Hello Mikatan Blog readers!

Mikatan is still away on a business trip to China, so today I’ll be taking over the blog. My name is Nutty and I work in the production team! It’s an honor to be here, although also a bit embarrassing…

Anyway, I’ve been feeling a little peckish, and something smells really good…

It’s a cute girl holding some tasty-looking grilled chicken!!
And I’m sure many of you recognize her!

She’s from the popular shooting game series the ‘Touhou Project’; a cute character with long hair, a huge ribbon and baggy trousers:

Nendoroid Fujiwara no Mokou (Moko-tan!)

She’s a powerful user of fire magic, but she also has another amazing power – she cannot be killed even through aging – she’s completely immoral!

I managed to get hold of the prototype for the Nendoroid, so let’s take a quick look! As you can see, she’s wearing the outfit with baggy trousers seen in her original character designs!
I know I’m emphasizing the trousers quite a lot, but they’re so cute! I love outfits like this that have a different feeling to normal!

You can also pose her with hands in her pockets!
Moko-tan is so cute!! Seeing cute girls in boyish poses like this one is great!

You can also recreate the use of one of her spell cards, ”Immortal: Phoenix -Wing’s Rise-”!

These fiery effect parts are included to create the phoenix wings behind her…
If we look from the back, you can see the amount of detail on the wings!

The wings show off the cooler (or is that hotter?) side of the adorable Moko-tan, but she also comes with many more effect parts for other awesome poses!

A glaring expression and flame effects!
This expression is the selling point of Moko-tan! It captures her perfectly!! Combine the expression with the flame parts to create this mischievous looking pose!

But that’s still not all the effect parts, there are still more!

A sulking expression and different flame effects!

Here she is shooting flames from her hands, showing off her power as a fire mage! Combined with the sulking expression, she looks so amazing!!

Anyway, that covers all the effect parts… now I need to go get something to eat, like some grilled chick- hang on, there is still one part I haven’t shown properly yet! The one part that appeared at the very start of the blog…

Grilled chicken parts!


Moko-tan claims to run a health conscious grilled chicken shop, and here she is holding some of her wares! She looks very happy with them! (‘v’*)

It really does look so tasty… I wish I could try some together with her!!

Nendoroid Fujiwara no Mokou

She’ll be up for preorder from the 16th January!! (*´∇`*)


Get in contact with our partner shops if you have any preorder or sales queries!

Anyway, that’s all from me today!
See you all again sometime!! (*^▽^*)ノ”

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