Max Factory’s 25th Anniversary!!


Max Factory had their own special 25th anniversary booth at the 2013 Winter WonFes which had all the products they’ve released over the years all lined up for everyone to see! 25 years of products is quite an impressive sight!! Plus as a commemoration to 25 years, they are also going to be releasing a PVC figure of a garage kit created by Chieri-san 16 years ago!

Back when the garage kit was first made, it was very difficult to create a full figure version for the public, but now things have changed and the possibility is very much here! That said, it’s still going to be an incredibly high hurdle for Max Factory’s production team!! (((( ゜Д゜)))
Max Factory’s:
Belldandy with Holy Bell!

From the popular manga ‘Oh My Goddess!’ comes a 1/10th scale figure of the main heroine, Belldandy! The figure is based on an illustration which was originally released as a pinup poster, and also features her angel, Holy Bell, supporting her from behind.

The figure has been carefully sculpted to create a dynamic effect through the flowing material of her dress and her windswept wings, and each figure will include a unique serial number to ensure collectability. With over ten years passed, the beauty of Belldandy and Holy Bell will be be available for all fans to enjoy.

It’s beautiful!!

Nothing more needs to be said! She is simply beautiful for words! To think that everyone will be able to get their hands on a fully painted version of this figure… this really is a great age to be living in!!

This is one figure that can be recommended without second though to an “Oh My Goddess!” fan, but it’s also simply beautiful enough as a figure that I’d even recommend it to figure collectors, even it they don’t know the series that well! It’s one figure I’d never miss out on! Ever!!

Let’s take a 360 degree look!

As I said, it’s too beautiful for words… so this is the fastest way to show everyone how beautiful this figure is!! If you take your time to study the next few pictures, I’m sure you’ll understand just how incredible this figure is!!

So, what do you think?!

Absolutely beautiful! A true piece of art!! If you’re a fan of the series and get to see this figure up close, I can almost guarantee that it’ll impress you to no end!

Figures really are so incredible! I love them!!
I haven’t had this amazing feeling in ages!!

Such a gentle smile on her face… she truly is a goddess!!

Her soft, airy looking hair has been faithfully sculpted! Plus the subtle use of color all over the figure and the tiny beads and accessories that adorn her outfit are all so stunning!! (((゜Д゜)))
with Holy Bell!

It’s seems a tad strange to write this on the blog… but this figure is kind of the opposite to normal – even though she is half naked, it doesn’t really give off any kind of erotic feeling… it’s simply beautiful!

She truly looks like a deity from the heavens!!
Such a beautiful gradient!

Whilst Chieri’s sculpting is undeniably outstanding, we can’t forget about Max Factory’s amazing painting team! The pastel orange slowly fades to white as a lovely gradient which adds even more beauty to the figure.

The orange slowly fades as it gets lower, but the impressive thing to note here is that the gradient is applied not only on the areas that stick out, but also the indented areas… getting the airbrush to spray the gradient evenly over all of that must be incredibly difficult!!
The wings and effects are incredible!!

If you look close, you can see Holy Bell’s wings are separated into a number of different layers. How many different parts will this take during production… I can’t even begin to imagine! ((( ;゜Д゜)))

It’s quite hard to tell from this image, but there is also paintwork to simulate light shadows cast all over the figure… the detail is outstanding!
I can’t believe this was all made by human hands!

The twirls in Belldandy’s hair and the twirls in the clouds around her hips and even more twirls in the effects around Holy Bell… everything is so intricate that I almost can’t believe this was made by hand!

Sculptors really are true craftsman! Even after all these years I’m still constantly impressed!!
Max Factory’s:
Belldandy with Holy Bell!

The figure will be priced at ¥19,800! I’m sure some will think that’s expensive, while others will think it’s cheap for such a piece of art!

(To be honest… from a production point of view, I think even that price is pushing it! It’s certainly not your standard figure!)

She’ll be up for preorder from the 22nd February!
Get in contact with our partner shops if you have any preorder or sales queries!

Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛

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