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There are only 10 days till WonFes!!

I can’t believe it’s snuck up on us so quickly! Time really flies, but that means that we can start to have a closer look at all the WonFes products! If we have any folks who don’t know what I’m talking about, you can find the WonHobby site over here:


From Puella Magi Madoka Magica:
Nendoroid Homura Akemi : School Uniform ver.!

She comes with three expressions, a school bag and some extra lower body parts to let her sit down! She also comes with extra parts such as a fringe with Madoka’s ribbon, a bow and the wings seen in a key visual! All the parts will work with the previous Nendoroid Homura Akemi as well – allowing you to create an almost limitless number of poses!

This Homu-Homu is a WonFes Product!
That means you can only get hold of her at WonFes, through web sales or for a limited time at the Good Smile x Karaoke no Tetsujin Cafe.

All the information about the WonFes products can be found on the Good Smile Company English website. There is also information on the WonHobby site over here, in Japanese:


This is how the packaging looks!

A huge number of parts, as you can see! Absolutely lovely! There have been a lot of comments stating that the official product photos don’t show enough, so I’ll be taking a much more detailed look today!


This is how she looks from the back!

This is how she looks taken straight out of the packaging without any of the extra parts. She uses the standard arm-type stand that connects into her back.


Homura with glasses and braided hair!

One of the most common questions asked was which of the legs are included – the legs with black tights or the legs with just socks – they’re both included! In the above picture the following parts are included:

Smiling Expression (Bottom Left of Packaging)

Braided Hair (Bottom Right of Packaging)

School Bag (Top Right of Packaging)

Lower Body Wearing Socks (Lower Middle of Packaging)

The expressions can be used either with the long hair or braided hair – so you can play around and find the combination you like best!


The sitting pose from episode 10!

Worried Expression (Lower Right of Packaging)

Braided Fair For Sitting Pose x2 (Center of Packaging)

Legs and Arms for Sitting Pose (Lower Center of Packaging)

Lower Body for Sitting Pose (Lower Right of Packaging)

Handkerchief (Center-Right of Packaging)

Golf Club (Upper Right of Packaging)

The handkerchief looks just like it did in the series – with the cute little cat print design! I also love the way that the feet on the sitting legs are pointed in different directions!


She can also hold the golf club!

All the hands come apart from the arm parts so you can switch them around a bit as well. In the picture above I’m using actually using the ‘sitting’ arms with the hand to hold the golf club! So many options between the expressions and various arms and hands!

Displayed with the original Nendoroid Homura!

Of course you can use all the parts from this Nendoroid with the previous Homura!

The hair color between the two, is slightly different – just as it was between the two Madoka Nendoroids. This is all based exactly on the original character designs though – it’s not an error! (Although it’s so slight that you almost can’t even tell from this photo :P)


Let’s remove all the parts we’ve used and look at the packaging once again! We’ve already looked at so much and yet these is even more to come – not to mention that you could combine all the previous parts in all sorts of different ways.

The remaining parts are made to be used with the previous Homura!

So in a sense, the ‘School Uniform ver.’ is in fact also a kind of add-on pack to the original Nendoroid Homura!


Recreate the famous key visual illustration!

Two bent arms (Bottom Left of Packaging)

This lets you pose her in the same pose that the 1/8th scale figure of Homura is in – the pose based on the famous key visual!

Posed ready to fire her bow!

Fringe Parts with Ribbon (Bottom Left if Packaging)

Arm/Hand Parts to Hold the Bow (Upper Middle of Packaging)

Bow (Upper Right of Packaging)

Arrow (Upper Right of Packaging)

Some extra parts to have Homura holding her bow, along with an extra fringe part featuring the ribbon she received from Madoka!

Wing parts are also included!

These black wings appeared in the final episode of the anime – and are now included for the Nendoroid as well! They are a really wonderful extra for use on the Puella Magi Nendoroid of Homura!

This is how the wings look from behind!

They use a lovely gradient coloring effect from clear red to the dark black –  a truly stunning design that looks great in Nendoroid size! The wings connect onto the arm stand while it still connects into her back as before.
From Puella Magi Madoka Magica:
Nendoroid Homura Akemi : School Uniform ver.!

You can buy at WonFes, through web sales or at the Good Smile Cafe!
For more information, you can view the following links: (Japanese).

– Product Information –

– Event Sales –

– Web Sales –

– Good Smile x Tetsujin Cafe –
She really comes with a huge variety of parts – you are getting much more than you’re paying for! I’m certain that any Homu-Homu fans will be very impressed with this Nendoroid! Just 10 days to go until you can pick up yours at WonFes!
But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛
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