Me: “I want to go with to the product inspection but I don’t have the time… can you take some pictures for me, Oda-P?”


He got me some pictures of the warehouse!

There are piles and piles of cardboard boxes reaching the ceiling – and all of them are filled with Saber and her motorbike!

Now I’m even more depressed that I didn’t get to go with them!!


The truck is packed up and ready to go!

Lots of people want to get hold of this figure, so the size of the truck is really impressive! A big thanks to all the workers at the warehouse for loading all those boxes up!

Saber is watching over the warehouse!

All the boxes were successfully sent out yesterday thanks to her watchful gaze! One of them was also brought back to the offices for me to do my product review!!

From Fate/Zero:
Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier!

From the popular anime series ‘Fate/Zero’ comes this 1/8th scale figure of the servant that Kiritsugu Emiya makes a contract with, Saber.

The figure’s pose is based on an illustration that featured in the original novel for the series, in which Saber is riding her motorbike while holding Excalibur in one hand – a pose that truly captures her fighting spirit as she rides into battle!

To summarize my feelings for the figure…
You’ll regret it if you miss out on this one!

It’s really hard to believe this is the final product and not the prototype – the manufacturing team has done an incredible job!! I literally got goosebumps when I saw her… she is just that amazing!


The reverse side looks like this!

She looks great no matter what angle you choose to look at her from! You can’t help but spin the base around to see her from all sides!

Instead of just placing her in a display case I think you should keep her beside you on your desk to spin her around once in awhile and see her at every angle possible!

/     \
/    ─  ─ \  ”Really? I can’t really tell from the photo…”
/   ( ―)  (―) \
|     (__人__)   |     ___________
\    。 | |    /=3    | |          |
__/        ⌒    \     | |          |
| | /   ,  | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| ヽ || | |         |
| | /   /   ヽ回回回回レ   ヽ|| | |         |
| | | ⌒ ーnnn.ヽ___/   .(⌒)|_|___________|
 ̄ \__、(“二) └─┘ ̄l二二l二二  _|_|__|_

The bike itself is very long so these pictures make her look much smaller than she really is! Let me take a closer look at each section now, in the hopes that will give you a better opinion of how amazing the figure is.

Let’s take a look at Saber herself first!

Her expression is amazing!!

Even zoomed in this much I can’t find a single fault in that expression – the sculpting of the hair and jacket really makes it seem like the figure is in mid-motion!


Her lovely hip-line!

Pay special attention to just how round her bottom looks! I think it’s the part of the figure that really shows off Saber’s feminine side the most! It looks like it would be soft if you were to touch it… unfortunately it isn’t, I tried :P


The seat makes use of a soft material!

At first Oda-P and Tsukki from the manufacturing team were discussing that the figure would look strange of Saber was ‘floating’ above either the pedal, the seat or the ground. The first way to avoid this was by putting a tab on the figure to hold her in place, but they didn’t want to have to place a tab on Saber’s bottom to connect her to the seat, nor make the seat dented.

That’s when Tsukki came up with the idea to make the seat from a softer material instead – that allows all the three parts to be put together easily and keep Saber touching all three points while still keeping the shape of the seat normal. Great job, Tsukki!!


The engine section is so intricate!

As I mentioned with Nendoroid Saber, mechanical sections like this on figures tend to look odd more often than not – but as you can see this engine looks just like a real motorbike’s engine!

I can’t imagine how they managed to put together all the tiny parts like each of those screws with such amazing detail and accuracy!


The suspension and exhaust!

If you feel the exhaust with the tip of your finger it really feels like metal!! According to Tsukki the metallic parts are made from ABS with a metallic coating to create a very realistic appearance and feel!

The springs also look just like real springs, but they don’t expand and contract like a normal spring would. (they looked so real, I had to try!)


The cowl has a shiny gradient effect!

The shininess here is a different kind compared to the exhaust – it is less evident but also looks stunning! The bike has a very streamlined shape, so if you change the angle or lighting in just the slightest way the shine looks completely different!


A long-angle shot!

I recommend using a long angle like this when you want a picture that captures the feeling of the scene. Looking at this photo really makes the bike and Saber look so heavy and realistic, it’s hard to think she is just a figure!

This figure in particular really has been so much fun to photograph, I ended up taking way too many photos of her…


I also love the creases in her jacket!

The way it seems to be fluttering in the wind is amazing in itself, but just look at the creases on her upper arm! They are incredible!!


A close-up on the tires and base!

The tires don’t actually spin, but they do have a kind of rubbery feel to them!! It’s amazing how realistic they can become just through different materials and paint…

The base is modeled off the scene from the anime where Saber slid along the road to a halt! A big thank you to Kondo-san from ufotable for all the help with that!

Now to play around a bit with parts from other figures!
Here she is holding Invisible Air!!

This is the sword that Saber ~Triumphant Excalibur~ is holding! Although the Triumphant Excalibur figure is a 1/7th scale and this Saber is a 1/8th scale figure it doesn’t look too out of place when she holds it instead. This recreates the scene from the anime perfectly!!


figma Saber Zero can sit behind her!

I’m sure a lot of you have thought about putting other figures on the bike, so here is a figma size comparison! Obviously the size doesn’t quite match up, but I think you could fit three figmas on the bike at once! :P


My best photo for today!

Saber and her bike are not stuck together, so you can remove Saber and display her on her own! If you put Excalibur in the hand that would normally be holding the handle bars then it just looks like she is swinging the sword around instead – I think it looks great!!

From Fate/Zero:
Saber & Saber Motored Cuirassier!

She is being shipped out today!!

Apologies for the long wait, but you’ll be able to get your hands on her soon!! This is definitely a product that Good Smile has worked hard to release in the best possible quality, so I hope fans will enjoy having her on display!!

Be sure to contact our partner shops if you have any sales or preorder queries!

But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛