The contest has officially begun… (`・ω・´)

Votes are being cast!!

These two are busy placing their votes as I took this photo! I wonder which ones they decided on!! Which one will win?! (゜∀゜)

The winner of the grand prize (the overall winner of all four categories) will receive a lovely present from the company president! No wonder everyone sent in such lovely works!!

There were a total of four different categories to enter into this time around:

■ Built from Scratch: Things built from start to finish!
■ Kits: Things built with bought kits! (Modded versions included)
■ Figure Mods: Altered versions of Nendos, Nendo Petites, figmas, etc.
■ Other: Anything that didn’t fit into the categories above!

Today will be the Figure Mods and Other categories!

If you missed the Kit category yesterday, you can find it here!
The Good Smile Cup Figure/Model Contest #2! (Kits Category):
Iguchi-kun & Noguchi-kun from the production team:
Nendoroid Miho Nishizumi Panzer Jacket Ver. with #IV Tank D-type!

Sasaki-kun from the production team:
Ironman Mk-X Brocken Gigant!

Nagai-kun from the design team:
Smile Company ACT 1.2.3!

Kahoyama-san from the planning team:
Forks, spoons and wooser!

The 2014 new graduate’s work:
Nendo Petite: Vocaloid Series!

(This was a part of the job rotation that the new graduates went through, where they each painted a Nendo petite in their time with the production team!)
Fuumin from production and Oda-P from planning:
Miku Rings!

Takamatsu from Phat! company:
Anzu’s Plushie ver.2!

Kikuponyo-san from the sales team:
Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Real Risa!

That’s it for the Figure Mods and Others categories!

These two categories were both filled with impressive things!! There were plushies, foods, models and even rings! Everyone really took the “have some fun” part of the instructions to heart!

Making something with your own two hands – no matter what it is – will expand the hobby world and make it even more fun!

On Friday I’ll be finishing off this little series with the ‘Built from Scratch’ category! There are some very interesting entries to see!!

But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛