The GSC-Tetsu Café in Akihabara!!
I was allowed to come inside before opening time!
I guess this is one of the privileges of working at Good Smile Company! :P
Once again a new theme café has started!
A ‘Monogatari’ Series Café!
The café includes ‘Bakemonogatari’, ‘Nisemonogatari’ and ‘Nekomonogatari’! Along with great food, there are also original goods to get your hands on as well as a display including the original character sketches and designs from Nekomonogatari!
While I was bothering the staff while they were trying to set up, I also found out that there is a certain prototype on display at the café at the moment!
The display area to the right of the entrance!
All the figures from GSC’s 1/8th scale ‘Bakemonogatari’ series are all lined up together! The prototype I was looking for is also here – in the upper right corner of this photo!!
1/8th Scale Karen Araragi!
From the popular anime series ‘Nisemonogatari’ comes a 1/8th scale figure of the girl who was stung by a bee, Karen Araragi!

The figure is based on the cover illustration used for the 1st volume of the Blu-ray & DVD: “Karen Bee: Part 1”, which features Karen wearing her trademark yellow jersey. Even the huge road roller in the illustration a part of the figure, and the valiant pose has been faithfully reproduced in figure form – Karen truly looks like a ‘hero of justice’!
It’s so… big!!(((゚Д゚)))
The road roller is so big that you really can’t just consider it a pedestal for Karen, it’s like a whole extra figure… if not even bigger! The size isn’t the only impressive thing though, Karen herself looks absolutely amazing too!
Her pelvis is super sexy!!
This is actually the first time I’ve had a good look at this figure myself, as the review for her on the blog was done by Shuu-chan while I was out to China! You can find Shuu-chan’s passionate blog post about her over here! (=゚ω゚)ノ
This shows just how big it is!
The 1/8th scale Kanbaru-san and Hanekawa-san can both fit on it too… plus there is probably still even enough space for someone else! The Monogatari series figures really are outstanding quality!!
The karaoke room is filled with Kaiki!
It has a kind of ominous atmosphere… but that’s what makes it so awesome! Those who make use of the karaoke room will also receive Deishu Kaiki’s business card… I wonder what it looks like!!
I decided to take a Hanekawa-san table!
Seen the café wasn’t actually open yet, I was allowed to choose whichever table I wanted! To be honest I wasn’t really a huge Hanekawa-san fan, but after watching Nekomonogatari (Black) last year I’ve definitely fallen for her…
After that I started reading the original novels of the (White) sequel… and now I’ve really come to love her!!
But enough about my thoughts, let’s take a look at the menu!
■ Club Seafood Curry Hitagi Senjogara’s Seafood Curry.
■ Araragi Pasta Koyomi Araragi’s Arrabbiata Pasta
■ Snake Udon Nadeko Sengoku’s Udon Noodles
■ Monkey Pilaf Suruga Kanbaru’s One-Plate Lunch

● Snail Swiss Cake Mayoi Hachikuji’s Swiss Cake
● Kiss-Shot Parfait Shinobu Oshino’s Parfait
● Art Pancake Pancakes featuring illustrations by Hiroki Haritama
▲ Koyomi Araragi Drink White Water + Blue Berry & Banana Syrup
▲ Tsukihi Araragi Drink Ginger Ale + Blue Hawaii + Orange Syrup
▲ Karen Araragi Drink Cola + Dodecamin + Honey
▲ Tsubasa Hanekawa Drink Hot Calpis + Cat-Shaped Pie
Everything looks great, but I guess I’m going to have to pick something!!
Araragi-san’s Drink!
It even has his hair sticking up off the straw!
For each drink you order you also receive a coaster of the respective character. I specially picked the Araragi-san drink because I really wanted this coaster!
As for the taste… it’s a lovely mix of blueberry and banana for a very fruity drink! It was delicious!
Hitagi-san’s Curry!
The rice and hamburger make up a crab shape! (*゚∀゚)=3
The vegetables and other tasty bits are all arranged in a cute manner that suits Hitagi-san nicely! It comes with quite a substantial helping of rice and meat, so I recommend this one if you’re feeling peckish!
The curry itself wasn’t too hot, I’d say it was a nice mild curry. There were all sorts of tastes and textures to it which made it really enjoyable!
All the ‘end-cards’ from the end of the episodes are lined up on the wall!
Each was illustrated by a different illustrator, and here you can see them all together at once!
There are also a collection of materials used in Nekomonogatari to look through – there was even one of Hanekawa-san’s house that featured in the anime, it was amazing!!
Kanbaru-san’s Monkey Pilaf!
A monkey’s hand and a basketball! How very artistic! (((゚Д゚)))
As far as the appearance of the dishes goes, this is my personal favorite! (I love Kanbaru too!) The rose near the front here is made from raw ham and was incredibly delicious, and the vegetables, rice and fruits all came together to make a lovely balanced meal. I think I’d recommend this one to all the girls!
Mayoi-chan’s Swiss Cake!
It’s a snail!! The berries all around are also so cute!!(´∀`)
Along with the swiss roll as the shell, it also has a piece of cake for the body itself, together with a couple of fruits for a truly sweet experience! There is also lots of fresh cream! Even the biggest sweet-tooths should be satisfied with this tasty snail treat!
For those who think I’m eating way too much, I only ate about half of the curry and pilaf, sharing the rest with some other staff members!
Badges are also included as usual!
For each order you make from the menu (either food, dessert or a drink) you’ll receive one badge! There are a total of 30 to collect, with 10 different variations available on any given day. You can take a look at the selection on the café website here!
Yay, I got Karen!! *・゜゚・*:.。.:*・゜(n‘∀‘)η゚・*:. .。.:*・゚・*
I’m always so lucky when it comes to picking things at random like this!!! The set of badges I was choosing from was the B group – if you’re looking for a specific badge be sure to come on the day that the right group is being given away. They rotate each day!
The Monogatari Café runs until the 11th February!
There are also a huge amount of Monogatari series goodies to get your hands on! It’s fun to take a look around, there is delicious food to enjoy and you can buy some merchandise – three different reasons that you shouldn’t miss out!
I hope you’ll all stop by and enjoy the café!!ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ
But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛