The office is in a complete shambles at the moment!


Last week was the Tokyo International Anime Fair, and this weekend is the Anime Contents Expo at the Makuhari Messe!

There are cardboard boxes for products, prototypes and all sorts of other things all over the place. :P Plus we still need to keep up all the work that normally has to be done during the week – these event seasons are really tiring!

For example, the production team needs to send off a brand new prototype through to China today…

Eh? Hold on a second!!

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Nanoha Takamachi : Swimsuit Ver.!

From Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st comes this lovely figure of Takamachi Nanoha wearing an adorable bikini! She is sculpted in an impressive 1/4th scale size with a swimming tube made from clear plastic placed at her leg and a very dynamic pose that looks ready to jump alive! Let me make a quick summary of this figure…

She’s looks so young…. but she is so big!!

The Nanoha from the movie is of course still the young Nanoha, and she has the lovely cute look from the original series, but Gift has made this a 1/4th scale figure, so even though it might be a young character, it’s still a really big figure! To give you an idea of the size… I’d say it’s about the size of a standard trophy.


This is how she looks from the back!

Gift has been doing this swimsuit series for awhile now… I have to wonder why the swimsuits are always so tiny! :P This swimsuit in particular looks very tight and really shows every single curve on her body perfectly!


A stunning smile!!

Plus those sparkling eyes just draw you in so deep…. she’s just too adorable! The sculpting of her twin-tails and Raising Heart around her neck give a wonderfully dynamic feeling to her pose.

There might not be much volume beneath that bikini, but it still sculpted wonderfully!


The tube can be put anywhere!

The image above with her holding it is in fact how the figure was designed to be displayed. In my opinion it hides Nanoha’s beautiful body-line too much, so I prefer to pose it at her feet! :P

The tube can be completely removed, so you can put it wherever you think it looks best, or simply display her without it!


You can’t fault this sculpting!

The workmanship here is simply stunning… I really feel like Gift’s 1/4th scale series really shows off their very best work!!


The lovely red and pink swimsuit!

It might be hard to tell from the photo, but the line between her bust and ribs along with the sticking out stomach are incredible to look at! Let me emphasize that one more time…. the stomach is simply amazing!! ((((゜Д゜)))


Each and every toe nail in detail!

It really looks just like a real foot, with each toe nail carefully polished!! For some reason I feel like trying to put my finger in-between her big toe and the toe beside it… I guess it’s because it’s a 1/4th scale figure, it almost seems possible. :P

The base is very nice if you’re trying to conserve space – although the figure itself is quite tall height wise, it shouldn’t be too hard to find space on your shelf for this base.



Nanoha Takamachi : Swimsuit Ver.!

She’ll be up on the GSC website and up for preorder on the 29th March!

If you have any sales or preorder queries, be sure to get in contact with out partner shops!


Bonus Picture!

Miku-san, relaxing in her tube

This is a good size comparison between a Nendoroid and the tube as well! It’s probably bigger than you think! I imagine it would be quite fun to take this and take some photos like this in some real water!
Anyway, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛