Golden Week has come to an end!

    ∧∧ !!!!
___(,,゚Д゚)__   ”Oh noez!
|  〃( つ つ   |     I forgot to reset my alarm clock!!”
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\  |⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒⌒|
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I’m sure there were quite a few people around Japan that did just that. :P I’ve done it myself a number of times…. (and ended up super late for work.)

But anyway, whether you had a great holiday or you worked through the week – May is here and we need to start working as hard as ever once again!

Today we’re going to be continuing with this corner!

Kuroyagi-san’s Letter Corner: Cherry Blossom Special #2!

The previous Cherry Blossom Special can be found over here!

My very first attempt at sending a photo through to you! This year Spring was very short here in Shanghai, but I did get to see some beautiful cherry blossoms!

A couple were in full bloom at the nearby park, so I went and took some photos with Shinobu – replacing the donut with a flower! (*・ω・*)ノ

   - Shangai Nekoko


I hope you’re still collecting cherry blossom photos! I took a photo of my own so I thought i’d send it through. (It’s a Gift product though, not Good Smile!) I hope you enjoy it!

   - Buchalati


The cherry blossoms this year were so beautiful I just had to take Miku out to see them as well! It was my first attempt at photography so I wasn’t very confident, but I think it came out quite cute in the end, so I decided to send it through to you!

   - Saushingu


Once again I’m really enjoying your cherry blossom special! I’m sure the photos get more beautiful every year!

I went out myself and decided to let Erio play in the cherry blossoms scattering the floor! I applied a soft filter to try recreate the atmosphere around Erio as well, what do you think?

   - D_yashi


I came all the way from Nagoya to Tokyo to meet some Nendoroid friends! ♪ It was a load of fun, and I can’t wait to go again!

I also grabbed some pictures with Menma while I was there, she is so cute!!

   - Jyaiko


My Miku and I went out to see the cherry blossoms! Looks like she was practicing hidden behind the blossoms, but I found her!

   - Yukan Ryoubo


In the last photo corner there were so many photos of Millhi and Yune that I thought looked wonderful, so I decided to go out myself and take some photos.

What an adorable Princess she is! Both her and Harlan are a blast to play with!

   - Mahokona


A photo from Yasukuni Shrine! Youmu suits the cherry blossoms so well… myon!

   - Junosora


The cherry blossoms were amazingly beautiful around my neighborhood when I woke up this morning! I dashed out together with Gumako who found them so beautiful she even took a break from eating her favorite udon!

   - Suzu Akai


Hello from Berlin! I’m going to try my hand at writing this mail in Japanese! I hope that it isn’t too late to send in some cherry blossom photos!

Today I went out with my friend and boyfriend to enjoy the cherry blossoms – it was my very first time doing so! Of course I took a Nendoroid along with me! The photos are taken at Berlin Teltow in an area that I have named the ‘TV Asahi Cherry Blossom Peace Road’! I was quite surprised when I brought the Nendoroid out, as some others around also took from photos of her!

   - jiejie


I heard that one of my friends photos was placed up on Mikatan Blog and was really upset that he hadn’t told me that he was doing something that seemed so fun! I decided I had to take some pictures of some cherry blossoms and Miku for myself as well – I hope you enjoy them!

I knew I had to be quick otherwise the blossoms would all have fallen from the trees, so I dashed out in a slight drizzle to  grab a few photos… I wanted to take some more, but the rain started to pour down a lot harder after awhile, so I took some blossoms home with me and used them for a few more photos. I’ll be sure to send any interesting photos I take in the future though to you as well!

   - Anonymous


I always carry Nendoroids around with me, but this time around I decided to take Sakura with for sakura (cherry blossom) photos!

The first day I came by for photos the blossoms had only half bloomed, so I came back a few days later but then the wind was too strong for a reliable photo… they all came out blurry! So I came back once again a few days later and finally got a photo! I went through quite a lot to get it in the end…

   - DANDE☆Lion


This year the fully blooming blossoms were all knocked off their branches my the heavy rain that came around at the same time… I decided that photos would be impossible for this year and gave up. But a few days later I found a cherry blossom tree that still had some beautiful blossoms, so I managed to grab some photos after all!

Cherry blossoms are linked with fun times and drinking, and when it comes to drinking who is better than Suika! ^^ Here she is climbing up a tree looking rather drunk… perhaps not the safest place for her to be! Later on I looked up and found the blossoms here are in fact called bridegrooms, but Wikipedia said they were a type of cherry blossom, so I hope they will do!

   - Kuraki


I wasn’t sure if I’d make it in time for part two of the cherry blossom special, but here is my entry anyway!

A photo taken at my neighborhood park together with Azunyan in her kimono!

   - Yomogi


I saw the latest Kuroyaki Letter Corner with all the beautiful cherry blossoms, but they still had not bloomed near me… but now they finally have! … and then it started raining… (´・ω・`)

But even through the drizzle, I decided to take some photos! This year’s cherry blossoms are beautiful!



I’m fairly certain Ohana would continue working throughout the Spring without ever taking some time to enjoy the cherry blossoms… but she would definitely be thinking she wants to go see them!

That was the scene I was trying to create with this photo! ^^

   - Magane Kirari


Sorry it’s late! Here is my cherry blossom photo for this year! I didn’t get to take this picture last year, but I had to do it this year! A photo of my Haru-chan and the cherry blossoms in my local park!

   - Tsukintokkai Nanpyon


I’ve been looking forward to the cherry blossoms all year, so I had to send one of my own through as well – I headed out with my camera and Precia to get some photos! Last year I used the cherry blossoms as a background, but this time I decided to take a photo with the blossoms up nice and close, so I went out with a stepladder to get nice and close!

In the end I think it was more about me taking photos of Priecia than it was me taking photos of the cherry blossoms and a figure. I guess this is what they call love!

   - Spin


I live close by to an area that is quite famous for it’s cherry blossoms, so I had to go out and take some photos!

The photo shows off Haru-chan creating the very first cherry blossoms blooms of the season! I didn’t get to take a photo last year, so it feels like I’ve been waiting forever to take this picture!

   - Ander B


From the 15th to the 19th April, I went on a trip to Shirakawagou, Yuwaku hot-springs, Kenroku Gardens and the Noto Peninsula, I took some shoddy photos along the way, so I thought I’d send them through for you to enjoy. The cherry blossoms around Shirakawagou and Yuwaku were not really blooming yet, but at the Kenroku Gardens and Noto Peninsula they were pretty much in full bloom and incredibly beautiful! I didn’t have the courage to bring my Nendoroids out in public as a tourist to the area, so I had to do it quietly when nobody else was around. ^^

I enjoyed looking through everyone else’s beautiful photos and learned a lot from them, and I’ll be sure to work on my pictures while enjoying my trips in the future!

   - Mokke


In the Letter Corner on the 19th April you mentioned that ‘The bigger the images, the better!’, but what size and filesize is that exactly? Also, I zipped up multiple images together this time around, but I’m sure it’s best to not send too many through at once… I tried to shrink them down a bit myself, but what would be ideal when sending images through to you? I apologize if I sent something incorrectly through to you!

Simply put, any image with a width larger than 515px is perfect, and you are welcome to send multiple pictures or just one!
If the image is below 3MB then I am certain it will reach me without any problems!

That said, you’re sending your stunning pictures through to the blog, so I’m never going to be picky! There are no rules at all! (Besides photos that make the figures or series look bad in some way, or go against public order in some way.) If you send picture through to me, I’ll always take a look at them with great excitement, so please send them through – whether they are from PC or cellphone, I’ll always be happy to see them!

Last year I went out in the afternoon with Kiririn to see the cherry blossoms, but this year I decided to go out for some nighttime viewing with Miku! Nightime photography is much harder than I expected…

   - Babystar


I wasn’t able to go out to enjoy the cherry blosoms this year! (T_T)
But instead, my girlfriend became a cherry blossom herself!

   - YUY





I had a little photo session in my local park with Menma!

It was my first attempt at outdoor figure photography and it was much harder than I expected, but to remember my attempt I got a nice picture of a confident looking Menma! The picture was taken on my cellphone, so I apologize for the quality – I also hope it did attach correctly…. ;_;

   - Mahiru


A photo of me and Kaito enjoying the cherry blossoms!

   - Miso Caramel


While I was being worked to death the cherry blossoms around my house had already bloomed and fallen to the ground. After the work I decided to go to Ikomayama and luckily the blossoms there were still blooming beautifully!

I wanted to have a little drinking party under the blossoms with MEIKO, but I was driving so I had to leave the drinking to her. I hope I can drink along with her next year!

   - Lyrical Majical


That brings this Kuroyagi-san’s Letter Corner to an end! I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to put in all the photos that were sent to me!

A big thanks to everyone who sent in mail!!

There were cherry blossom photos not only from Japan, but from fans all over the world as well! I already can’t wait to see next year’s photos! :P

As always, I’m always looking for more mail from readers!
If you have any questions, photos, product requests, want to talk about what you ate today, if you’re suffering from May Fever or anything else! No matter what you want to talk about, send it through to me

(゚∀゚) Mikatan Mail

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 ヽ    -一ー_~、⌒)^),-、  | |_________|
  ヽ ____,ノγ⌒ヽ)ニニ- ̄   | |  |

Just as a side note, remember to take care of nature when taking outdoor photos! Make sure you don’t hurt the flowers and trees that make the photos so special!
But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛