Bringing the world of NicoNico Douga to life!


NicoNico Super Kaigi!!
This weekend at the Makuhari Messe!

Good Smile will also be attending the event, to do a variety of things, including…
(゚∀゚) Figure Displays!
(゚∀゚) GSR Replica Car Display!
(゚∀゚) Cafe Corner! (With Extras!)
(゚∀゚) Sales & Capsule Toys!
(゚∀゚) Sculpting Live Broadcasts!

I think that covers most of it! I hope you’ll join us over at the Good Smile Booth!

■ Event Title: NicoNico Super Kaigi (

■ Organized by: NicoNico Douga

■ Date/Time:
04/28 (Sat) From 10:00 till 18:00. (JST)
04/29 (Sun) From 10:00 till 17:00. (JST)

Final entrance time is 30 minutes before closing time for both days.
Certain booths may run with different opening and closing times.

■ Location:
Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Halls 1~8

Admission Zone Entrance Fee: ¥1500
Free Zone Entrance Fee: Free! (GSC is in this zone!)

More information can be found here:

Yesterday at the GSC offices!


Loads of cardboard boxes near the entrance!

   /      \
  /   ─    ─\    ”Hmmm…?
/     (●)  (●) \    The Gimadog on the left is interesting and all…
|       (__人__) |    but more importantly, what is inside those boxes?”  
/     ∩ノ ⊃  /
(  \ / _ノ |  |


GSC Toilet Paper!!

Will be handed out at the GSC booth!!

How exactly it will be given out at the booth is the important part – you’ll have to come along to find out! Those who come along don’t miss out on the freebies!


The design team trying to finish up!

They’ve been designing panels and cardboard stand-outs for the event… Will they be able to finish everything in time for tomorrow?! Only time will tell! :P


The official staff jacket!

All the staff at the event will be wearing this jacket! Just give them a shout and they’ll be there to help out with whatever you need!


The jacket is designed by VANQUISH!

VANQUISH is a fashion brand who designs clothes for the Japanese apparel company ‘ceno’. I can hardly believe that the same group who makes some of the brand name clothes over at famous stores like Shibuya 109 MEN’s is making the official GSC Jackets!!


From “Packing” to “Scale Figures”.

These must be the products that will be on display at the event! All sealed up with fabric tape to make sure nothing happens to them on the trip!

The offices are always filled with cardboard boxes before an event like this. :P


All sorts of equipment will also be going along to the event… and most of it is equipment for a live broadcast!

We’ll be having live broadcasts!

The topic at hand will be putting sculptors to the test…

Making a prototype in two days!!

Basically, the aim is to complete a prototype with painting on a nearly impossible schedule… and quite a few sculptors have risen to the challenge!!
The timetable will be as follows:

Today from 17:00 ~ 18:00 (JST):

■ A broadcast of the GSC booth at NicoNico Super Kaigi before the event!

A quick introduction of the booth that everyone can come and enjoy tomorrow!! We’ll see the displays, the food, the give-outs and everything else about the booth and event!

During this broadcast, we’ll also announce the figure that will be made for the challenge!

The only hint is “Nendoroid”, be sure to watch if you want to find out!

04/28 (Sat) 11:00 ~ 17:00 (JST):

■ The GSC 11 Hour Challenge! Figure Sculpting Time Trial (Day 1)

A special challenge at the Good Smile Booth – sculpting a figure with a limited amount of time on the clock! The final product will also be available for sale at the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP! Day 1 will be the very start of the production process!

[Sculptors Taking Part in the Challenge]
 ・Nobu ・Oda ・Katou ・Hiro ・Takano ・Kiyohara

04/29 (Sun) 10:30 ~ 16:30 (JST):

■ The GSC 11 Hour Challenge! Figure Sculpting Time Trial (Day 2)

A continuation of day one, day two will focus on finishing up the job and getting the paint work done! We’ll be watching to live to the very end of the event!

[Painters Taking Part in the Challenge]
・Nobu ・Oda ・Katou ・Kawahara ・Saibu ・Tashiro

Will they be able to complete the prototype in time…?

Tune in to find out! Good Smile has to keep trying the impossible!!

Those who can’t make it to the event, be sure to check out the live broadcasts! Send some messages to support the sculptors!

– 10 Years of Good Smile Company : Nendoroids of the Past! –

There are only 4 days left until GSC turns 11 years old!

Let’s take a look at one final Nendoroid of the Past!


Released in February 2010 :

Nendoroid Ritsu Tainaka!

The head of the Sakura High School music club, Ricchan! The Nendoroid itself was a wonderful sight – just look at that lovely forehead and the detail on the uniform. But even more incredible was the amazing quality of the drum set!!


This is how it looks from the back!

Even the tiny pedals of the drums were faithfully recreated in Nendoroid size! The cymbals could even be moved back and forward!!

The K-ON! series has had a load of Nendoroids and figma releases, so it’s great fun to collect the whole group and display them together! Plus you get the instruments to display together with them!

I remember how all of the staff loved Nendoroid Azunyan when she first came out… I can’t believe that was 2 years ago…!

Don’t forget to vote in the resale & new product requests polls before May 1st!

– Nendoroid Resale Requests –

– figma Resale Requests –

– Scale Figure Resale Requests –

– New Product Requests –

– Current Results –

Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛