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I bit my lips and now they’re sore… drinking delicious warm drinks makes them sting… _:(‘Θ’ 」 ∠):_

Anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at the ‘Perfect Date’ photos that everyone has been sending through to me!! A big thank you to everyone who took the time to send me their photos! There were so many different themes and interesting dates!! It was all so much fun to read!!

I have been introducing some photos on the blog day-by-day, but I decided I needed another blog to introduce a whole bunch at once! Be sure to take a look at the last Kahotan Post Office blog for more of the same theme!!  Let’s get started! ٩(๑òωó๑


I’m a Canadian and my brother and I love collecting Nendoroids! (Particularly Touhou Nendoroids in my brother’s case!)

This Perfect Date photo was taken in my brother’s ‘Nendoroid Zone’! My Suiginto-tan and his Shinku-chan are enjoying a tea time date! My brother tells me the scenario, and I arrange the figures and take the photos.

– Lunapyan

A teatime date between Shinku and Suiginto! Lovely!! (/ω\)♥︎

The background set and little parts also add such nice detail to the setting! I can just imagine the two of them talking!!


~House Date~

“Are these the kind of girls that boys like?”, Miku-chan says with a sad look on her face.

Don’t worry! You’re more than cute enough, Miku-chan!! (^^;)

– Kingyou 

The pouting Miku-chan is so cute that I want to pull her over through the screen!! Oh, the insecurities of a beautiful maiden!! ((>д<))


A beautiful and romantic moment of Nendoroid Kirito and Asuna as they shared their first kiss under the cherry blossoms tree.

– kixkillradio

…I hope they’re happy together forever!! (I’m not crying, I swear!)

I never thought I would see such an emotional scene as this with Nendoroids!! _(:3 」∠)_


Don’t you just love it when someone dear to you makes an ordinary day special?

– Banana Shake

Turning an ordinary day into a special day!! How romantic!! (*Blushing

It’s like a scene straight out of a Shoujo manga! °・(ノД`)・°・


Went to some botanical gardens here in Australia and wanted to bring Kashuu on a date! I’m sure he’d like seeing all the pretty flowers, even if he’s the prettiest around!

– floro

Thank you for the lovely photo and the love-filled comments about Kashu Kiyomistsu!! I think I need to make a new theme dedicated to Touken boys and flowers! ♪ (´□`。)


Enjoying Japanese sweets with Goro-san!

– Guu

Goro-san seems to fit in here so well even if the sizes don’t match! I really love those sweets at the bottom of the photo! They’re delicious!! (。・ω・)ノ゙


Today is the 11th November! Pocky Day! The Nisekoi girl’s decided to cosplay as magical girls and enjoy some Pocky together! I dressed Marika up as Nagisa seen their voice actors were the same… it turned out way cuter than I expected!

– Golden Bug

Ooooh! They’re all so cute!! The other members are also all so cute!! (σ・∀・)σ

Now that I think about it… I forget to eat Pocky on Pocky Day!!


The other day I went to Machi Asobi and decided to take my Nendoroid Yamto with me. We climbed Mount Bizan and just before the summit there was a lovely filed of cosmos flowers… I decided it was Yamato’s time to shine and I took her out for some photos.

It ended up as such a lvoely background for her! I really felt like I was out on a date with Yamato-san! ^^

– Nanashi

The combination of Yamato and the cosmos is stunning! ♡

The relaxed pose also sets the scene so nicely! It’s the perfect photo to remember the day! (*´Д`)=з


“When you have a long distance relationship, getting messages from your loved one is the perfect date!”

– Lanz

Even long distance relationships can have dates! I loved the photo, and the comment really got to me as well! ₍₍ (ง ˙ω˙)ว ⁾⁾ ♡

A photo that shines with what it means to be young and in love!!


I’ve only ever really enjoyed my figures at home, but seeing all the outdoor photos from other people made me decide to take Eren out for a bit myself! I’ve taken photos in all sorts of different places, but when I got into my hotel I thought the nightscape looked really beautiful so decided to take a photo there too! ♪

The lights in the room made reflections so I had to turn out the lights and had quite some trouble taking the photo, but I think Eren came out looking awesome in the end! I hope you think so too…! (^-^;

– Rin

I think he came out looking fantastic against the night scenery!! It really gives a nice atmosphere to the photo!! Be sure to head out with your Nendoroids again sometime – I look forward to more photos! ♪


Miku: Have some Sake and Dango Kashuu!

Kashuu: I already am eating some but here is a crepe for you.

This is taken in my dorm room because I couldn’t figure out where to put them outside and I just really wanted these two to have a date together. They are standing on the volleyball court because that was the longest base I had.

– Sayuri

Connected by fate as they both come with dango parts!! (๑•̀д•́๑=͟͟͞͞(๑•̀д•́๑=͟͟͞͞(๑•̀д•́๑)

I wonder what the two would talk about as fellow lovers of sweet things! ♪


A tiny Rin-chan found some Autumn leaves! ♪

– Sa

I quite enjoyed the fact that both the head and body belong to Rin-chan! Different Rin-chans! (●´ω`●)

Comparing Nendoroids to things in real life really brings out their cute size!!


Time to go on a journey through time! As it’s Back to the Future year, I decided to display Racing Miku together with that famous car – ready to go on a ride to the future!

– Mikaniro no Hito

Who ever though Racing Miku and the Delorean would appear together!! ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ

I wonder where in time she is headed! ♪


Once again, a big thank you to everyone who sent in photos!! This has been such a fun theme that I’m quite sad to see it pass… but it’s about time for a new theme!! A theme a little bit more suited to the cold weather!!

This time around my favorite photo will once again be selected to be used as my Twitter header! ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

If you’re happy to let me show your photo on the blog and use it as my Twitter header, please send it through!

The theme this time around is‘Winter & Figures’!

Winter & Figures Photos
~ Kahotan’s Twitter Header Photo 2015 Winter ~

E-mail: kahotan-b@goodsmile.jp


– Title –

Make sure you add ‘Header OK’ to the title!

– Body –

· Add a comment regarding your photo!
It doesn’t have to be long, just where or why you took the photo!

· Add your nickname so you can be credited!

– Photo –

· Take and attach a photo that features the theme of Winter using GSC-distributed figures. The situation and pose can be anything you like!

· Please only send your own work!

· Your photo will likely be trimmed and slightly edited if chosen to be used as the header.

· Your photo may also be introduced on this blog or a Live Broadcast, even if not selected as my header image.

I look forward to seeing your photos!

Please feel welcome to send other unrelated photos too! I’m always happy to see them! Other questions and product requests are also welcome!

* Please send product defects or problems to the support team!
* If you don’t want me to show your mail on the blog, please let me know!

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Now for a quick reminder of this weekend’s events! ♪


19th Oarai Ankou Festival ‘Girls und Panzer Hobby Show’

Date: 15th November 2015
Location: Oarai Resort Outlet Mae
Booth: Oarai Resort Outlet Mae Street (Far West Side of the Outlet Building)


Various Girls und Panzer products will be on sale including the Nendoroid More: Panzer IV Ausf. D (H Spec) & Nendoroid Petite Ankou Teamfigma Vehicles: Panzer IV Ausf. D “Finals”figma Vehicles: Panzer IV Ausf. D Tank Equipment Set and more!

The Nendoroid More: Panzer IV Ausf. D (H Spec) & Nendoroid Petite Ankou Team will also be on sale at the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP in limited quantities after the event until the 18th November! See my blog review over here: Nendoroid More: Panzer IV Ausf. D (H Spec) & Nendoroid Petite Ankou Team.

There will also be all new Girls und Panzer figures on display!! ♪

Be sure to stop by the booth if you’re attending the event!!



GSC&MAX Autumn Exhibit Caravan in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka


① 2015/11/7 – 2015/11/8
② 2015/11/14 – 2015/11/15
③ 2015/11/28  – 2015/11/29
④ 2015/12/5 –  2015/12/6


① animate AKIBA Cultures ZONE
② Sofmap Nanba Store ZAURUS 1
③ animate Sakae
④ Volks Akihabara Hobby Tengoku


The first exhibit caravan in quite some time! This weekend some of the items on display are…

· Kagamine Rin: Tony Ver. & Kagamine Len: Tony Ver.
· Hatsune Miku: mebae Ver.
· figma Fubuki Anime ver. ← NEW
· Saber Bride
· Erina Nakiri
· Tsurumaru Kuninaga
· Mikazuki Munechika
· Nendoroid Ichigo Hitofuri

Be sure to stop by if you’re in the area!!

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♥︎ Today’s Date ♥︎

The perfect date is always to be with each other, and for us, playing games together is always be fun. Of course Nendoroids are always with us, and sometimes doing the same things ^_~


– Cersia-chan


What is ‘Today’s Date’?

Today’s date is a photo corner featuring figure photos sent in by fans with the theme ‘The Perfect Date’. See the bottom of this post for details on how to take part: Kahotan Post Office

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