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I kept thinking I should go to Disneyland for the Halloween special and before I knew it today was the final day!! The Christmas version starts from the 7th November already!!

Anyway, today I’ll be taking a look at:

Nendoroid and figma Nagisa Momoe

I was trying to save these for tonight’s live broadcast, but I couldn’t resist!

*They are both still in production and being checked by the publisher, so there are certain parts I can’t show just yet! (`・ω・´;)

First up we have..
Nendoroid Nagisa Momoe! ♪

For those who don’t know, Nagisa is a new Puella Magi from the latest in the Madoka movie series: Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Rebellion Story

I know there are many of you who haven’t seen the movie yet, so don’t worry! No spoilers!! (´Д`;)

As much as I’d love to talk about her role in the movie… I’ll resist for now!!

The cute little candy shape on her belt is so cute! ♡
Her dotted tights also look lovely!!

Her hair looks so soft and fluffy! I wish I could run my fingers through it!

Her optional parts are still in production at the moment so I can’t show them just yet… but I’m personally looking forward to seeing her expression parts!

Next up we have…
figma Nagisa Momoe!

Nagisa’s figma will be made slightly shorter than most figmas, meaning she’ll look just right displayed with the other Puella Magi! I can’t wait to display them together! ♪

Her fluffy outfit and the pompoms on her sleeves and hat look great!
The cat ears on her hat are also adorable! ♥

So this is how Nagisa’s hair looks from the back…!

The movie can be seen in theaters across Japan at the moment and will be available at theaters all over the world soon! From this weekend if you go and see it in Japan you will get a special postcard! ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

Details can be found here: http://www.madoka-magica.com/theater/prize.html
Last weekend was a mini shikishi which I got my hands on!

The shikishi was one of five which is randomly given out… I really wanted to get Nagisa and I was lucky enough to get her! (ΦωΦ)

But that’s not all from Madoka Magica at the moment!
Kaname Madoka
~The Beginning Story / The Everlasting~

Don’t forget that the second release of this lovely figure is currently available at the GSC Online Shop! ♡

The gentle colors from Ume Aoki’s illustration have been preserved perfectly, and work together with the pose beautifully!

Orders are open until the 20th November 2013, so don’t miss out! (`・ω・´)


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Finally! Don’t forget about the live broadcast tonight!

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This time there should be no problems, so we’ll be able to provide everyone with the latest figure news and sneak peeks!

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 ( ・∀・)   .。0(Happy Halloween! The GSC Staff are all dressed up in costumes today!)
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Anyway, I hope to see you all again tomorrow!
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