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This is my second blog and I’m still getting used to the ropes but I think everything is getting smoother now!! Today I’m going to be taking a look at ORANGE ROUGE’s latest product…

The 1/8th Scale…


From the popular browser game ‘Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-‘ comes a 1/8th scale figure of Okurikara based on his standard standing pose from the game.

The figure faithfully captures Okurikara’s aloof expression, darker skin tone and the characteristic tattoo of the Kurikara Dragon on his arm to bring out his unique charm and personality for fans to enjoy by their side! Be sure to add him to your collection!

“I am Okurikara. There is nothing else to say.”

The dark-skinned uchigatana ‘Okurikara’ as a scale figure! His outfit that looks a bit like a ‘gakuran’ jacket and his long hair covering up his one eye as he glares out the other have all been faithfully preserved in the figure!!

As with the previous scale figures from Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- the figure is based on his standard standing pose from the game! Okurikara has that intimidating gaze and one foot forward in a pose that makes him look ready to react to anything! (゚A゚;)

Let’s see how he looks from the back!

The arch in his back shows him standing up straight with confidence!

The creases in his jacket, rolled-up sleeves and warm loose waist-cloth wavering at his legs make for such a manly appearance! The tattoo on his left arm also looks amazing… but I’ll take a closer look at that a little later!

“I have no intention of being friends.”

The powerful, cold gaze just seems to match his line from the game so perfectly! The tightly closed mouth has a bit of a frowning look to it, yet there is something about his eyes that shows he has a somewhat gentle side to his personality! His expression tells so much!

Note the red tips of his hair at the back!

The very top of his head has black hair, but as it flows down to his neck it gradually fades into a dark red!

Also take a close look at that neck while we’re here! Just look at those masculine neck muscles, his collarbone and the Adam’s apple slightly visible from this angle!! It’s such incredible detail!! (;)=3

The paintwork also emphasizes the shadows making everything stand out so nicely!

Next up we have his jacket!

The jacket has a half-glossy black paint with shiny golden buttons and highlights that match beautifully! The necklace also matches up with the jacket for a simple yet stylish outfit – the necklace even has the small Sanskrit characters carefully carved into it! The white V-neck T-shirt also contrasts with the black jacket so effectively! (つД+ *

Even the shirt has very slight shadows painted on to it! This had to be done rather carefully to ensure that the darker areas did not end up looking like a dirty shirt instead of shadows. Seeing the work done on this figure really shows just what artisans those who worked on it are!

As he is sculpted in a confident pose pushing his stomach out the creases on the back of his jacket have been carefully sculpted to match that pose.

You can also see the way the jacket has collected up at his elbows due to the way he has rolled up his sleeves – the movement of his body is so clear even over all his clothes.

His tassets and waist-cloth!

From the front, the purple cloth tied around his waist really stands out…

From the back the wavering of the waist-cloth stands out!

The armor on his upper legs is known as ‘tassets’, and you can tell from the sculpt and painting that they have a very different texture! They have a much heavier appearance to them! If you look really close you can even see the layer underneath the tassets is also sculpted onto the figure!

Then we move onto my personal favorite area…

The tattoo of the Kurikara Dragon on his left arm!

In his hand he grips his sword with it’s beautiful purple scabbard and golden guard… but what really pulls the eye is the tattoo along his arm – the tattoo of the Kurikara Dragon, which is where Okurikara gets his name from!

Also take a nice close look at the muscles on his wrist! Lovely! (*´ω*)

The tattoo has actually been redone again and again trying to get it to follow his bone and muscle structure as naturally as possible! I think we ended up capturing it really nicely in the end though! His black leather gloves and the tightly gripped fist inside are also one of his many highlights!

His pants and shoes!

Even all the way down here the sculpting of the creases is incredible!! The pants are not too loose and not too tight – just the right size to cover up the ankles!

The shoes really look like they are made from leather thanks to the glossy paintwork – but it’s a very different kind of shine when compared to the jacket! It looks like he just shined his shoes to perfection!!

▲ Finally my favorite shot for today! This angle captures his body-line so well!

The 1/8th Scale…



Preorders will be open from tomorrow around noon Japan time! Preorders from the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP

…will also include this Okurikara Sword Charm as a bonus!╭( ・ㅂ・)و̑̑

Make sure you don’t miss out!!


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