Skytree East Tower 17th Floor!

GSC, Max Factory and Phat! Company have all moved to this floor of the Skytree! (`・ω・´)

I accidentally caught Aesop-san running across the hallway, but it gives everyone a good feeling for the size of the passage! Apparently late at night the standard entrance is closed which makes it seem like quite a dungeon at times, the size also adds to that – trying to remember where everything is here on the 17th floor is still a bit foreboding….

But Oonoshi has created a map of the new offices!
Phew! The snacks are not too far!! But anyway, today I’ll be running around the offices to take some photos while taking a look at this map!


This is the main entrance!

It’s just a little to the right after you get off the elevator. There is a phone placed at the entrance for guests to contact the relevant department from the entrance.

We received lots of flowers!

The Good Smile face at the back is made of flowers as well! It’s so cute!! Because it was three companies all moving at once, we ended up with a huge number of flowers!


The offices look like a flower store!

I really love flowers, just looking at them when I come past makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! A big thank you to everyone who sent flowers to congratulate the company!


These are the meeting rooms!

It’s a bit hard to see from these pictures, but the circles on the doors have a Good Smile mark on them! In the past we’ve had far too little space for meetings and some staff would sometimes end up having meetings on the floor – but now we have much more space!


The inner meeting room has a beautiful view!

Both of the side walls are made from glass, so you can see very clearly! I’m fairly certain this room will become the most popular meeting room!


This is left from the entrance!

Each staff member has a locker which is what you can see all lined up here! We need to store documents, figure samples and goods so there really is a need for this much space! No matter how much space there is it never seems like enough!


This area is free space at the moment!

The chairs and tables from the old Good Smile Cafe are being used here by the window for staff to get together and have smaller meet ups. The sun shines through the window which I bet will feel great in the Winter months!

By the way, these photos were half taken in the afternoon and half in the evening, which explains why the saturation is so different between pictures… sorry about that!


These are all desks for the staff!

All the staff besides the sculptors are all together in this area to work! Running from one end of the desks to the other is actually quite tiring – perhaps the new offices will lead to me getting a bit more exercise!


We have lots of shelf space above the desks!

How each staff member chooses to make use of their desk space and shelf space is entirely up to them! I’ve made a threeA corner, a Miku corner and a Panda corner!  (`・ω・´)


The prototype storage area!

Easily one of the most important areas!!! (゚Д゚;)

Next to the prototype shelves there is a giant fridge or ice maker or something. I’m really not sure why, so we’ll just ignore that for now. :P


The president’s office has glass windows and tatami mat flooring!

You can see a faint outline of the actual Skytree tower just outside the window! The windows are all fitted with blinds, but the view is just too nice to block it off with blinds! I’m situated at the WEB team’s section, which is the closest to the president’s office! (・∀・)ノ


Time to infiltrate the studios!

The passages to each room always have glass windows like this so that all of the staff can always see other staff – it really brings everyone together nicely!


This is GSC & Phat!’s Studios!

This is where all the sculptors are hard at work making new figures for everyone! I’ll need to go through very quietly to make sure I don’t bother them…


A silver pipe stretches across the room!

These pipes suck in all the unclean air and replace it with clean air! It’s (kind of) like Nausicaä!


Sculptors hard at work for WonFes!

Yep! Even with all the excitement of moving, we can’t forget that WonFes is coming up this month – easily one of the busiest time for sculptors here at GSC!


The 3D Team’s room!

Most of the pedestals and bases for figures are made here, plus there are more and more full digital figures being made as well now! They pair up with a sculptor to get the best of both techniques and create beautiful figures faster than ever before!


The small room next door has a couple of interesting machines!

The blue vinyl sheet at the back gives the room a strangely imposing feeling…


This is the ‘Digital Wax’!

It’s a high-end 3D printer! It basically prints out 3D data directly from the PC! One of these machines is rather expensive (probably the cost of a few cars) but this one has definitely been put to good work! I hope we can get a second one for even more 3D printing sometime…


This is an example of what it can do!

When it is first printed it comes out a blue color, but this one has already been coated in a surfacer. The lamination layer that is considered the weak point of 3D printing is hardly even visible at this point!


This machine is the ‘Perfactory’!

I introduced this machine in a previous article some time ago, it is also a 3D printer. I think I should do an article that explains the difference between this one and the Digital Wax at some point… I’m really not sure what the difference is at the moment!


The storage room for sculpting tools!

There are all sorts of tools I’ve never even seen before in here! To think that there figures are made from just these tools and the skills of the sculptors!


Still busy setting up some equipment?

It looks like some kind of machine that sucks something into this box…


Aesop-san is now taking me…
to the Max Factory studios!

I hope I’m not interrupting anything too important. Every room requires a security card to enter and exit, so if anyone forgets it they are locked out completely!


Here we have Max Factory’s studio!

Max Factory have been always had their studio in North Matsudo – it is their first move in ten years! It was the first ever move for the Max Factory staff, so I’m sure it must have been quite a lot of work. (This was the 4th move for me!)


The lovely figures are all created here!

It’s amazing to see everyone hard at work up close! I think I’ll have to sneak in here and watch over people’s shoulders when I have some spare time…! :P


Even more mysterious machines!

At the back you can also see one of the sculptors, Kitade, jumping up for the photo! Everyone here at GSC and Max Factory are such nice people, I’m really glad to be working here!


Here we have Max Factory’s president!
MAX Watanabe-san!

Yesterday was his 50th birthday! Happy Birthday MAX-san!! The staff all got together to celebrate his special day! Seen we now work in the same building and same floor, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of each other! (*´ω`*)

GSC, Max Factory and Phat! Company will all be giving their best from their new base!

I hope you’ll all be there to support us!!
Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛