Hello everyone! My name is Gou, I’ve been a part of Good Smile Company’s sales team for about a year now – I work in sales not only domestically, but also overseas! To those of you who already know me from the Newcomer’s Blog, I’m glad to see you all again!

Mikatan is going to be out for the next few days, so in her place I’ll be taking over the blog for today! I was told to put up anything I enjoy, so today I’ll be taking a look at some figures from a series that I really enjoyed, and can’t wait for the upcoming second season!
From Toaru Kagaku no Railgun:
Kuroko Shirai: Bunny Ver. & Mikoto Misaka: Bunny Ver.

Not only is a second season of Railgun on the way, but we also have the Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie coming up in February! It’s clear the series is still as popular as ever, and FREEing has made these lovely figures for fans to enjoy, so today I’ll be taking a closer look at them – starting off with this one:
Kuroko Shirai: Bunny Ver!

From ”Toaru Kagaku no Raingun’ comes a 1/4th scale figure of Kuroko Shirai, the Judgment member who attends Tokiwadai Middle School together with Mikoto Misaka. She is dressed up in a bunny girl outfit with tights made from real fabric, and her trademark twin-tails have been faithfully sculpted together with a sexy pose that really lets her to show off her body!

She comes with two different expressions – her standard expression, as well as a expression with a broad grin across her face, allowing you to choose which expression you prefer! Mikoto Misaka is scheduled to be joining her shortly, so you’ll be able to enjoy both the girls together!

The shiny black bunny girl outfit definitely suits her personality nicely! The sexy bunny suit also mixes nicely with her slender body-line and is quite a treat for fans!

And if we take a look at the back…

We have a lovely bunny tail!!

That white ball of fluff really brings the outfit together, and the sexy pose shows off her thighs very nicely!

She also comes with an alternate grinning expression!

Just by looking at this wonderful expression I expect to hear her shout out ‘Oneesama!’ at any second! Another thing to note is the twists and twirls in her hair – even at 1/4th scale they look great and add some nice volume to the huge figure!

But that’s not all for today, I’ll also be taking a look at the Ace of Tokiwadai – Mikoto Misaka!
Mikoto Misaka: Bunny Ver.!

From ”Toaru Kagaku no Raingun’ comes a 1/4th scale figure of one of Academy City’s seven Level 5 espers, ‘Mikoto Misaka’, wearing a cute, white bunny girl outfit! Her net tights are made from real fabric for a realistic effect. The chair she sits on is also included, and allows you to display her sitting comfortably with one hand near her breasts in a slightly suggestive pose.

She comes with both her standard expression as well as an embarrassed expression, allowing you to decide how you’d rather see her! Be sure to display her together with the previously announced Kuroko Shirai: Bunny Ver.!

Mikoto-chan has a white bunny suit and red ribbon which make her look absolutely adorable! The colors also contrast very nicely with Kuroko, which means displaying them together looks amazing!! The slightly embarrassed look on her face is also lovely!

And if we spin her around to the back…
Just look at all the soft skin the bunny suit leaves open to enjoy!!

She comes with an embarrassed expression!

Mikoto is best known for her more vigorous side, but seeing her with a slightly worried, embarrassed expression makes her look so innocent!
Hmm… it seems Nagaizumi-san, the head of the sales team has brought some boxes…

“Don’t you want to add some photos of the prototypes to the review?”

The prototypes are here!!!

FREEing had both of them ready for us to borrow for this blog post! I’ll be sure to put them to good use for my review now, so that we’ve got a nice review before they’re sent off to China!

Alright, let’s take another look, but this time through my very own pictures!

I’ll start off with Mikoto Misaka!

This photo shows the way her shoulders are slightly bent over, and also shows the curled finger she is idly waving around.

It’s nice how the positioning of the finger and hand manage to show she isn’t all that comfortable – I guess she isn’t exactly used to wearing an outfit like this! Be sure to take a closer look if you decide to pick her up!

The net tights have been on a number of FREEing’s figures in the past, but I think this is the first time we’ve seen garter belts!

The cute frills that end the stockings suit Mikoto’s love for cute clothes, not that she’ll ever admit it! The detail on the frills as well as the net tights are both so impressive!

You can even see the way the tight garter belt is pressing against her skin… FREEing puts so much work into perfecting these outfits!

Mikoto is quite well known to wear shorts under her skirt, but this outfit actually lets us get a peek at what she is hiding under those shorts! This area will definitely catch a lot of fans attention, particularly when compared to figures of her in her school uniform.

Next up we have Kuroko Shirai!

The sculpting of her hair looks so soft, and the slight bends in the twintails look great. The soft, airy hair actually contrasts against the tight bunny girl outfit very nicely!

Her stomach area looks very tight from the shiny outfit – seeing this makes me wish I was a member of Judgement myself! The whole shape of her body from the one arm brushing through her hair down to these lovely curves is absolutely beautiful!

From Toaru Kagaku no Railgun:
Kuroko Shirai: Bunny Ver. & Mikoto Misaka: Bunny Ver.!

They are both currently up for preorder! °+(*´∀`)b°+°

Having both of them displayed together in 1/4th scale really is gorgeous! The contrast in colors as well as in the difference between the confident Kuroko and the embarrassed Mikoto is simple wonderful, and I’m sure that fans will enjoy both of them! (*´д`*)

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Anyway, that’s all for today!
Perhaps we’ll meet at events or exhibitions sometime!

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