Ah! the fabled yellow beasts!

It’s the famous creature from the internet, wooser! Good Smile previously released a plushie of him… but these look a little different!
wooser & Darth wooser Puchi Plushies!

wooser will be starring in the TV animation ‘wooser’s hand-to-mouth life’, with full 3D animation by Sanzigen and voice acting by Mamoru Miyano! The series will be broadcast on TV Tokyo from the 2nd October and will also be shown on niconico Douga!

Anyway, let’s just get on with today’s product review!
This gives you an idea of their size!

The are called puchi-sized as they are a little bit smaller than the previously released wooser Plushie. For those of you who have never seen the size of the normal wooser plushie, let’s have a few more size comparisons! (`・ω・´)
This is how they look attached to a bag!

Kahoyama-chan was in charge of this project, and she is modeling them for us as well! They are definitely noticeable, but not too big that they become a nuisance.
A ball-chain is connected to the head!

This just makes it easier to take wooser with you no matter where you go! Hang them from your bag or even hang them from the ceiling – the options are endless!!
Also ideal for stress relief!

They are the perfect size to act as super fluffy stress balls! wooser and Darth wooser are 100% willing to absorb all your stress from a busy day! :P
Maintain the shape of your slippers!

You can place them in shoes or slippers like this to make sure they don’t lose their shape! They look like some kind of creatures coming out of a cocoon, it’s cute! :P

Not to mention that they will be available for just ¥680!!!! (((゚Д゚)))
Preorders are open as of today!! (`・ω・´)

If you have any preorder or sales queries be sure to contact our partner shops! There will be more of wooser coming soon, so if you’re a fan you’re in for a treat!

wooser’s hand-to-mouth life was announced today!

With 3D animation by Sanzigen as well as voice acting by Mamoru Miyano, it is sure to be amazing! Broadcast of the series will start on TV Tokyo from the 2nd October!
One of the key visuals for the series!

These lovely illustrations were drawn by Tomoko Fujinoki! They look so cute and huggable! I can’t wait to hear the cute little wooser saying bad things…
I got hold of some character designs!

Hmm, wooser is bigger than I expected him to be! I have to add that I cannot even begin to imagine what the anime will be about. :P

For those who are looking for more information, you can check the official site over here:

wooser’s hand-to-mouth life (Japanese)

– Notice #1 –

August is fast coming to an end, and Good Smile will be taking part in a few more events this Summer! Tomorrow and the next day we will be at two different events!


First up is AniSummer! At the Saitama Super Arena!

・ We’ll have shaved ice on sale!
From ‘Haiyore Nyaruko-san’ – ‘Hard-to-describe Crawling Chaos Shaved Ice’
From YuruYuri – ‘Akariiiin Shaved Ice!’
・ You don’t need to have an AniSummer Ticket!
・ Nyaruko and Akariin figures will be on display!
・ Live broadcast from 12:00 noon!

The live broadcast will have Satomi Arai (Shantak-kun from Haiyore Nyaruko-san) as a special guest, and will be broadcast from the Keyaki Plaza. Feel free to come by and watch, but it’ll be hot!! We’d love to have fans come by and watch at the event!

– AniSummer Information – (Japanese)

Next up, CharaHobby! At the Makuhari Messe!

・ The latest figures will be on display!
・ We might have a sales corner available!
・ You might be able to grab a lovely fan! (Stock is limited)

A fan that lets you become ‘Mikudayo’!

This jumbo fan will be given out at the event for free! It certainly has an impressive impact. :P For those who don’t know, the image of Miku is not of a figure but in fact of a life-size Miku outfit known as ‘Mikudayo’!

-CharaHobby Information – (Japanese)

– Notice #2 –

Good Smile is looking for staff to join the web team!

The web team is of course the same division I work in, and we’re looking for some new comrades to join us! If you’re looking for an interesting job you might want to apply! You’ll get to help me out in times of trouble! :P You will need to be able to speak Japanese to apply!

– Web Team Staff Applications – (Japanese)

This blog ended up quite long with all the announcements.

I hope everyone enjoys the last weekend of August, and I hope to see some of you at the events!!(・∀・)ノ゛

(C) Project wooser