/─   ─ \
   / (≡)   (≡) \   ”Has Gumako eaten her own udon?”
  //// (__人__) ///\  
  |     |r┬-|      |   
   \     ` ー’´    /  
   ノ           \



I’m sure certain people will recognize that hat very quickly!! Oda-P was in charge of this product! It’s only half way through the month and he is already out on his second trip to China this year… but at least that gives me a chance to play around with her! :P


The 4th Milky Holmes Nendoroid:
Nendoroid Cordelia Glauca!

From the anime series with a brand new second season, ‘Tantei Opera Milky Holmes’, comes the last of the Milky Holmes girls Nendoroids – Claudia Glauca! That means we finally have all four of them to display together!! It’s taken a bit longer than expected, but we’re finally there!! I wanted to do a group pose, but unfortunately Nero was out on a trip to China… aww… :(


This is how she looks from the back!

Cordelia has lovely flowers scattered all over her hair! Although apparently they are quite a pain for the production team to deal with :P. But it wouldn’t be Cordelia without those flowers!!


Codelia’s ‘Toys’ expression!

As with all the previous Nendoroids from the series, Corelia also comes with an expression with closed eyes to recreate her using her unique ‘Toys’ ability. In Cordelia’s case, this is the power allows her to strengthen her senses! You can combine this with the bent arm part and it makes it look like she is trying to hear something far in the distance! (The bent arm in included for both her left and right arm!)


Next up is this delusional expression!

Cordelia often gets so exited about something that she turns into a completely different person like this – her eyes become flowers and she gets super exited! It’s so cute to see her displayed like this!

Of course her hat can also be removed! (・∀・)ゞ
This has also been a common part of the series! It’s apparently quite a challenge to get a deformed figure like a Nendoroid to keep a nice balance with and without a hat, but the Milky Holmes series has achieved it wonderfully!


Cordelia Gray has taken over!

    /:::::: ( ○)三(○) \  ”Yay!!
    |:::::::::(__人__)::|    Now the whole series has ancestor parts!”
     \::::   |r┬-|   ,/
    ノ:::::::  `ー’´   \ 

These parts allow you to recreate Cordelia when she was possessed by her ancient ancestor, Cordelia Gray, in episode 8 of the first season of the series!

An extra expression, a cape with big breasts, and hair standing straight up! So many extra parts to enjoy!
So in total… there are four expressions, two different different hair parts and still even the extra cape with bigger breasts! Nice work Oda-P!


The 4th Milky Holmes Nendoroid:
Nendoroid Cordelia Glauca!

She will be on the GSC website from tomorrow!

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