Today I’ll be playing with my iPhone instead of figures! (`・ω・´)

First of all, I had to ensure all my coworkers that this was in fact work and not just me playing on my iPhone… but now I can start the installation and have some fun! :P


Puchitto Rock Shooter: Discover the Mystery of Planet Sexy!

If you search the AppStore for ‘Rock Shooter’, it’ll pop up quickly… unfortunately you will need to search in Japanese! It seems it also needed an update, but I’ll grab that a little bit later! :P


It’s starting up! Yay!

As it was starting the audio started playing and everyone working around me started complaining about the sound… so I quickly switched to earphones. :P


The title screen!

The illustration is of course by CHANxCO! Normally CHANxCO is known for her chibi illustrations, but I actually love these more realistic illustrations like the background here – she is both cute and sexy!! ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ

Anyway, let’s start the game!

There is actually a tutorial section that I should run through, but let me just try playing first! Even when I get user manuals for things, I tend to just ignore them and try to work things out for myself. On the bright side of things it’s a trial and error approach, on the negative side it’s just because I’m too lazy to read the manual… :P

It’s started!!

It seems I need to defeat the enemies floating around here!
(I guess, seen it says ‘Combat’.)

After playing around a bit, I figured out I needed to touch the screen to fire shots at the enemies and clear the stage! Although now that I think about it I really don’t know how to get a feeling of the game through to everyone reading the blog, so I guess I’ll check out the tutorial anyway.


Pull back on Shooter-chan to shoot!

That’s the basic control of the game, simply pull back on the screen and shoot! Simple! This screen actually appears while loading as well, so you can read through before playing!


This is how the game looks running!

The large arrow coming off from Shooter-chan indicates the direction that she’ll fire. The distance the bullet travels depends on how much you pull back before you fire – if you pull back really far the bullet goes flying across the screen! The bullet travels in a curve, so you also need to include that into your calculations!

Stage 1-1 Clear!

When you complete a stage you get ‘G’ points. The first stage gave me 200G! You need to save these up to purchase the various items in the game!

I’ve managed to reach Stage 1-4!

Some enemies are super high up and harder to hit now!! By default you have three bullets but you can also continue as many times as you like if you don’t finish. Plus if you manage to hit the ‘Pucchitians’ on the right side of the screen they’ll drop items for you!

This is the item shop screen!

Now that we’ve got a good idea for the game I thought I’d take a look at the item screen. Here you can buy weapons as well as new outfits, hairstyles and accessories to use on your character!

The section I’m currently in is the section that requires real money to purchase items, but you can quite easily play the game without them!
Boss Fight!!

Why do I have to defeat such a cute girl!! The blocks in the middle keep getting in my way to defend her cuteness!! :P

The pink target on the boss shows the current weak point, but each time you hit her she changes poses!!

Boss defeated! Onto Stage 2!

The next boss looks like she has a much bigger boobies!! I want to get to her, but I think the rest of the GSC staff will really get angry if I keep playing, so I think I’d better stop for now.

It’s the first time I’ve really played a game like this, but it’s nice and simple and could easily be played on the way to work or while you have a few minutes to yourself. I really want to play stage 2 now…

If it looks like something you’d enjoy, then I’d definitely recommend it from what I’ve played so far!

Puchitto Rock Shooter: Discover the Mystery of Planet Sexy! for iPhone (Japanese)

Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛

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