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A figure from Max Factory?

It can only be Aya, the character who made MAX Watanabe himself start using smileys like the one in the image above! ^^

I myself have completed sekirara and I have to say that she was my favorite character in the game!


Max Factory’s :

1/7th Scale Aya Kagura! 

The fun loving Aya is from the PC game, ‘sekirara’, and she is posed here as a 1/7th scale figure based directly off one of the scenes from the game!

Isn’t she incredible! ((( ;゚Д゚)))
It’s as if the illustration just jumped out as a figure!


This is how she looks from the back!

The sculpting of her hair is absolutely fantastic and really makes it look as if the wind is blowing across her!! The straggling hair at the edges are also lovely!


It looks exactly like the original!!

You really come to realize what an art sculpting is when you see a figure that looks so close to the original illustration. It’s not only the figure sculpting though, the paint work is also outstanding – just look at those beautiful eyes!!


Look at that gap between her thighs!

Her skin looks so soft and squishy! I almost can’t resist trying to put my hand through that gap… they are such voluptuous thighs!


She even looks soft beneath her clothes!

I really can’t hold my hands back any longer, I need to feel it for myself! :P

The paintwork around her breast area and the best beneath it looks great, and the flowing dress is absolutely beautiful to look at from this angle! In fact, it doesn’t matter what angle you look from, the figure looks well-balanced from any position!


A lot of work also went into her boots!

But that is to be expected! Aya’s boots had such a lovely design, so they had to be recreated in figure form perfectly!!

It’s amazing how the sculpting and painting make it look as if the boots are really made from some kind of leather – just look at the part sticking up just above the brown strap!!


Nope, you just can’t see them!

And as a side note – they are not simply white but in fact have a lovely pattern on them! Although you’ll have to wait and see just what pattern that is for yourself!


Max Factory’s:

1/7th Scale Aya Kagura!

She is already up for preorder! (`・ω・´)ゞ
If you have any preorder queries, be sure to get in contact with our partner shops!

But anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ
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