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Nendoroid Nozomi Tojo: Training Outfit Ver.☆

From the popular anime series ‘LoveLive!’ comes a Nendoroid of Nozomi Tojo wearing her training outfit! She comes with both a winking expression as well as a lively expression, made in the image of her shouting out as she predicts the future with her cards!

Optional parts include a video camera, microphone allowing you to display her creating videos of the other μ’s members! A special ‘holding hand’ part is also included for use with the ‘Ima wa Bokura no Naka de’ LoveLive! Nendoroid series! Be sure to display her with the other Nendoroids in the series!

The easy-going spiritual girl! ♥︎

The μ’s member who provides emotional and spiritual support to all the others! Nozomi Tojo is joining the Nendoroids in her training outfit!!

Her long twin-tails that could easily be her most charming feature are looking lovely, and the open mouth on this expression has a bit of a sexy appeal to it! As with the previous Nendoroid, her ample bosom is even noticeable in Nendoroid size!

Her training outfit has also been transformed into Nendoroid size perfectly – from the tied up section of the bottom of her top to the intricate frills on her short pants! 

The winking expression makes her look like she is trying to persuade someone to do something… and perhaps is best suited when facing the first or second year students!

Displaying the μ’s members together allows for all sorts of fun situations!

This marks the 8th character in the training outfit series!


This leaves one last character, sure to be here soon with a smile!! ♥︎

Anyway, let’s get back to Nontan!!

Her first expression was the rather compelling winking face, but let’s move on to her second expression…

“That is what the cards have told me!”

The shouting expression she gave while reading the cards!!

The open mouth together with those wide open eyes and her arms outstretched… she has clearly seen something most profound!! You can also see that the dolman sleeves of her top are preserved with a more slack appearance compared to most Nendoroid sleeves! ♪

Her twintails not only have Nendoroid joints at the end, but also have simple articulation at the ties allowing for different nuances- such as her aura blowing her hair about while she reads the cards!

She also comes with some other parts that sort the expression rather well!! (。・ω・)ノ゙

A video camera & microphone! 

She looks confident that she will not miss anything now that she has her camera ready! Alternatively you can switch to the winking expression for a more relaxed filming time! ♪

Elicchi is a little embarrassed with the camera, but still plays along!!

It’s really so easy to make a story out of the characters once they are together! Another thing to remember is that Nendoroids can for the most part switch expressions between other Nendoroids… which means you can also use the expressions from Nendoroid Nozomi Tojo on this version for even more options… such as…

Use her mischievous expression with the camera to display her ready to cause some trouble with the other members! ☆

Alternatively you can use Nendoroid Nozomi Tojo‘s friendly expression with the training outfit…

To display her practising for her next performance!! ♥︎

With both the expressions included with this version as well as the previous version, you can really enjoy so many different sides of Nontan!! ε=(。・д・。)

△ Posed just before ‘washi washi’ time… (°Д°;≡°Д°;)

She also comes with bent and other interchangeable arm parts which together with the different hands allow for other completely fresh poses! ♪

Whether you have the original Nendoroid Nozomi or you just want to get this one, you have all sorts of different possible poses and situations to be had!

Add the spiritual girl to your collection in her training outfit!

Nendoroid Nozomi Tojo: Training Outfit Ver.

She’ll be up for preorder from tomorrow! ☆

As with all the previous Nendoroids in this series, she also comes with holding hands parts designed for use with the original LoveLive! Nendoroid series!

△ Connect the hands of the original Nendoroids together!

In addition, if you preorder from the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP you will also receive a Special Nendoroid Background Sheet (Night Sky) & Special Nendoroid Stand 

△ A lovely full moon, stars and clouds ! ♥︎

Be sure to keep the bonus in mind when preordering! (。・ω・)ノ゙

Also don’t forget about this item currently up for preorder…

Nendoroid Pouch: Sleeping Bag & Eye Mask LoveLive! Ver.

From the anime series ‘LoveLive!’ comes a special Nendoroid Pouch made in the image of the members of μ’s! In addition, an all new eye mask for Nendoroids is also included as a set! Place your favorite LoveLive! Nendoroid in the pouch and carry them around with you wherever you go!

Here is an example how how it can be used with one of the older Sleeping Bag designs!! You can preorder here:


Make sure you don’t miss out!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧


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