Mami’s shoulder!

△ The metallic look of the headphones and the curly wire also look great! ♪

Plus this figure also includes a special optional part! 

An alternate expression for Ami with her eyes open!

The original jacket cover illustration had Ami with her eyes closed which does showcase her carefree personality nicely, but for those fans who would rather see the energetic Ami with her eyes wide open, this alternate expression is also included for you to choose between!! ♡

As for Mami’s expression… ♪

Such a mischievous yet adorable smile!! (/ω\)

I recommend a slightly low to meet up with her eyes nicely! ♡

Finally a quick 360° spin of the figure! (・ω・)/

Enjoy the colorful outfits, dynamic pose and energetic vibes from the adorable twins! ♥︎

Ami Futami & Mami Futami 

They will be up for preorder from Thursday! ★

Be sure to check the Good Smile Company or Phat! Company website on the day for more details! (・∀・)

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