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Mosquitoes really seem to love my blood. I think for the most part I’m a very gentle person, but when I hear a mosquito I can become quite… violent! (I still manage to get bitten though…)

Anyway, today I’m going to be continuing with a look at some of the entries into this year’s… Good Smile Cup!

What is the Good Smile Cup?

The Good Smile cup is a contest between the GSC employees as well as related companies, to see who can create something filled with love and originality! ★

The aim of the project is to simply create something you enjoy creating, and then to submit it for everyone to see! It’s not at all serious or anything, but a lot of fun and interesting entries can come up! Everything here was just made personally, and none of the items – no matter how well made – are currently being made into products!!

This time around the Good Smile Cup was divided into five sections! ♪

1) Kit Section – : Made or modified from a model kit.
2) Built from Scratch: Figures made starting with nothing!
3) Other: Anything that fits nowhere else!
4) Kahotan’s Tasty NomNom: Photo Contest
5) wooser’s Not Tasty MonMon

The wooser one is a little special… you need to transform the wooser included with Nendoroid Rin into something…. amazing! Take a look at some of the ideas over at the Good Smile Lab!

Good Smile Lab Blog: wooser’s Not Tasty MonMon (Japanese)

You can also take a look at the GSC Lab’s coverage of some of the other sections that won’t be covered on my blog!

The 4th Good Smile Cup Figure/Model Contest – Kit Section

The 4th Good Smile Cup Figure/Model Contest – Other Section

Plus you can find the ‘Built from Scratch’ entries over here!

The 4th Good Smile Cup Figure/Model Contest – Part 1: Built from Scratch

Today I’m going to be taking a look at one of the two remaining sections… Kahotan’s Tasty NomNom: Photo Contest! This is a photo contest in which I have been appointed judge!!

The winners are not yet to be announced, so today I’m just going to be looking at the entries in no specific order!


– 1 –Australia and Reni Takagi ~A 3000km Bicycle Trip~


Design Team: Samurai

“I present to you my memories together with my cherished Reni-chan.”


A collage of all the various photos taken by Samurai on his trip to Australia with Reni-chan. Filled with so many lovely memories! ♪


– 2 – Live start!

Planning Management Team: Sugar

Miku just about to head out onto stage.


The lighting in this photo is so beautiful! It really brings out the amazing sculpt work of Max Factory’s Hatsune Miku 2020! ♡


– 3 – My Avengers!

Production Team: Sasaki

Tomoyo-chan fantasizing about her own Avenger’s team!


A rather mixed up selection of characters led by Mako-chan! Being able to break the boundaries and mix figures from different series is one of the most fun things about figures!


– 4 – The 17th Floor in Danger


A Giant Warrior Descends on the Skytree during a multiple shot, one second exposure picture!


U-Uh-oh! The 17th floor of the building next to the Skytree is the offices of GSC, GSLS and Max Factory!

The size of the Giant Warrior as well as the trails of the stars… I’d love to try some photography like this myself!


– 5 – 3 o’clock Snack Time!

GSC: Channaka

*nom* (๑´u`๑) *nom*


I want to join in for snack time…!! Miku’s expression and the overall gentle feeling of the photo is so relaxing!! ♥︎


– 6 –Walkies

GSC: Channaka


Strawberry White Miku-san looks really cute in Western clothes too! (●´ω`●)
Somehow the bottom photo makes me think Dayo-san is about to pull that out and eat it…


– 7 – A God Made and Photographed Yesterday

Production Team: Shirasagi


This ‘God’ from Nichijou is Shirasagi-san’s hand-made deity!! You can also find him in the Built From Scratch section!


– 8 – Faithful Skulls : We Shall Work, You Relax

Planning Team: Hirase

A Photo I entered into the 5th WonHobby Photo Contest, and lost.


I think the title is the most amazing thing about this photo!
(Not that the photo is bad!)


Which of the photos above is the best?! That is for me to decide in the near future…!

I’ll be taking a look at each of the winners from each of the sections at a later stage! Before that though, you can also see all the entries in the wooser’s Not Tasty MonMon up on the GSC lab soon! I also made one!!
 GSC Lab Blog

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Anyway, I hope to see you all again tomorrow!

Planning Team / Kahotan
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