March is here! Spring is here!! ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ

All the girls are hanging up their coats from Winter and starting to wear more Spring-colored clothes! Watching the change makes me feel all happy inside!

And speaking of Spring… this lovely pink Nendoroid will be sent off to everyone soon!

Yay! The release made it in time not only for Spring, but also in time for the 9th March, Miku day! A big thank you to Tsukki from the manufacturing team who made that possible!! ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ
Nendoroid Sakura Miku!

Nendoroid Miku is back again as ‘Sakura Miku’ , wearing an adorable pink outfit created with the image of cherry blossoms. The design is based on an illustration by Putidevil, which has been converted into Nendoroid form with careful attention to the meticulous use of color in the illustration!

She comes with her standard expression, a crying face as well as an innocent expression munching on a rice cake. She also comes with an alternate head part which allows you to change the accessories in her hair into cherries to suit the season even more! Enjoy your Spring with Sakura Miku by your side!

This is a release sample, and it has come out looking adorable!

I must say that I’m more than satisfied with the final product! I actually went through to China with Tsukki and took a look at the Sakura Miku production line. The posts were placed on the GSC newcomers blog and are only available in Japanese, but you’re welcome to have a look!

– Mikatan’s China Business Trip Diary –
This is how the packaging looks!

There aren’t a huge number of small parts, but there are three different expressions, two different head parts, cushions and a cherry blossom pedestal… so many big parts!

For those wondering why there are two different heads – In the front you can see the one has sakura headphones, while the other uses Miku’s standard headphones, and on the back the difference is between Miku’s standard hair accessories and cherry hair accessories. It’s quite hard to tell the two apart, but the hair for the sakura headphones has a hollowed out area in her side hair.
This is how she looks from the back!

The cherries at her hips are very cute!

The beautiful clear twintails also have lovely pink and white cherry blossom prints on them! I know it was not an easy task to do that clear gradient together with such detailed paintwork, but I couldn’t be happier with how beautifully they’ve come out!
Switch to the cherry hair accessories!

This requires a complete switch of head parts, but these hair accessories give a very different feel to her! She looks more cute and innocent now!!
A crying expression!

Cherry bloom and fade so quickly, you can’t help but shed a tear sometimes! You can also further pose her holding this little blossom… it creates such a beautiful pose!

Left and right bent arms and legs are included, allowing for all sorts of different pose combinations!
A chibi expression and sakura pedestal!

This unbelievably cute expression is included to recreate a very specific pose which I’ll show just after this!

The pedestal she is sitting on is made to look like one big cherry blossom, and sits on top of the standard base like this. You can also pose her entirely without the standard base (propped up with her twintails), but its very easy for her to fall over in that case.
Sitting on cushions eating sakura mochi!

I’m sure many of you will have noticed already, but this is a complete rendition of Putidevil’s original illustration! This pose combined with the chibi face is so perfect!

An adorable Sakura Miku-san sitting on three three bright green cushions while munching on some sakura mochi… If this isn’t cute, then I don’t know what is!
Bonus! Sakura Miku Charm!

The very first figure of Sakura Miku was actually released as this charm and given to all those who entered Mikupa 2011! Even as a small charm the paintwork was so very intricate and it even used stamp paintwork! Far too much effort was put into something so small! :P

I remember when Gakkun from the manufacturing team and Fuumin from the 3D team were working so hard to get the very best quality possible! She’s been on display at my desk for some time now, so the colors have faded a bit… but she still looks incredible to me!!
Bonus! The cushions can be separated!

As you can see from the photo, here I have just one cushion instead of the three! You can even pile up more than three cushions if you manage to get your hands on more than one Sakura Miku!

Plus if the legs fit, you can place some other characters on the cushion too! But if the head is too heavy, you might need to place the cushion on the standard base to keep them from falling over!
These were the selected catch phrases!

“A cherry-blossom colored, palm-sized idol action figure!”
“The small songstress floating down on a gentle spring breeze ♪”

You might remember back on the 5th November 2012 we held a competition to decide the packaging catch phrases! Thanks to everyone who sent in ideas!

– Send in Your Catch Phrase Ideas for Nendoroid Sakura Miku’s Packaging! –

Apparently there were over 1500 entires!! (((゚Д゚)))

It was rather hard to decide on a winner, but together with Crypton we decided on phrases sent in by “Kiyomi” and “Negi to Rock”! Thanks and congratulations to both of them! We’ll be sending a little gift through to you both as thanks – you should find a mail from me in your inbox!! (´∀`)
Nendoroid Sakura Miku!

She’ll be sent out from GSC tomorrow! (`・ω・´)
This product was made-to-order, so you won’t be able to find her in stores, but she is planned to be on sale at the GSC Tetsu Cafe. More details will be posted on the cafe website, so keep an eye on it if you’re interested!

Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛

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