We meet again, December!

                   _ _     .’  , .. ∧_∧
          ∧  _ - ― = ̄  ̄`:, .∴ ’     (    )
         , -” ̄    __――=’, ・,‘ r⌒>  _/ /
        /   -―  ̄ ̄   ̄”‘” .   ’ | y’⌒  ⌒i
       /   ノ                 |  /  ノ |
      /  , イ )                 , ー’  /´ヾ_ノ
      /   _, \               / ,  ノ
      |  / \  `、            / / /
      j  /  ヽ  |           / / ,’
    / ノ   {  |          /  /|  |
   / /     | (_         !、_/ /   〉
  `、_〉      ー‐‐`            |_/

I will defeat you this year for sure!!
I can’t believe it’s already the last month of the 2011!

Let’s dash toward the new year like Sonic dashing toward his rings! Today we’ll be continuing the 10th anniversary special post series! There might be a few people who are thinking “Aww, I want a figure review!”, I’m sorry, but sometimes we need to take a break from the figures with something like this – I hope you can still enjoy it!

So everyone…
“What memories stick in your mind the most?”


Gakkun, Production Team
(゚∀゚) Fun Times

I enjoy working on almost all the products, but let me jump on one project I worked on with another company.

・ native’s Chie
It was a lot of fun! and super sexy! Normally I’m not so involved with native’s figures, but Chieri’s sculpting is so incredible and Ishikei’s original illustration was stunning, so it was really great to work on. I was most satisfied.

(゚д゚) Difficult Times

・ Nendoroid Miku Hatsune
This was really a big problem! We had to work on more things than normal, and in a shorter time than normal!
Basically, we had to work four times harder than normal! (Short time: 2x harder, Lots more work: 2x harder. Total: 4x harder!)
In order to get through everything, we had to work with two factories simultaneously on the same figure. It really created a load of tension! I hoped we’d never have to make use of two factories at once again…

・ Nendoroid Miku Hatsune: Support Ver.
The return of the need for multiple factories! We once again worked together with each of the factories, so we could bring back the smiles to everyone a little faster! But this time with a cuter smiling face and cheering parts to boot! We even changed the stand for the new version. The molds in each of the factories were all gathered up and we made a record speed mass production of figures!

・ MXF Ignis
I remember when we first looked at the prototype and everyone was wondering how on earth we would do the hair. Between the twisted sculpting, the finely detailed parts and the need to keep the pose steady looked like a huge headache. Not to mention the paint work thereafter! The twisted patterns on her outfit and the gradient along with that…. and then to top it all off we were gibing the job to a brand new factory! The main reason for that was the use of the latest equipment. The engineers managed to get through all the problems in the end, and get the figure out to all the fans. It’s amazing how much technology has come now though – doing the same thing now in 2011 is pretty much standard work! It’s still tough though!

Gakkun is the superman of the GSC production department! He always assures great quality! Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put in Gakkun!


Kiku-chan, Sales Department

(゚∀゚) Fun Times

・ Selling the first Nendoroid Petite: Haruhi series.
Every single one of them was so adorable! I remember I’d specifically go into the convenience stores just to take a look at them.

・ Taking part in product photos and the figma commercial.
I remember taking part in the commercial for the Aisaka Taiga figure and the figma Haruhi series. I was really nervous and shaking all over, but so many people were there to cheer me on!

・ Working surrounded by figures in a great atmosphere.
Figures are all around wherever you look…
I’m so happy to be able to work in an environment like this every day. Plus there are so many snacks all the time! People bring udon, takoyaki and other treats along all the time! I’m getting fatter just by working here! It’s all this job’s fault! ^^

(゚д゚) Difficult Times

・ As mentioned by others… WonHobby 9.
Working on the paper-craft for hours, or  using the company car as a taxi during the event. Although looking back on it now, it’s a great memory, even if it was tough at the time. Recently though, the hardest thing for me to deal with is the weird things that N-izumi keeps saying! The sales department really gets along great!

For anyone who thinks you won’t get loads of treats when working at GSC… you’re very wrong! There is always lots to munch on! All the treats are put on a single table, then a mail goes out to everyone to go get some! (Kiku-chan comes by the table fairly often… :P) I guess that’s why I feel fatter ever since I’ve been working here…


Miyuki-tan, General Affairs

(゚∀゚) Fun Times

・ WonFes! TAF! Events where I can meet with everyone!
I normally don’t have much contact with figure lovers, so getting to talk to them at events is a lot of fun. Plus it really makes me happy to see them all smiling!

・ Trying out all sorts of cosplay.
I didn’t think I’d ever dress as a high-school student or Santa after my 20s… but doing so really was a load of fun and a great experience!

(゚д゚) Difficult Times

・ Appearing on a live radio broadcast
While I was minding my own business at a Good Smile booth, Aki suddenly told me to take part in a live radio presentation… there was no script or anything and I had to introduce the goods and booth to everyone… I was almost in tears trying to think up what to say!!

・ Konekuri!!
I need not say more…

I don’t think anyone except GSC staff members will get that last one, but it gave me a laugh! A few WonHobby Live Broadcasts back, we were doing a little skit using Nendoroids, and Miyuki-tan was the voice for the act! It was a load of fun!



(゚∀゚) Fun Times

・ Live Broadcasts.
I started helping out with these not long after I joined GSC, the staff and viewers create such a great atmosphere!

・ Tokushima Business Trip.
Aki-san and I ate so much delicious food, we could hardly move afterwards! We also went on a road-trip from Tokushima to Matsudo.

・ Sitting Next to Mikatan.
You’ve really supported me!

(゚д゚) Difficult Times

・ Live Broadcasts
I started helping out with these not long after I joined GSC, the staff and viewers create such a great atmosphere…

・ Tokushima Business Trips.
Aki-san and I ate so much delicious food, we could hardly move afterwards…
We also went on a road-trip from Tokushima to Matsudo….

・ Sitting Next to Mikatan
You’ve really supported me…

Hey! Those are the same! You cheat!
But I guess it’s true isn’t it! There is often a link between the fun times and the difficult times! You really are the one I know we can trust to run the Live Broadcasts without a hitch!
Not only is he great with helping out physically, but he also drives the staff to create a great show! Unfortunately I don’t work next to him anymore, but I still rely on him all the time!


Fuumin, 3D Production Team

(゚∀゚) Fun Times

・ The Mini-car Product Displays
Just as I joined GSC, there were mini-car product displays at WonFes. A few days before it was needed, I created the data to output and printed out the product, which came out great. It was a lot of work, but it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves so much at the event. It’s a great memory for me now.

(゚д゚) Difficult Times

・ Wax Printer Breakdown…
Before using the 3D laser printer we used a wax printer. Just as we needed to print out a load of things, the machine broke down… the engineer for the machine was also out on a foreign business trip so it look a while for it to be repaired. It was a really stressful time.

GSC’s irreplaceable 3D team! They really act as the backup to the production team when working on extra parts and stands and whatnot. The picture of Fuumin here is together with the two 3D printers surrounded by boxes. It’s in such a tiny little corner. xD

Fuumin also worked with Yousei Megane to get the GSC Seijin in an iPhone App!

<View the GSC Seijin with Yousei Megane!>
(iPhone (3GS+ compatible)、iPod Touch(with camera) 、iPad2)

1) Download Yousei Meganefrom the AppStore. If you already have it, update to the latest version. (It’s free!)

2) After downloading, start it up! Point your camera to this code and view the GSC Seijin in augmented reality!



This is how it comes out!  Look how cute he is sitting on a shoulder here! :P
If you’re an iPhone be sure to give it a go! (・∀・)ノ


Station, Design Team

(゚∀゚) Fun Times

・ figma Cycle Campaign
I rode my very first road bike from Hanamatsu to Omaezaki. That was only about 50km, but for me at the time it took everything I had. A few days later there was another from Mishima to Ashinoko almost all uphill, and then down an old road to Odawara. I really realized what an interesting company GSC was while doing this – it’s a great memory!
・ Panty & Stocking Cafe
This was the first time I’ve ever been in charge of decorating a cafe. We tried to put things relating to the series all over the place, and it was a great experience for me in the end. There were so many customers that came from far to visit the cafe, which really encouraged me as well!

(゚д゚) Difficult Times

・ The Japan 12-hour Cycling Race
This was my second time entering. It was one week after WonFes.
Even so, I was fully charged and ready to try my very best! It doesn’t matter how expensive a bicycle is, it’s the engine (that is, the person riding it!) that really counts!
008・ Good Smile x Karaoke Tetsujin Cafe
The most I have ever worked since I joined the company. ^^;
Everyday felt like I had run a full marathon. I decided that work should become a whole new kind of sport… one with no end in sight. :P

When I asked for a picture of Station to put up, I never quite expected one like this, but it’s a great picture! While he is part of the design team, he also does cycling and helps out with the cafes all the time!


Shii, Advertising Team

(゚∀゚) Fun Times

・ Being able to work on various things other than web design.
In particular, when I came up with the name for the Soul Gem Drink for the Madoka Cafe.
・ Going to a foreign event and hearing the people all over say they love Nendoroids.
I wasn’t able to speak to them myself, but hearing those words in normal conversation all over made me so happy!

(゚д゚) Difficult Times

・ Being so nervous about being in charge of my first event.
I ended up being late… I’ll never forget the trouble I got into for that…

Shii-chan used to be part of the web team, but recently moved over to the advertising team! She works on all sorts of advertising and promotions and has done all sorts of things for GSC! The advertising team is also sometimes referred to as the ‘event team’ nowadays, and working on those events is an unbelievable load of work, but I trust you can do it!


Koyamada, Production Team
(゚∀゚) Fun Times

・ Taking part at Mikupa!
Seeing just how many Vocaloid fans there are, and seeing them all in front of me was incredible. Miku is one angel that is really loved!

・ Safely delivering goods and seeing how much people love them!
I’m not involved in the development at all, but I take care of the products while they are sent to the factories and then sent out to all the buyers. I love seeing people taking the figures home with a smile on their faces. I’m like the relative that looks after the children for the parents. :P

(゚д゚) Difficult Times

・ Delivering Goods!
But delivering the goods to where they need to be is my job, so I always do what ever I can to see them safely delivered!

Koyamada really has a close relationship with all the figures, and I’m happy to be working with her! You always tell me the delivery information as soon as its available, and get me early release samples for reviews!

Memories are what make up people!
We had all kinds of memories again, but that brings part 3 to an end.

       / \  /\  キリッ
.     / (ー)  (ー)\
    / ⌒(__人__)⌒ \   ”There’s still time to make memories this year!”
    |      |r┬-|    |  
     \     `ー’´   /
    ノ            \
  /´               ヽ
 |    l              \
 ヽ    -一””””~~``’ー–、   -一”””’ー-、.
  ヽ ____(⌒)(⌒)⌒) )  (⌒_(⌒)⌒)⌒))

Next time when I can’t find figures to review, I’ll find more staff for some more memories!

Anyway, thats all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!! (・∀・)ノ゛