A prototype box spotted at Uchitarou’s desk!

Whenever I see a cardboard box with handles like this, I can only assume it is a prototype – they need to be carried around a lot for magazine photographs and publisher supervision.

When we took Ultimate Madoka overseas we had a similar box which was about 50% bigger than this one, and the security at the airport was really suspicious about it, they kept asking what was inside! :P
But anyway, inside this box was this lovely figure!
Phat Company’s:
1/7th Scale Bayonetta!

From the action game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, ‘Bayonetta’, comes a 1/7th scale figure of Bayonetta, the main character herself! The figure is a faithful rendition of a CG illustration from the game which places Bayonetta in a dynamic pose wearing a number of accessories and with pistols in both hands and on both feet!
She really has an incredible presence!

The pose as well as the use of space are both very bold, but very suited to the sexy Bayonetta! Another aspect of her amazing presence is the 1/7th scale, which is not only big but also allows for amazingly detailed sculpting work – we’ll take a look at that in more detail in the next few photos.
She looks so focused!! (*゚∀゚)=3

I don’t think I’d mind being hit by one of her torture attacks if I got to look at this lovely expression!! Just look how sexy her lips are as well!!
This is how she looks from the back!

Don’t you feel like you have to spin her around and look at her from all possible angles? The pose and design really makes me want to! But no matter what angle you look from, she is still really impressive!
A close-up on her upper body!

She certainly has an impressive bust, but I think the think that looks best to me is the way the outfit looks so tight that it seems to press down on her body!! The rose pattern on her stomach area is also very intricate!
Her weapons of choice, Scarborough Fair!

Scarborough Fair refers to her four pistols, one in each and and one on each foot, and each of them is named after a herb. The one in this image is Thyme and if you look close you can see the lovely jewel in the middle! But that’s not the only details Phat! Company made sure that…

Each gun also has it’s own separate black witch engraving on it!

Can you see the tiny black writing! It’s so very intricate!! Each gun also has two barrels, the black writing is on the lower barrel!
Beautiful hair with incredible detail!!

Such beautiful, straight hair makes me want to try and put my fingers through it! Small sections on the accessories are even made from clear parts which gives a little extra something!
The outfit has outstanding textures!

Bayonetta is just filled with highlights, but the realistic looking leather is truly incredible! The tiny little witch engravings are also simply amazing!
Chains strung all around her body!

Yet another part of her that is unbelievably detailed! Take a look at this photo together with the 5th photo in this blog to get a more complete look at them. Plus even the long red accessory in her hair has the witch engravings on it! Incredible work from Phat Company!
The pedestal is shaped like a butterfly!

What a beautiful pedestal! This comes from the fact that whenever Bayonetta uses certain abilities, butterflies would appear around her! The bottom of the pedestal is a mirror, but this particular feature might not make it to the final release, it’s still being considered.
002Phat! Company’s:
1/7th Scale Bayonetta!
She is already up for preorder!
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But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!!(・∀・)ノ゛