Tsukki from the design team and a Good Smile Plushie!
And look at Tsuki’s little finger pointing out for no real reason!! :P


Last week featured a load of master figures that we won’t see for awhile, but…
Today we’ll be looking at a figure you can grab soon!

 / ) ) )/ \  /\  
 {   ⊂) (●)  (●) \   ”Tsukki!
 |   ////(__人__)// \    Bring her to me!”
 !   !    `Y⌒y’´   |
 |   l      ゙ー ′   ,/
 |   ヽ   ー‐    ィ
 |           / 


The 4th figure in the 1/7th scale Fate/stay night series:


Rin is a heroine from the movie ‘Fate/stay night – UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS’ – she fights in the Holy Grail War to succeed her deceased father – and now she is available as a beautiful 1/7th scale figure!

The figure here is a sample product and will be exactly what you’ll get if you choose to buy her…
She is absolutely fantastically made!!
She is based off Rin from the film, so it’s slightly different character design from the Rin used in the original FSN game, but the quality of the sculpting and production is unrivaled!


This is how she looks from the back!

As the subtitle of the figure states – ‘UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS’ – the base is littered with swords – all can be removed if you wish!

But just look at the divine sculpting of her hair!!
It’s simply unbelievable… the detail is stunning!!


The one and only Rin!

What a wonderful era to live in… I am able to enjoy figures as lovely as this one… As a fan of her, I can honestly say this is a figure I’m very pleased with!


Rin’s lovely thighs!

Noone in this world could not love such lovely thighs! If there is someone, they simply need to be taught what is right and wrong! :P
The line from her hips down to her thighs is also a must-see… it’s beautiful!


A close up look at her body!

Rin is looking to the side, so if you take I picture straight on I’d miss a close-up of the front of the body – which as you can see looks great!  The way her skirt is fluttering up gives the perfect ‘just a little more’ feeling. :P. I think this is in fact my best shot for today!

Her hands have replaceable alternatives!

Her right alternative hand is holding the Azoth sword, and the left is holding her red gems!
Plus the original hand is holding per pendant, so that gives you the option to hold three different things, as well as the choice of an empty hand – just pick the two that you think she looks best with!


I don’t recommend it… but…
She can even the swords from the stand!

     / ⌒  ⌒\
    /  (○)  (○) \   “Oooh!
  / ///(__人__)/// \      An all-new Rin!!”
  |       `Y⌒y’´    |  
   \      ゛ー ′   ,/   
    /      ー‐   ィ

You don’t normally see Rin holding a long sword… it gives a rather unique feeling to see her that way. On another note… that face looks absolutely glorious no matter what angle you look at it from…


Displayed with Saber Alter!

She is also one of the figures in the 1/7th scale Fate/Stay night series.
The quality of the series is just wonderful!

Even the biggest fans of the FSN series would be able to find a fault in this series!


The 4th figure in the 1/7th scale Fate/stay night series:

   / ̄ ̄\
 /   ⌒ ⌒\  
 |    ( ●) (●)              ____
. |   ⌒(__人__)          /       \   ”Tohsaka-san, please!”
  |     |r┬-|           /─    ─    \   
.  |     `ー’´} \      / (●) (●)     \
.  ヽ        }    \     |  (__人__)       | 
   ヽ     ノ       \   \   ` ⌒´     _/
   /    く. \      \  ノ           \
   |     \  \    (⌒二              |
    |    |ヽ、二⌒)、      \         |  |

She’ll be on sale at out partner shops as of tomorrow!

For preorder and sales information, please take a look at our partner shops.
Anyways, that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow!  (・∀・)ノ゛
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