9 days until WonFes!

Gumako has finally started her countdown on twitter… as soon as she starts we all know that there is no getting away from it anymore! :P


And the production team is sending in the samples!

There seem to be some wonderful things piling up on Tsukki’s desk! I’m sure the giant creature he is holding the tail of is of great interest to you all, but today we’re going to be looking at the box next to it!


One of the WonFes Limited Edition Products:

Nendoroid Madoka Kaname:

School Uniform Ver.!

Madoka is from the popular anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and comes wearing her school uniform from Mitakihara middle school in the special Wonder Festival Limited Edition version, which will be on sale at the ‘WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!! 14’ booth at the 2011 Summer Wonder Festival taking place on the 24th July! (Sunday)

It is in fact the first Madoka Magica Nendoroid that will be available to take home!


This is how the packaging looks!

She comes with three expressions, as well as arm parts holding Kyubey and a couple of other extras, all different from the standard Puella Magi version of Nendoroid Madoka.


This is how she looks from the back!

Her twin-tail hair is fitted with Nendoroid joints so it can be moved around, allowing you to put it in the position that suits your pose! The big red ribbons in her hair are also lovely!


This version also comes with Kyubey!

        /     \    “Eeeeh!?
     /   \  ,_ \    The normal version also comes with Kyubey!”  
   /     (○)  (○) \
    |   、” ゙)(__人__)”)|    ___________
   \      。` ⌒゚:j´ ,/j゙~~| | |             |
__/          \  |__| | |             |
| | /   ,              \n||  | |             |
| | /   /         r.  ( こ) | |              |
| | | ⌒ ーnnn        |\ (⊆ソ |_|__________|
 ̄ \__、(“二) ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄l二二l二二  _|_|__|_

To those getting upset about that particular point – they are different versions of Kyubey too! This version is standing up while the other was in a sitting position!

Just look at his front paw! It’s so cute!!


You can also pose her holding onto QB!

You just to remove QB’s head from the standing QB and place it onto the other body in order to create this pose!

Aww, the paws in this version are just as cute!
The way his stomach is pushed outward with his paws apart – it’s just too adorable!


Moving onto her expressions – a frightened face!!

You can’t have a Madoka in her school uniform without this expression! It’ll be great to pose this together with Nendoroid Homura-chan and Nendoroid Mami!


She also just has to have a crying expression!

     /_ノ ‘ ヽ_\
   / (≡)   (≡) \   ”A crying face?
  /::⌒(__人__)⌒::\    I want that for the Puella Magi version!”
  |     |r┬-|     |
  \      `ー’´     / 
  ノ            \

Which you can see above! :P The only part of Madoka from this version is the face – all the other parts are from the Puella Magi version of Madoka, which you’ll have to get separately! (sorry!)

But her expressions seem to fit a lot of Nendoroid, so you should be able to play around with them a bit!


Let’s give Mami-san the school uniform to try on!

The head is of course Mami-san’s, the body is from today’s Madoka figure and the legs are Yui Hirasawa’s! Maybe it’s just me, but I think it works very well together! :P

Nendoroid Mami, is now available for preorder!


Nendoroid Madoka Kaname:

School Uniform Ver.!

■ Those going to WonFes…

Head to the ‘WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!! 14 ‘ booth to grab her!

■ Those who can’t make it to WonFes…

There will be online sales available! They will be made-to-order, and will only arrive in a few months, however!




        /     \   ”The packaging of the monster from the first photo…?”
   /:::::: ( ○)三(○)\
    |   、” ゙)(__人__)ル ゚。 ゚   ___________
   \      ゝ’゚      ≦ 三 ゚ | |             |
__/     。≧       三 = | |             |
| | /    ,   -ァ,       ≧=  | |             |
| | /   /    .イレ,、       >  | |             |
| | | ⌒ ーnnn ,≦`Vヾ  ヾ ≧   |_|_________|
 ̄ \__、(“二)。゚ /。・イハ 、\、l二二l二二  _|_|__|

It’s gigantic! xD


Those buying it at the event – make sure you’re prepared to carry this! A review of Kyubey will be coming next Tuesday! Watch out for it!

Anyway that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again next week!!

WonFes is so soon! I can’t believe how it snuck up on us!



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