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When I was in middle school I was in the school drama club. I might not look like the type, but I was actually the head of the club! To this day I’m still good friends with the club members!

Anyway, today I’m going to be taking a look at…

Nendoroid Yuki Yuna: Hero Edition!☆ 

From the anime series ‘Yuki Yuna is a Hero’ comes a Nendoroid of Yuki Yuna transformed into her hero form! The Nendoroid is fully articulated, allowing for poses worthy of those in the ‘Brave Hero Club’!

She comes with both her standard expression as well as a shouting expression perfect for displaying her in combat against the Vertex! Effect parts as well as her spirit ‘Gyuki’ are also included for an even more heroic battle scenes!

Hyafuuuuuu!!! (/ω\)

From ‘Yuki Yuna is a Hero’ which is the forth and last part of the “Takahiro IV Project” comes a Nendoroid of the Sanshuu Middle School 2nd year student and  Brave Hero Club member… Yuki Yuna! ♡

She is in her transformed form with her soft, pink hair!

The ponytail at the back is also attached with a joint allowing for interesting movements! Also take a good close look at her Hero outfit!

The unique outfit has been very carefully shrunk down to Nendoroid size! ★

If you look close you can even see the patterns on the two side flaps have been intricately added on! 

Plus it wouldn’t be Yuna without her spirit cow with wings, Gyuki!

△ So very adorable!


It looks like the two of them are looking at something…

△ Note the slight gradient on Gyuki’s wings, and Yuna’s big hair accessory!

Is that…?! (°Д°;≡°Д°;)


The smartphone that spelled the end of Yuna’s ordinary life is also included as an optional part! She also comes with a hand that can hold the phone, so you can easily pose her as if sending a message with the NARUKO messaging application! (●´ω`●)

△ The back of the hand clearly has the Hero symbol too!

Also note that this is an ‘Edition’ Nendoroid! That means that she is fully articulated!!

Perfect for taking all sorts of action poses! ♥︎

△ Her knees feature a joint for various angles of bent legs! 

The shoulder joint in edition Nendoroid is a ball joint, which means you can also easily make poses with the arm raised up! (`・ω・´)

Plus a shouting face ideal for combat scenes is also included!

Placing her in poses fighting against the Vertex is not only easy, the poses also look so amazing and dynamic! The included effect parts even feature little petals throughout the design to create even more ambiance! ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

△ The stand of the effect part is on a ball joint as well,
allowing you to adjust the angle to her fist or something else with ease!

You can really create so many fun action scenes with these fully articulated Nendoroids! I highly recommend giving them a try if you never had the chance!

Enjoy great poses while really brining out the atmosphere of the series! 

Grab the hero for your own collection!

Nendoroid Yuki Yuna: Hero Edition!

She’ll be up for preorder from tomorrow!

☆  Yuki Yuna is a Hero Official Site: http://yuyuyu.us/

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Finally a live broadcast notice! (σ・∀・)σ

Next week Tuesday, the 17th March, will be Kahotan Station: March Edition!


Kahotan Station: March Edition 

Date / Time: 17th  March from 20:00JST~
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◇ This Month’s Highlights!

・ All the μ’s members as Nendoroids soon! ♪
・ The German IS representative?!
・ Otonokizaka High School member as figmas…?
・”Midas”. A step above Mk.20!

◇ A Look at other upcoming goodies! 

・The latest in the figFIX series! A Commanding Officer! ♡
・Ryuko as fans may remember her in the last episode!
・Toyogasaki Academy’s 3rd year student and light novelist!

…and more

◇ Plus a look at AnimeJapan 2015 sales goods!


This time around my guest MC will be Kyojin from the planning team! We hope you’ll join us! ♡

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