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I love games but I’m absolutely terrible at them. I think there are only about three games that I’ve actually managed to complete…

Anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at…

Nendoroid Akira Oono!

From Rensuke Oshikiri’s manga series ‘High Score Girl’ comes a Nendoroid of the silent heroine, Akira Oono! She comes with three expression parts including a blank standard expression, an angry expression that works perfectly with the included punch effect parts as well as a cute face with an open mouth to pose her eating.

Optional parts include some candy as well as a fried squid for her to eat, as well as an arcade machine – all sorts of items that simply had to be included to recreate various popular scenes from the series. Enjoy some retro games with Akira Oono by your side!

Ooooooohhhhh!! (*´∀`*) 

The beautiful, intelligent gamer with undeniable talent, Akira Oono is joining the Nendoroid series!

Those glaring eyes have been transformed into Nendoroid size without losing any of their charm! Plus she also comes with a lollipop to show how much she loves sweet things! ☆

Plus this part just had to be included…!

An arcade console!!

The console is included together with a chair part! (ノ`・∀・)ノ

Plus she even comes with sitting parts which allow you to seat her at the console like so! ♡

△ She looks so serious…!

The buttons and joysticks are also so intricately detailed!

The joystick is even planned to be slightly movable!

Akira Oono is normally a very silent, mature young lady… but when the time comes to be assertive she can be a lot stronger than she looks!

△ Even from the back she looks like she’d be good at games!

She comes with parts to show that side of her too!★ 


And after the kick comes… 

This expression is too cute!! (●´ω`●) 

The way her mouth is all curvy in frustration is just amazing…!

The curvy mouth is actually sculpted as being curvy too! It’s not just paintwork! The punching effect parts are the kind that connect directly onto her arm parts to show off Akira’s quick attacks!

Anyway, it seems she is rather upset, so let’s give her something sweet to much on to calm her down…♥︎

Here she is holding a real-size lollipop!
(Rather large when compared to the included lollipop parts! (°Д°;≡°Д°;) )

She still looks a little angry though…
but when she does eat something, then…

She comes with a cute eating expression as well as some fried squid on a stick! ☆

The mouth is actually made slightly hollowed inward allowing you to pose things actually entering into her mouth! She really seems happy to be munching on something!

I get full on happiness simply watching cute girls enjoying tasty food! ε=(。・д・。)



I think she has gotten over her anger from earlier now!! (´□`。)

Akira might normally be a quite character, but it’s all that quietness that let’s her build up the tension for her fun times and gags with Haruo! Be sure to add her to your collection and create all sorts of high school girl situations!

Nendoroid Akira Oono!

She’ll be up for preorder from tomorrow!

Plus, orders from the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP will include a special bonus…

Taiyaki parts!! ♡ 

They work perfectly with this expression! ♪

Just look how happy she looks munching on that taiyaki!

Be sure to check the GSC Site tomorrow for more details and photos!!


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( ・∀・) .。oO(Hmm….)
(( ・∀・) .。oO(… now I feel like some taiyaki too!!)
( ∪ ∪

Anyway, I hope to see you all again tomorrow!

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