From tomorrow until the 15th, GSC is taking a short summer vacation!

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Some of the staff are going to visit their families, others are going away for the vacation… some are continuing with other work . :P To all those who go out in the summer heat, be sure to drink plenty of water and keep safe!

But anyway today we’re back at the table tennis table which has already become quite a mess again – but also has these new figures on it!


Cheerful JAPAN! Part 4:

Nendoroid Kagamine Rin and Len: Cheerful Ver.!

They are not sold as a set, they are sold separately.

In order to help support the relief efforts that combat the disastrous earthquake and tsunami that occurred on the 11th March, Good Smile Company created the Cheerful Japan! project to help out for many months to come. GSC and various other companies will be releasing charity products on the 11th of each month – these two are this month’s addition to the project!


I’m certain that the money raised from this project will help the recovery of Japan come a little bit faster!


Nendoroid Kagamine Rin: Cheerful Ver.!

The above image is in fact from the original Nendoroid Rin, but everything you see here will be included with the Cheerful version as well, along with a bunch of support items!

Plus as a bonus extra, the Cheerful version can use expressions from other Nendos!

She will cost 3000JPY with free shipping within Japan.

Let’s take a look at the extra parts that come with this Rin!
First up is her pompons!

Miku also came with pompons, but these ones are yellow to match with Rin and Len. If you use the pompons along with that smiling expression you almost can’t help but smile when you see her!


A whistle and hands to hold it!

Rin is making use of her whistle to help cheer everyone on! She also comes with a new hand so she and hold it!


Two support flags and a whistle to go around her neck!

The flags have the Cheerful Japan! logo and the GSC mark on them – you need to put the two flags together to make the complete image! The reverse side of the flags is blank, so stick on some of the included stickers, or write your own message on. The whistle around her neck is a separate whistle to the one she holds in her hands – you could even display her with both!


Nendoroid Len Kagamine: Cheerful Ver.!

Len also comes with all the parts from the original version as well as the set of Cheerful extras!

Plus he can also use other Nendo expressions now!

He will also be 3000JPY with free shipping within Japan!


Now let’s take a look at the extra parts that come with Len!
He also comes with pompons!

The color balance is perfect, which means posing the two of them together both with pompons looks great! Len looks a little embarrassed with the pompons – it really suits him!


A megaphone and hand to hold it!

While Rin gets a whistle to cheer everyone up, Len comes with a megaphone! This also makes use of a new hand part which lets him hold it to his mouth and shout out words of encouragement!


He comes with a speech plate!

There is one plate that is already printed with the text ‘Let’s all work through this together’ as well as a blank plate for you to write your very own message! (What exactly the plate will be made from hasn’t actually been decided yet, so it might look different to the one you see here.) Obviously you can display him without the plate as well!


A hand to hold the megaphone aside!

If you don’t want to have the megaphone to his mouth and instead just have him holding it, then you can use this hand instead!

Two support flags and a megaphone for his neck!

The flags have the same design as Rin’s, and also make up one image when put together. He can also hand the megaphone from his neck like so!


Cheerful JAPAN! Part 4:

Nendoroid Rin & Len Kagamine: Cheerful Ver.!

■ Rin and Len are sold separately, not as a set.
■ They will cost 3000JPY each. Shipping is free within Japan only.
■ For each figure bought, GSC will be donating 1000JPY to aid relief efforts.


Orders will be taken at the GSC Online Shop from 8 August at 11AM (JST) until 29th August at 20:00 (JST)

■ Those living overseas, please take note of the information below.
■ Products will be made to order, so there is no need to rush, but please order within the time-frame if you wish to get one.
■ For those in disaster areas whose addresses are likely to change, note that you can contact us to change the address at a later stage.

[Overseas Sales]

This product can be ordered from the following online store, please check the page below for more information.

■ Orders can be made from 11th August at 11:00 until the 29th August at 20:00. (JST.)
■ Five figures per person will be available.
■ Figures will be made to order.
■ Payment can be done by credit card or Paypal. Please see the following page for more information:
■ Shipping will be charged at 2000JPY to all countries.
■ Delivery will be in late January 2012 (Delivery time varies between counties.).
■ You may be charged additional fees such as import tax and customs duties when buying from overseas. Please be aware of this before ordering.
■ Payment will be in Japanese Yen.
■ Please mail if you have any questions. English only please.

And then for a quick note regarding KAITO – we have had a load of requests for a resale, and it is in the works – just be patient a little bit longer!

– Notice –

Today the September volume of Newtype magazine was released!


The third part of BEATLESS was included in the issue, I can’t really say anything about it as I don’t want to spoil anything – but you do get to meet Leicia!!

         / ̄ ̄ ̄ \
      /   :::\::/\   ”But I’ve missed parts 1 and 2!
     /    。<一>:::<ー>。  What am I supposed to do?!”
     |    。゚~(__人__)~゚j      
     \、   ゜ ` ⌒´,;/゜
    /  ⌒ヽ゚  '”‘”´(;゚ 。  
   / ,_ \ \/\ \

Don’t worry about it! Part 1 is available, and part 2 will be on the official site soon, so take a look there!

-BEATLESS Official Site-
And don’t forget!


Leicia’s figure is available for preorder!

And it’s not only a figure either, it also comes with a special guidebook to the novel in a special ‘BEATLESS Introduction Set’.

Preorders can be made at the GOODSMILE ONLINE SHOP, but the address is different from the Cheerful JAPAN one, so do take note!


Orders close at 21:00 (JST) on the 22nd August!
Don’t forget to order if you want her!

But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow! (・∀・)ノ゛
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