This weekend is a long weekend!! Σ(゚∀゚ )

How is everyone planning to spend their extra day this weekend? How about taking some figures outside for some photos? I definitely want to get to that some time but I think I’ll be spending my weekend hard at work! xD

Normally the blog would take the long weekend off as well, but…

There will be a special blog update tomorrow!!

I can’t say anything more at the moment, but check around noon Japan time tomorrow for a blog update!

I wasn’t too sure what to write today’s blog on, when Shuu-chan mentioned that he was going to the Ikebukuro animate store to take some photos of the UtaPuri Maji LOVE 1000% display. He offered to let me use the photos for today’s blog, and so here we go! I often go to animate in Akihabara, but I don’t often go to Ikebukuro so it interesting for me to see the photos too!


This is the 7th floor elevator!

While you wait for the elevator to come up and the doors to open, you get to enjoy the lovely gazes of all the princes! Apparently actually standing in front of it is quite the experience – I want to go myself now!!


They’re inside as well!?

There are even more princes inside the elevator! Ikebukuro animate is incredible!!! Not only were they at the back of the elevator, but on the side walls as well – it’s like walking into heaven for any fans of the series!


8th Floor: Videos and Games!

Games, CDs and DVDs all lined up for purchase! In the middle I also spy banner advertising Nendo Petite: Uta no Prince-sama – Maji Love 1000%! Thank you animate!!


5th Floor: Character Goods!

Everything on these shelves is all UtaPuri goods?! Really?!


Seeing this many goods on display is quite the sight!!

With so many goods right in right in front me I don’t think I could help but go on a spending spree… although just looking at them all looks like it could be fun! I really want to go now…


Princes hanging from the roof!!

If all the goods aren’t enough for you, you can look up and have even more princes smiling down upon you! Just being at this animate store makes me think that no matter how tired I am I’d recover my HP and MP back to full!!


6th Floor: Figures & Toys!

Definitely the floor used by Good Smile Company the most! Another Nendo Petite advert can be found underneath the UtaPuri plushies released by Gift!


Ah! Here they are!!

Ooh, they are displayed very nicely! I’m sure they’ll be loved by lots of girls coming through the store!! These are the prototypes, and they are only on display at animate Ikebukuro. If you have time on the long weekend and you can get there, be sure to go and take a look!


We even got a quick interview with one of the staff members at the store – Ooshiro-san!!

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions and even hold up the advert for the camera to see!

Q1: How has the reaction to the UtaPuri campaign been?

There have been a lot more sales of the more expensive items like sheets and tapestries from the series. I’ve been wearing an apron covered in UtaPuri characters, so a lot of customers have been talking to me about it as well.

Q2: How about the reaction to the Nendoroid Petites?

They’re very popular! Lots of people have been inquiring about them, and most people that pass by the display will say they’re very cute!

Q3: What other UtaPuri products would you like to see?

I would love to see some figures of the main character, Haruka Nanami!


Ooshiro-san seems like a Otoya fan! ^^

She’s even got a small advert for the Nendoroids attached to her apron!!  。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。

That’s just amazing! Thank you so much Ooshiro-san! We’ll make sure the products live up to expectations!!


The Nendos are on display here!

A map of the 6th floor of animate Ikebukuro so you can find the display easily!

Just take a left turn after coming out the elevator!



Adverts for the “BearPuri” at animate!

BearPuri are teddies dressed up in the outfits of the princes – it combines two forms of cute together as one! I really love the way animate keeps their customers informed about everything so nicely!


Nendoroid Petite :
Uta no Prince-sama – Maji Love 1000%!

A total of seven to collect including one secret character! (゚∀゚)ノ

One figure costs just 500JPY, and they each come in a small sealed box – you can’t tell which prince is in which box! You can also buy a bigger box that contains 8 smaller boxes!

They are available for order at animate!

Please contact animate if you have any order inquiries!

animate Stores Across Japan:

They also have an online shop, but unfortunately do not deliver overseas…

animate Online:

GSC is also having a little UtaPuri Festival!!


Tweet which Nendoroid Petite: Uta no Prince-sama character you like the most! We’re aiming to reach 2000% now!

Simply tweet your favorite character with the hashtag #utapri_puchi and the counter will raise 1%! At 2000% a twitter wallpaper based on the Nendoroids will be revealed! (The counter is updated once every few minutes. If we reach 2000% on a weekend, the wallpaper will be revealed on the next working day.)

Let’s get to 2000% as fast as possible!

Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛