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Anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at the 1/8th scale…

Hatsune Miku: Greatest Idol Ver.★

The jacket cover of sound producer Mitchie M’s album ‘Greatest Idol’ featured an illustration of Hatsune Miku by the famous animator and manga artist Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. This illustration has now been transformed into a figure for fans to add to their collection!The intricately sculpted details of her unique instrument as well as her dynamic pose filled with energy are sure to brighten up your day, and if that’s not enough her adorable expression will finish the job!

Ooooohh!! (*´Д`)

The electronic diva Miku-san just had her 8th birthday, and now she also has a brand new figure on the way! This time the figure is based on a CD jacket illustration by the renown Yoshiyuki Sadamoto! 

The bright smile she has on her face instantly shows she is a true idol!!

The outfit has a more rocky style to it than usual, but it still suits her so very nicely!! Her pink instrument which is a mix between a synthesizer and a guitar is incredibly detailed and the coloring of her twin tails is lovely!

Only an angel can be this cute!! (/ω\)

She was only announced at WonFes this year but her colored prototype is now complete and ready to take a nice close look at, so let’s get started!

This is how she looks from the back!

The unique touches of Yoshiyuki Sadamoto’s design have been beautifully preserved on the figure version! The gradient effect used for her hair gives it that translucent, light feeling that always looked so amazing on the illustration!

Speaking of a light feeling, also take note of her skirt! <○><○>

Fluttering upward in the heat of the moment!!

This angle is a perfect tease angle! So close and yet so far!! Also note the details of the chequered design on her skirt!! (´□`。)

Comparing the figure to the illustration and trying to find differences is very difficult, the figure recreates the illustration perfectly!! However the figure of course allows you to see her from any angle of your choice!

△Looking from a slightly higher angle you can really see her skirt and twin tails flowing around her!

Everyone who adds her to their collection will almost without a doubt be satisfied with the details both from the illustration, as well as all the details that were never visible on the illustration! 

For instance, take note of the mechanical design of her headphones, or the neck tie fluttering around her neck! Her painted nails are also so very intricate, and the slightly see-through blouse is a treat for the eyes!

The creases on her blouse are also very carefully sculpted!

The way the blouse moves around her body gives you a good feel for how the body looks even past the outfit… and if you look really close you’ll notice just how close to the illustration the figure has been made! Particularly around her chest!

Moving on, let’s take a look down at her legs! ★

A glossy paint is used on the high-lace boots which give them a classy feeling! The way her leg is twisting really tells the story of her dynamic pose right down from here at the legs! ε=(。・д・。)

I actually had a conversation with Hamako the other day where we both agreed that these shoes should really exist! I would be happy to buy them!! This Miku’s outfit actually has a much more ‘realistic’ feeling to it compared to most Miku figures, which makes her feel somehow “closer” to the real world…

The illustration was used as a cover album for Mitchie M’s album which is very much real, and this figure also shows her to be so real… surely it won’t be long until we really have Miku by our sides!! (●´ω`●)

While the rather unique mixture of a synthesizer and guitar brings things into a bit more of a wilder world, both parts are both sculpted to look very realistic for their individual parts! The guitar strings make use of a thin synthetic thread that is each pulled out and attached carefully! It even feels rather realistic!

△ The final product will of course be the same!
(The manufacturing team might be crying though!)

Plus, the design for the base of the figure is done by the jacket cover’s designer, BALCOLONY!

△An ‘M’ for ‘Miku’ and for ‘Mitchie M’ ♪

Everything about the figure is a pleasure to look at! Her semi-transparent hair, cute expression, intricate sculpting of her outfit and instrument, glossy shoes and stripy socks… plus even a specially designed base!

Enjoy Yoshiyuki Sadamoto’s Idol Miku from any angle you please! ♥︎

The 1/8th Scale…

Hatsune Miku: Greatest Idol Ver.

She’ll be up for preorder from tomorrow! ♪

Be sure to check the Good Smile Company website tomorrow for more details! Plus, orders from the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP will include a Special A3 Tapestry of the illustration! 


Yoshiyuki Sadamoto’s amazing illustration can brighten up your room in tapestry form too!

Be sure to keep it in mind when preordering!! ♪

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