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Which figure will I be playing with today…?

It’s a pity the title of the post kind of gives it away, but it is of course the figure right in the middle! (Although I must admit I’m quite interested as to why the penguins at the top are tied together with a ribbon…)


Phat Company’s:

1/8th Scale Totori!

From the PS3 game, ‘Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland’ comes a 1/8th scale figure of the young alchemist who travels the world, Totori!

Her characteristic dress, staff and even her shoes have all been faithfully sculpted to match the original character design! She also comes with a large base that features all sorts of test tubes, flasks and other cute items!

A lovely figure that captures the atmosphere of the Atelier Totori world! 


This is how she looks from the back!

It might look quite tall from the back, but the stand is actually sloped at an angle to show off the floor space of the base. The front of the figure is basically lower down than the back!

It’s amazing that sculptor’s can create an effect like this without taking anything away from the figure at all!


A lovely upward gaze!!

    ( ⌒)     ∩_ _
   /,. ノ      i .,,E)
  ./ /”      / /”   ”Plus the tilted head is adorable!!”
  ./ / _、_   / ノ’
 / / ,_ノ` )/ /
(       /  
 ヽ     |

There is no way anyone could say this isn’t cute!!


Totori’s beautiful outfit!

What an adorable outfit! Plus it is so intricately designed, I feel like I could stare at it forever and never get bored!!

You can also see that the reverse side of her jacket is painted a lovely pink!


The skirt uses clear plastic!

Also have a look at the lovely body-line formed by her legs – the right leg in particular! The skirt is stunning and quickly pulls your attention, but don’t let it stop you from noticing the lovely detail and paintwork on her boots!


She can be removed from the base!

Because the base is at an angle, unfortunately Totori can’t balance upright by herself.

However the ribbon on her back is so stunning that I had to include this photo as well – it makes use of clear plastic with a blue to pink gradient! Isn’t it beautiful?!


The stand is also incredibly detailed!

There are all sorts of test tubes and flasks with various colored liquids which really builds up the Atelier atmosphere! There is also a bottle with some colorful balls inside, I’m not entirely sure how that will be mass produced… I get the feeling making just one of those bottles is going to require a lot of work. :P

The figure is on the more expensive side, but the included stand is so detailed it almost feels like another complete figure itself! I think it really helps recreate the atmospehre from the series, so I’m certain that fans will be happy with their purchase!


Phat Company’s:

1/8th Scale Totori!

She’ll be shipped out from GSC on the 6th June!

If you have any sales inquiries, be sure to get in contact with our partner shops!

 – GSC Shanghai Diary #7 –
Nihao everyone! It’s Suzuki from Good Smile Shanghai.

In China the main form of gathering info is the Internet, and there are loads of anime and manga information sites available.

All of the information regarding Japanese anime and manga is almost instantly translated into Chinese on these sites. I check the sites everyday to see what is popular with our Chinese customers! Let me introduce some of the websites that have this kind of info.

● General Information

● Figure Information

Along with these sites, I also check Asia’s largest search service ‘Bandu’, which has a figure bulletin board (

Anyway, míngtiān jiàn!

Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛
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