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Anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at…

Nendoroid Co-de: Fundoshi

Due to the popularity of the 2015 April Fool’s joke, the ‘Nendoroid Co-de Fundoshi’ are now on their way to actually being made into a product! This addition to the Nendoroid Co-de series has been designed especially for male Nendoroids with a set of various different ‘fundoshi’, or traditional Japanese underwear for males.

There are a total of five different variations to collect, including two ‘rokushaku’ fundoshi and two ‘etchuu’ fundoshi… as well as one secret fundoshi! The sexy rokushaku option comes in a white color as the ‘Magical White Co-de’, as well as a passionate red color as he ‘Exciting Red Co-de’! The larger etchuu option comes in white as the ‘Mysterious White Co-de’ as well as in red, as the ‘Matador Red Co-de’. Bring out the manliness of your Nendoroids! *No head parts included.

/ Overflowing Manliness!! \

The April Fool’s joke from earlier this year has had such a strong reaction, that we have decided to release it for real!  You may have noticed that GSC has a tendency to make April Fools jokes come true…

I never expected to be writing another article on fundoshi when I wrote the joke one back in March!! Thank you to all the fans for all the support – without you this would definitely never have become a real product!!

Anyway, let’s get started!


– Line Up-

There are two types of fundoshi in the set – rokushaku and etchuu! Each of them are also available in both red and white for a total of four different variations! Let’s take a look at each of them one-by-one! (●´ω`●)
– Rokushaku Fundoshi –

– Magical White Co-de –

– Exciting Red Co-de –

The triangular shape of the rokushaku fundoshi are similar to briefs! They are the tighter more… confined option! The reverse side is just a thin piece of material giving you quite a good look at the bottom! ♪

A rather bold pose that will definitely make any Nendoroid more manly!! ☆


– Etchuu Fundoshi –

– Mysterious White Co-de –

– Matador Red Co-de –

The etchuu fundoshi cover up a bit more! (*´Д`)=з

But they definitely have their own charm!! The back is also more covered up, but you can definitely still see the shape of the bottom behind the fabric!!

I recommend this to fundoshi beginners! ★

Plus! There is also one secret fundoshi to look forward to! ♡


– Product Specs –

1) These are trading figures! They will come in random boxes! There are a total of 5 to collect including one secret figure! (`・ω・´)ゞ

2) Each box will include a naked upper body (arms are not articulated), a lower body with the fundoshi and a Nendoroid Co-de stand! Note that the blank head shown in the product photos and on the blog is NOT included!! These are designed to be used with head parts from other Nendoroids!

3) The parts can be used with other Nendoroid Co-de parts! This means you can make some rather interesting combinations of outfits!! Of course you can also just use the fundoshi as is together with a Nendoroid head part! φ(.. )

4) Note that the fundoshi cannot be removed! There are NOT cast-off!

Look at that healthy, fit body!!

The body isn’t just any skin-colored body! You can clearly see the manly abs and even his little belly button! You can even see the collarbone if you look up close! ♪

Plus I’m sure you can tell his chest has also been beautifully sculpted!

A product born from an April Fool’s joke! Add some manliness to your Nendoroids!

Nendoroid Co-de Fundoshi!

Currently up for preorder!! ☆

Details here: http://www.goodsmile.info/en/product/5216/
Special Page here: http://www.goodsmile.info/en/nendoroid_code214

While we’re talking about Nendoroid Co-de…

A Quick Nendoroid Co-de Recap!


Nendoroid Co-de is a new addition to the Nendoroid series based on the theme of dressing-up characters! The figures have fixed poses and each come with four parts – the head, upper garment, lower garment and shoes. Each of these parts can be swapped between characters allowing for all sorts of possibilities. The more you collect, the more dress-up options become available to you!

In other words…! They are simple fixed pose Nendoroids, great for new collectors and with the ability to dress-up in various ways! Great fun for both young and old fans! 

For more information, be sure to check out the…

Nendoroid Co-de Special Site!

Here you can find out more about the Nendoroid Co-de series as well as test out some of the possible outfit combinations that will come from the first three characters!

Plus at the last WonFes we announced that there will be Hatsune Miku outfits joining the Nendoroid Co-de series soon!!  ♥︎

We hope you’re looking forward to the upcoming additions to the series!

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( ・∀・) .。oO(Enjoy coordinating…)
(( ・∀・) .。oO(… your very own outfits!)
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