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Anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at…

Nendoroid Marth:
New Mystery of the Emblem Edition!

From the popular game ‘Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem ~Heroes of Light and Shadow~’ comes a fully articulated Nendoroid of Marth, the Prince of Altea, in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Fire Emblem series!

He comes with two expressions including his standard gentle smile as well as a more serious shouting expression for combat scenes! Optional parts include an iron sword, a rapier as well as the Exalted Falchion allowing you to display him wielding various different weapons from the game! Slashing effect parts are also included and the Nendoroid is fully articulated allowing for amazing dynamic combat scenes to enjoy even in Nendoroid size!

The gentle prince of the Kingdom of Altea is joining the Nendoroids! He has been made in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the RPG series that has captured fans hearts for many years – Fire Emblem!!

Even little details such as the shiny appearance of the clasp on his cape and the metallic paintwork on his armor have all been included to create a really authentic looking outfit! You can even see the slack on certain areas of his outfit and the details on his feet are simply outstanding for a Nendoroid sized figure! ε=(。・д・。)

As he comes from a rather action packed game, he has also been made as a fully articulated Nendoroid with joints in areas like the elbows and knees for many more posing options! ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

Also take a good look at his facial expression! ☆

Such a gentle smile! (/ω\)

The smile captures Marth’s warm and friendly personality so nicely, but at the same time you can also feel his strong determination in those eyes – I understand exactly why so many enemies choose to join with Marth when I see this expression!

At his hips you can see he is wielding the Exalted Falchion which can be be displayed both sheathed away as well as out and ready for combat! The cape on his back features joints around the neck area allowing you to move it to the left and right to better match your poses!

The cape is also sculpted to appear ‘blowing in the wind’ to create that dynamic feeling that looks so great in action poses! 

For example, let’s equip him with the thin Rapier and pose him ready to strike…

By posing the cape like this, he looks like he is nimbly fighting with the rapier! (●´ω`●) Plus as I’m sure you’ve noticed, he also comes with a shouting expression for combat!!♪

Certainly a different feeling to the gentle smile, but it has a whole different charm to enjoy!

Plus last but not least he also comes with the classic Iron Sword as well as the Shield of Seals ‘Fire Emblem’ are also both included! ٩(๑òωó๑)۶

The shield may have been shrunk down to Nendoroid size, but all the separate colors of the orbs have included as well as the emblem carefully sculpted into the design! A majestic shield for a worthy Prince! ♥︎

△ I’m afraid that the orbs cannot be removed from the shield!

In other words, there are a total of three different swords to display him wielding!! (。・ω・)ノ゙

△ Make sure you use the right one for the right enemy!

Plus he also comes with effect parts which connect to sword parts! ★ 

△ Connects to the Exalted Falchion or Iron Sword!

Recreate your favorite scenes from the game or enjoy your very own original action scenes!

△ So hard to choose from a gentle pose or an epic action pose like this!!

A fully articulated Nendoroid filled with the world of Fire Emblem!★

Nendoroid Marth:
New Mystery of the Emblem Edition!

He is currently up for preorder! ★

Product Page: http://www.goodsmile.info/en/product/5242/

Plus don’t forget that Nendoroid Shiida: New Mystery of the Emblem Edition is also in the works! 

The planner for the Nendoroid Kyojin has been a fan of Fire Emblem since the Famicon generation, and apparently its quite an important character to him!! I hear she will be getting quite a special optional part!!

I’ll let you know when I have some more updates! (`・ω・´)ゞ

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