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Hatsune Miku’s Time: 3rd Period!!

– Hatsune Miku Time: 3rd Period –

I was actually the planner for this broadcast and I’m still not sure which word we should use at the end to show the episode number, but I think ‘period’ works quite nicely!

Let’s take a look at what you can expect if you tune in!

– Project DIVA Time – 

The first play of Hatsune Miku Project Diva F on the PS3!? Tune in for the latest information!

Sega has been hard at work preparing the PS3 version of Hatsune Miku Project Diva F for today!

The first live play-test in the world!

This is going to be a lot of fun!! Plus I also hear we’ll have someone from Famitsu at the broadcast as well!!

Maybe I’ll be picked to be the very first person to test the game, that would be incredible! This really isn’t the right time to be a host of a the show, I want to be the tester!! There will be a ton of brand new information too, so if you’re a fan of the game don’t forget to tune in!

– FamilyMart Time –  

This Winter there will be another FamilyMart x Hatsune Miku Project! A detailed campaign report!

In Summer the FamilyMart x Hatsune Miku projecy was a huge sensation! I ended up going to FamilyMart much more often myself… :P

Perhaps that means we’ll be finding out what special food, snacks and goods will be coming to FamilyMart this Winter?!

Ooh! This is also super exiting!! The specials they had on during Summer were wonderful! I wonder if Miku Dayo’s food of choice will be making appearance…?

– GSC Lottery Time – 

Revealing all the prizes for the GSC Lottery!

In Summer we helped out the Miku Lottery with a 1/8th scale FamilyMart Miku and Nendoroid FamilyMart Miku, but this Winter we’ve decided to create a full GSC lottery instead!

The prizes will be revealed during the broadcast!!

We’ll have the actual prizes available for everyone to see on the broadcast, so you’ll know be able to get a good feel as to how they’ll look and exactly how big they are! The lottery website will also open up during the live broadcast, which you’ll be able to access from here:

– GSC Lottery –

Hatsune Miku’s Time: 3rd Period!!
The broadcast starts today at 20:00JST!
– Hatsune Miku’s Time: 3rd Period –

It’s the start of a long weekend here in Japan, so we hope you’ll tune-in and join us! We’ll be taking things slow and fun as always, so I hope everyone will watch through till the end! See you all later!!!

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