The cherry blossom season is upon us!

Matsudo finally feels like Spring!

Last year at around this time Japan was dealing with one of it’s biggest trials ever. There are still scars from the disaster, but I’m glad that this year everyone can enjoy the cherry blossom season without all the troubles of last year.

Once again I will be running this special corner of Kuroyagi-san’s letter corner where we enjoy the combination of lovely figures and beautiful cherry blossoms –
I hope the photos will bring a smile to your face like they did to mine!

Here is my contribution to the cherry blossom photos for this year!
Before I got into Nendoroids, I used to see the cherry blossoms and think they were really pretty, but never anything more than that.

Now that I have Nendoroids, I can’t resist wandering around outside with them and taking photos together with the cherry blossoms! I think Nendoroids are good for my health! ^^

  - Mahokona


Hello from atop a cherry blossom tree! This Lat-type Miku jumped out from behind the tree bursting out in song for me! ^p^

Miku is such an Angel! or more like…. a fairy of the forest to me! Just look at the lovely blossom in her hair, it’s so cute!

   - Ringo


I took a cherry blossom photo with a Nendoroid to send through to this year’s collection!

I’ve always loved the illustrations of Shiki wearing her kimono with a blade as she walks through the cherry blossoms… so I wanted to recreate that illustration in Nendoroid form! While I was taking the photo, an old lady came by and asked me what I was taking pictures of… it was rather difficult to explain the world of Nendoroids to her. ^^;

   - Kyuu


The cherry blossoms were blooming in Shukugawa, the area used as a stage for the Haruhi series. I headed out one morning with Nagato to take a picture of her reading her book in the park. I think it brings out the atmosphere very nicely.

   - Tanupon


The flower included with the Menma Nendoroid looked kind of like a cherry blossom, so I had her hold the flower surrounded by cherry blossoms and took a photo.

The frills on her dress make her look like a little flower as well, so the whole picture looks so cute together. ^^

   - Annon


One of the big cherry blossom trees in my local park was flowering and it looked absolutely stunning, so I went out with my Append Miku for some outdoor photos! I can’t wait to go out with Sakura Miku for some similar photos next year!

   - Tamaki


Spring means cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms means kimonos, and kimonos means beautiful girls, so this beautiful girl grabbed a kimono for some photos with the cherry blossoms! I think the kimono really suits Luka!

   - TATI


 I went out to see the blossoms with Usa-nee! I wish there was a Good Smile Photo Club! I’d join without a doubt!

   - Niiyan mk II


This is my very first contribution to the blog. I took a photo that shows Yui at her school entrance ceremony!

   - imarm


My very first time taking a Nendoroid out for some photos! My Kagamine twins and I are always together now! ♪

   - Anonymous


I read that you were looking for cherry blossom photos again this year, and I had just bought a new digital camera, so I headed out to take some pictures. I’ve always wanted to take pictures outside with my favorite figures, so I ended up taking way too many photos… :P



Last week I went for a my first visit to Tokyo in over a year! It’s still cold and snowy up North, so coming to warm Tokyo is a lovely change.

I was wandering about Sumida Park looking at the SkyTree and cherry blossoms with by beloved KAITO! He had such a lovely smile that I just had to take a picture, and I think it came out quite nicely! My KAITO is just too cute…

   - Saorin


I just made it in time for the cherry blossoms, so I went out to take a look with KAITO and MEIKO!
MEIKO : Gimme more drinks!!
KAITO: You’ve been drinking way too much….

   - Oukama


Cherry trees and Millhi from Kyoto!!
The beautiful cherry trees will compliment Millhi’s beautiful voice perfectly!! I’m so glad I have Nendoroids to bring some fun to my life!

– Sougetsu Sakura


My first outing to see cherry blossoms with Saber Lily~
It’s really hard to take nice photos though… orz

   - Anonymous


The cherry blossoms near me just reached full bloom, so I went out with Homuhomu to take some photos! Cherry blossoms really are so beautiful!

   - Nanokoku Inu Chappii


Hello there! I heard you wanted some cherry blossom photos, so I decided to send mine through!

   - Mizuho


I went out with MEIKO to look at the cherry blossoms the other day… of course you can’t have cherry blossom viewing without alcohol… I think MEIKO went a little overboard though. ^^

   - Hanakawa Akira


I woke up early before work one morning to take some cherry blossom pictures with Azusa. An old lady passing by while I was taking the photos agreed with me that Azunyan was adorable in her kimono! ^^

   - DARK3939


Attached you’ll find a picture of Yune some cherry blossoms. It was taken with a 55mm micro-lens for practice.

   - kuro


My Cheerful KAITO arrived the other day so I took him out with me to enjoy the cherry blossoms! His new outfit suits the cherry blossoms so well! I feel like I should bring out a female Nendoroid wearing KAITO’s outfit for some pictures as well.

   - Anonymous


Hello Mikatan! I’m a big fan of your blog!
I read on twitter that you were looking for some cherry blossom photos, so I went out to take some photos but the blossoms had already mostly fallen to the ground… so I’ll have to send you this photo from last year instead! Sorry!

   - Otama


I went out with my family to enjoy the cherry blossoms this afternoon.
I looked up at one point and I saw a Spring Fairy looking down at me and smiling among the blossoms!

– Spoon


As soon as the cherry blossoms start bloomed I always have to take a Nendoroid out for a walk to see them. This year I decided to take the Princess out with me to enjoy the blossoms – the blossoms seemed just as happy to hear Millhi’s voice!

“Cinque! Can you hear my song?”… I hope her song rides along a storm of cherry blossoms to everyone who wants to hear it!

   - Kirino


I’m sending through some photos I took near my house the other day. The pink was really beautiful, and it really compliments the pink colors of Princess Millhi!

– Luka


I went down to the a local riverside with Madochii and Homuhomu for some photos. I had quite some trouble finding a good place to take pictures with Nendoroids though… I was glad to get a picture with these two together in the end! They also look very happy to be surrounded by the cherry blossoms!

   - Yasu


I heard you were collecting cherry blossom photos, so here is my entry! I went out with Miku for a walk down a street filled with cherry blossoms!

   - Shinku no Chelminatol


I went out for some photos with  Nadeko Sengoku-chan! There is a lovely bridge surrounded by cherry trees about two stations away from me, so I headed there and removed Nadeko from my pocket for some photos! After the mission was accomplished, I quickly headed off on my way. ^^

   - Kaeru Majin @ Nadeko is My Wife


I was taking a nap underneath a cherry tree when Miku came and woke me up! I’d rather wake up to Miku’s face than the cherry blossoms any day! :P

– Anonymous


This photo of Millhi was taken on the 15th April, along a walking path close to where I live that gave a lovely background of cherry blossoms!

– Broadblast


I brought Madoka and Homuhomu’s School Uniform Ver. Nendos with me on an outing to Gongendou to take a picture of them as of they were walking to school. The weather was great, the blossoms were in full bloom and I got some wonderful photos!

   - 龍凰寺高志


I thought Yune would look best with the cherry blossoms, so I brought her along to Meijou Park’s gardens! ♪

   - Mcharat


I’ve taken a load of photos of Shiki, but I’ve always wanted to take photos of her with cherry blossoms – I finally did so, so I hope you’ll enjoy them too! ♪ Kimono’s and cherry blossoms just look too good together! ^^

   - Hiiro


That brings this Kuroyagi-san’s Letter Corner to an end!
A big thanks to everyone who sent in mail!!

I wanted to add in as many photos as possible this time around, so I didn’t add in my own comments for each photo. Even without my comments I won’t be able to include all the photos that were sent in, and I’m very sorry if your’s was not included!

As always, I’m always looking for more mail from readers!
If you have any questions, photos, product requests, want to talk about what you ate today, what you plan to do during Golden Week or anything else! No matter what you want to talk about, send it through to me!

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The next cherry blossom special will come around Golden Week!
If you still want to send through your cherry blossom photos, I’d love to put them in that blog!

Just as a side note, remember to take care of nature when taking outdoor photos! Make sure you don’t hurt the flowers and trees that make the photos so special!

Tomorrow at 20:00 (JST) will be a GSC Live Broadcast!
We will be taking a look at all the products announced in April!

But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛