Machida from Max Factory’s desk! (・∀・ )
As I’ve mentioned a number of times before, GSC and Max Factory are now both working from the same offices!

…which means I can get hold of prototypes easier!

The Max Factory planning team is right next to the WEB team that I’m located in, so it’s really just a few steps away to try and get hold of some Max Factory goodies, just like this one!
From Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere:

Tomo Asama!

From the anime series ‘Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere’ comes a 1/7th scale figure of the only daughter of the Asama Shrine and Tori Aoi’s childhood friend, Tomo Asama!

She has one of the most appealing bodies of anyone in her class, which has been carefully sculpted in a sexy pose looking over her shoulder with a blushing expression.

  /     \
 /  ─    ─\  Ooh…
/ <○>  <○>  \
|  (__人__)  |
\     `⌒J´ /
/            \

Definitely a figure with quite a few highlights…
Let’s take a closer look at them!


This is how she looks from the back!

I’m sure most people who see her will quickly have their eyes drawn to certain parts of her body (in my case I couldn’t help but want to stroke her thighs).

But once you take a step back and admire the entire figure you’ll notice that there is a lot more to her – for example just take a look at her beautiful hair, her wings or even her futuristic sandals!


Her body makes a lovely S-shape!

She has such a sexy body and on top of that the outfit she is wearing makes it look all tight and touchable as well! It’s almost a sin how perfect she is! :P

The red stockings also catches the light so nicely – just look at the way it shines off her thighs!

A lovely embarrassed expression!

As you’d expect from Max Factory, the overall quality is outstanding! The way her face is turned to the side along with the embarrassed look on it really gives off a wonderful feeling!

This must be the most erotic shot!

I honestly expected the photos after this one to give off more of a naughty vibe, but in the end I think this one has a very raunchy feeling to it.

The positioning of both her hands are key – the right hand is up supporting her breasts, while the left hand is down below supporting her… bow. :P

Promised Highlight #1!

/:::::: ( ○)三(○)\  ”I know she isn’t wearing a bra, but they’re still huge!”
\::::   |r┬-|   /
ノ:::::::  `ー’´ \


What an incredible hip-line!

I personally find that looking at the hip-line from the back looks best with a slightly upper view. As you can also see from this shot, the wings on her back can be removed – if you don’t want to have any part of her body blocked with the wings then you can remove them whenever you like!

Promised Highlight #2!

  /      \
 /   ─    ─\     ”Gotta have some low-angle shots like this sometimes!”
/    (●)  (●) \
|    (__人__) | ))
/     ∩ノ ⊃   /
(  \ / _ノ |  |


A wrapped up Tori is also included!

Tori is the main character in the series, who ends up wrapped up in cloth like this during the series. Definitely a bonus that fans of the series will enjoy! I wish I could use her thighs as a pillow like him!!
You can even create this rather interesting situation with a few exchangeable parts!

Apparently there was a scene like this in the original novel, so Machida-kun really wanted to make it possible to create it with the figure! It’s great that even though she is a scale figure you have quite a few different ways to display her!
From Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere:

Tomo Asama!
She is already available for preorder!

If you have any preorder or sales inquiries, be sure to contact our partner shops!

But anyway, thats all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛