‘Hatsune Miku no Jikan (4th Period)’!


Starting today at 19:00JST!!


On the 17th May from 19:00JST, there will be an official live broadcast ‘Hatsune Miku no Jikan (4th Period)’ by Sega, Good Smile and Crypton! The broadcast will feature the latest information about ‘Hatsune Miku: Project mirai 2’, information about other upcoming products as well as the voting of the 2014 Snow Miku design! It will be broadcast from the Good Smile & Karaoke no Tetsujin Cafe in Akihabara!


– Project mirai2 –

A test play of the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game, ‘Hatsune Miku Project mirai 2’! (Tentative Name) We will also reveal all the latest information about the game!!

‘Hatsune Miku: Project mirai’ – The rhythm game where Nendoroid Miku and friends sing and dance for you!

The second game in the series has been officially announced!! Yay!!!

I know there were many people who were stunned by the cuteness of the first game, and the second is bound to be even cuter!! Those who can’t wait for the live broadcast can check the official website in the meantime!

‘Hatsune Miku Project mirai 2’ (Tentative Name)

Plus there will be a test play!!? (*゚∀゚)=3

Does this mean there will be a chance to play the game during the live broadcast?! Will I get the chance to play it myself?!
I know I’ll be taking my 3DS with me!!

– New Products –

A look at all the latest Miku-related products, including some brand new announcements!

That’s not enough details!!

But I can’t say anything more than that for now! You’ll have to wait patiently for the big announcement at the broadcast!! There is even some brand new info for all the viewers!

Hmm… Maybe this has something to do with it? Σ(゚∀゚*)

– FamilyMart x Piapro Collaboration: Summer & Sports Illustration Collection

– Snow Miku –

All the finalist entries for Snow Miku’s outfit design and pet design will be voted on by viewers to determine the final design!

The fans have the final say on which Snow Miku is best!

Yesterday’s blog showed the nine selected finalists for both the outfit and pet designs! Today there will be a poll put up during the live broadcast using NicoNico’s questionnaire function, and all the viewers will get a chance to vote – the final design for Snow Miku 2014 will be decided live during the broadcast!!

2014 Snow Miku Outfit Design & Pet Design Finalists:

Pick the design you like best and be sure to add your vote in during the poll! I can’t wait to see which design it ends up as!! щ(((゜Д゜щ)))

Hatsune Miku no Jikan (4th Period)!

Starting today from 19:00!


You can also watch the broadcast using time-shift at a later stage, but in that case you won’t be able to vote! It’s sure to be a broadcast filled with fun and Miku through, so don’t miss out!

Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛

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