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The pollen season has come, and so I have moisturizing tissues by my side all the time now. Whoever invented moisturizing tissues is a genius!

Anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at…


From the original anime film ‘Expelled from Paradise’ comes an action figure of the new-generation exoskeleton powered suit ‘NEW ARHAN’! The figure transforms from its ovoid storage form into humanoid form without needing to interchange for replace any parts, creating a true transforming action figure of NEW ARHAN.

All the proportions and details of the original design not been compromised in any way for the transformation, creating a faithful and detailed figure for fans to enjoy in their collection. Additionally, various weapon parts that appeared in the film are also included as optional parts, allowing you to recreate dynamic combat scenes with the figure as well!

Ooooooooh! (´□`。)

The third in the GSA series! It’s been quite awhile since the announcement, but NEW ARHAN, the mecha from the popular original anime film ‘Expelled from Paradise’ is finally coming up for preorder! Just look at the details and lovely mechanical appearance of the sculpt! Not to mention those lovely curves and the ‘heavy’ appearance you would expect from a giant robot!

△ The complicated design of the back is sculpted amazingly! Beautiful curves!

Plus! The figure features a complete transformation!! By ‘Complete Transformation’, I mean that it can also become this shape! (/ω\)

Egg Mode!!


But… how does it change from this shape into the awesome mecha above?

Let me give it a go!!

★From Egg Form ⇒ Shift and Slide the Shell ⇒ Remove the Bottom Section

This will separate the figure into two parts! (●´ω`●)

☆ Fold up the bottom section like so…

☆This Makes this Circular Shape!!

△ I’ll explain more about this later!

★Now on to the top section!

△ Everything is so closed up and shelled! It looks kind of like a crab!

★Pull out the various parts to get the arms and legs!

△ It’s starting to take shape!

All that remains is the head!!

I leave this part to the product’s head planner! (σ・∀・)σ

△ I leave the rest… to you!! *Actually he has been helping me all along.

While he does all the finishing touches on the transformation, let’s take a second to look at what the GSA series is! ♪



GOOD SMILE ARMS is a new articulated figure series from Good Smile Company based on the theme of ‘mecha’, with a focus on preserving the intricate, sharp designs of mecha and other robotic designs while still allowing great freedom of posing though careful articulation.

All the painting skills GSC has acquired though years of working on figures will also be put to use in the series, allowing for colors and textures that suit the detailed sculpting, and bring out the unique presence of mecha designs. The series will also be a larger scale compared to most articulated mecha figures, and will feature robots from not only anime, but also from various games and other media. We hope you’ll look forward to the upcoming line-up!

GSC never really worked on many mecha or vehicles much before the GSA series, but this is us branching out in that direction!! Here is a list of all the previously released products in the GSA series!

◆ Full Action Model Chamber

◆ GSA I-401

You really need to hold and move these items around with your own two hands to get a feel for their beauty! They are really incredible works!

Anyway, let’s get back to NEW ARHAN!

★The Head Part pops out like so!

★ Move the Back Parts into Place…

Now all that needs to be done is to balance him for a photo! (。・ω・)ノ゙

– Complete! –

Even the posture and form of the design has been faithfully preserved by the sculpt!! 

Plus just look at all the intricate little details! Not to mention the articulation!

△ The bottom of the feet even feature amazing detail!

The green parts even have a shiny paint to create a glowing appearance to really bring out the design!! ♥︎

Plus, do you remember the circular part that was put aside at the beginning of the transformation? This actually forms a base for the figure once you connect the stand in like so! ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ

Even the bottom is the base is detailed!

△ Even areas that won’t likely be seen often have such meticulous details!

Plus as you may have noticed from the previous photo…

NEW ARHAN also comes with various weapons! ♪

△He can balance to stand on his own or use the stand for more dynamic scenes!

Here we have all the optional parts lined up…

So many parts included!! (°Д°;≡°Д°;)

Plus even the included parts are filled with little details…

△ Armed and ready to fire…

△Opens up just like in the film!

Not only does the entire figure transform, even the included weapons are filled with fun little options!! 

There are so many moving parts that I ended up using a load of animated gifs today… (/ω\) On that note, there is another option that will allow you to see the transformation more smoothly! We made a video to show the transformation process!!

Plus tomorrow there will also be a special page to show off some of the more intricate points! Be sure to take a look!

Dive into the the ‘Expelled from Paradise’ universe!


It will be up for preorder from tomorrow!!

Plus, there are also more items from Expelled from Paradise going up for preorder from both Max Factory and Phat! Company! ★

figma Angela Balzac

PLAMAX RT-01 Frontier Setter

1/7th Scale Angela Balzac

In other words, tomorrow is…

Expelled from Paradise Day!

Make sure you don’t miss out!

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