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Excellent! Package Located!

This figure was rather hard to get hold of, I’m glad I called and asked for it in advance… I know lots of fans have been waiting for the next Nendoroid in this series and now she is finally here!!
The 5th in the Strike Witches Nendoroid series:
Nendoroid Gertrud Barkhorn!

From the hit anime series ‘Strike Witches’ comes the reliable ace of the squad – Gertrud Barkhorn. She also comes with her twin MG42 machine guns, various arm parts and expressions which can be used to create all sorts of your favorite scenes from the 501st Joint Fighter Wing!


This is how she looks from the back!

The stand she uses is the arm-type stand that we are seeing more often on Nendoroids now! It makes it very easy to pose her in flying poses!

An embarrassed expression with arms folded behind her back!

Gertrud is well known for her stern personality – even her embarrassed expression is very reserved! You can even pose her with her hands folded behind her back for a very professional looking pose like this!

Her Striker Unit is also included!

Plus she can hold both the MG42 machine guns at once!

The photo above has her holding them with two bent arms, but the hands are detachable from the arms so you can have her holding the guns with any arm parts!


A look from the back while flying!

The ears are a separate fringe part that you just need to swap out when you like, and the best part is that the sculpting of the braids and fringe on the version with ears is much more airy and really suits flying poses!

Of course a tail is also included and is even fitted with a joint for some more posing options! That little bit of skin showing just above her hips is beautiful!

She can even hold the MG42 backwards!

She comes with special hands just to pose her like this to recreate the batting scene! Plus she also has this lovely expression for combat poses!


She also comes with the alternate base!

On the left is the adapter for the stand that lets you pose her flying horizontally. You just need to place the Nendoroid’s waist on the white section! The base on the right is the same base seen with all the previous Strike Witches Nendoroids, featuring the 501st Joint Fighter Wing logo!
The 5th in the Strike Witches Nendoroid series:
Nendoroid Gertrud Barkhorn!
She’ll be up for preorder from tomorrow!

Be sure to contact our partner shops if you have any sales or preorder queries!

Now for a quick notice!

The 2013 Snow Miku Outfit will be decided tomorrow!!

A big thank you to everyone who sent in designs to Piapro for the 2013 Nendoroid Snow Miku design!

The following four designs are the final options!

Just like last year, we’ll be having a public vote during a NicoNico Live Broadcast to decide between these four designs – come along and cast your vote as well!
1: Snow Miku : Borage Flower Ver. (Provisional Name)
The Borage flower in her hair is and edible flower often used to decorate desserts. They also bloom in Winter. The tips of her twin-tails are made to look like cream at the end. The colors throughout the figure have a light blue to white gradient which is made to look like shaved ice with syrup.
2: Sweet Pâtissier Snow Miku
A Snow Miku with a very chilly appearance and a sweet tooth. The earphones on her ears are macarons filled with fresh cream, and the ribbon on her back is made to look like a sugar sculpture.

3: Fresh Cream Snow Miku (Provisional Name)
Snow white clothes with frills shaped like whipped cream and features ornaments shaped like soda candy. Her hair has a white to blue gradient and flows like melting snow.

4: Strawberry Daifuku White Kimono Miku
She has a strawberry leaf on her head with a snowflake lacing around her head. She is wearing a white kimono with silver snowflake patterns on it.

“Hatsune Miku Time” – Brought to You by Sega x GSC x Crypton:

The show starts tomorrow at 19:00! (JST)

I hope you’ll be there to cast your vote – just wait for the poll and click the number that corresponds to the design you like best!

But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛

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