It’s that time of the year again…

Time for the Good Smile Cup Figure/Model Contest!

A contest established for those working in the figure industry to make some interesting things and have some fun! We’re looking forward to seeing many entries once again this year! This time entries will be taken in various categories. Voting will take place after all the entries have been confirmed.

– Entry Requirements –
Anyone working at GSC or a related company that is interested in making a figure or model for the contest is welcome to enter! Anything from the most skilled to the silliest works are all welcome!

The Figure/Model contest by Tasshi from the production team!

The contest has successfully made it into the second year! Yay! ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ
Today I’ll be introducing each persons work divided into the four different categories!
Here we have the display space!

They’re all on display up in the front of the entrance to the offices for everyone to see!! This time there were four different categories to enter into!

■ Built from Scratch: Things built from start to finish!
■ Kits: Things built with bought kits! (Modded versions included)
■ Figure Mods: Altered versions of Nendos, Nendo Petites, figmas, etc.
■ Other: Anything that didn’t fit into the categories above!

From today I’ll be introducing each of the different categories, starting with the Kits category!

I’ll also leave the links for both last year’s contest as well as Max Factory’s own internal contest – be sure to take a look!
The Good Smile Cup Figure/Model Contest #1:…

Max Factory Internal Competition 2013: (Japanese)
Yuri-chan from the planning team:

Kawapon from the production team:
Tamiya 86 Model!

Sakai-san from Max Factory’s planning team:

Katou-kun from the production team:
Vox Aura!

Katanaji-san from Max Factory’s manufacturing team:

Negishi-kun from the GSR planning team:

Noguchi-kun from the production team:
Appleseed Vignette!

Hayashi-kun from the production team:

That’s all from the Kit category!!

As I mentioned at the start, the Kit category was anything made using bought kits, including any modifications made after the kit was complete. This not only refers to things like plastic models, but also the resin kits often sold at events like WonFes. Putting a figure together from pieces is amazing as is, but painting it with your own two hands makes it all the more special! Every single one of these seven entries were painted by hand by the entrants!!

Negishi-kun and Katuo-kun’s works also involved personal modifications for an even more impressive appearance – these modifications are not only great fun to look at for all of us, but I’m sure they were great fun to apply as well! Kits are a fairly easy way to get into the world of figures and painting, so I highly recommend giving them a challenge! They can be a lot of fun!!

The next section I’ll be taking a look at is the ‘Other’ section!

Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛