Hello everyone! My name is I.G. Sakai, a member of Max Factory’s Planning team! I’m here to let everyone know that a certain figure is coming up for preorder soon!

From the popular anime series ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ comes A figure of Yugi Muto’s reliable companion who fought a number of battles by his side…

The 1/7th Scale Dark Magician Girl!!

The Yu-Gi-Oh series is filled with all sorts of different monsters, but the Dark Magician Girl is one that many will remember as being one of the cutest! Me included!! Let’s take a closer look at her!

A dynamic pose based on the Dark Magician Girl’s Summoning Scene!

Those lovely long white legs are so beautiful…

The pose where she is holding on to her hat should cause nostalgia bells to ring in fans heads a little! The outfit is of course a cuter version of  the Dark Magician’s outfit! The outfit makes use of a glossy finish which brings out the gentle curves of her body very nicely!

 ▲The staff in her right hand uses metallic paint to bring out the texture!

The metallic shine is different to the glossy shine of the outfit, really bringing out all the different textures in the figure! The jewels in her boots also make use of a semi-see-though material to keep the transparent appearance!

 ▲ The gloss on the outfit matches with the tight look nicely!

Plus you can’t possibly miss the base! It’s specially designed in the shape of the magic circle that appeared in her summoning!!! Isn’t it awesome?!

The mould for the base is actually a clear blue circle, and then the golden rings and symbols are all printed onto it, which gives the illusion of the golden parts floating ever so slightly higher than the circle!

 ▲ She’s even cute from the back!

What’s that? They’re showing? Don’t be silly!!

This is a leotard! You’re not seeing anything naughty!!

Tear your gaze away from her pant leotard and instead take a look at the her cape is fluttering around behind her!!

By the way, we previously had this figure on display at events and whatnot, and one of the overwhelming things we heard from fans was that the stand that connects to the bottom is just getting in the way…

Hahaha! Don’t worry about such petty things my fellow duellists!
That stand can in fact be completely removed!!


On top of that…
There are no connection tabs on the bottom at all!

As you can see from my detailed explanation above, the stand at the bottom merely supports the figure, and can be removed to not affect the appearance whatsoever!

So then… why is it there in the first place? This prototype is what we call a resin cast, which is slightly heavier than the actual PVC material that the figure will be made from – the resin cast was too heavy to remove this support, but the PVC version will be able to be displayed without it.

That said, depending on your environment (such as very hot areas where PVC gets too soft) you may want or even need to use the stand – so it will be included just in case, but can be removed with ease!

There we have it! I hope you’re looking forward to the…

1/7th Scale Dark Magician Girl!

She will be up for preorder soon!
Please be patient with us just a little bit longer!!


1/7th Scale Dark Magician Girl
■ Series: Yu-Gi-Oh!
■ Release Date: Spring 2016
■ Sculptor: sea/Max Factory
■ Paintwork: mffp/eriko
■ Released by: Max Factory
■ Distributed by: Good Smile Company

© 高橋和希 スタジオ・ダイス/集英社・テレビ東京・NAS