The cheerful cherry blossoms!

          ;ヾ ;ヾ ;”;ヾ;”  ;ヾ ;ヾ ;
        ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ”;ヾ;ヾ ‘;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ
       ;ヾ.;ヾ ‘;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ;ヾ ‘;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ”゙
    ””ヾ゙;ヾ〃;ヾ ;ヾ゙;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ”〃ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ;ヾ
  ”‘;ヾ;ヾ ;ヾ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;//;ヾ;ヾ〃゙;ヾ ;ヾ;ヾ”
   ”””;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ” ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ;ヾ”
  ””ヾ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ゙;ヾ〃ミヾ ;ヾ゙;ヾ ;ヾ 〃;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ;ヾ
     ;ヾ ;ヾ 〃;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ”
     “” ;ヾ ;ヾ゙ヾ ;ヾ ;ヾ;ヾ”゙ “iヾ;ヾ;ヾ” ゙ヾ;ヾ;ヾ”
        ””   ‘ヾ;ヾ” || l | ゙|/;ヾ”     ”
             ”   |l i  l゙l|
,,,,   “,,,,” ,,, ” ∧ ∧ ,,, |l | ゙ || ” ,, ”  ” ,,
         ( ゚Д゚)∬ ノノ 从ヾ ヽ、   ,,, ”
 ” ` ` / @(_)旦.   /
     /         /    ””     ””
      ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

Today we’ll be going into part 2 of Kuroyagi-san’s letter corner: Cherry Blossom Ver.!

Thank you for all the letters sent in! It makes me so happy to see everyone’s beautiful photos!
I had to pick out my favorites, but there were a lot more that were absolutely stunning! I really am grateful for every picture, and I’m sorry if I didn’t pick yours for the blog!

Once again though, remember to take care of mother nature when doing outdoor photography!

This is my very first attempt at outdoor Nendo photography, it was a rather thrilling experience!
But it was a lot of fun, and I’m sure I’ll do it again. These cherry blossoms were taken beside a lake as well as some others by a temple in Kyoto.

   - Miya


What a great angle!!

The blossoms above with the petals scattered below really make a wonderful picture!

A few days ago, I went out with some friends to take some outdoor figure photos of the blossoms at a park here in Shanghai. They were not quite in full bloom yet, but there were a lot of trees. Everyone brought along their favorite figures and had a great day!
The attached picture is my best picture from the day! I also send my wishes to all in Japan, good luck Mikatan!!

   - CLOUD


A picture from overseas!

It really looks like she is looking at the blossoms! I’ve been getting a load of pictures from overseas recently – I’m quite surprised at how many! Plus they are really nice photos! I have to try harder myself now! :P

I decided to try something a little different, so I took some blossoms home with me and scattered them around my World is Mine Miku. It’s not quite the same as the normal cherry blossom photos, but I hope you’ll enjoy it anyway!



It’s so compelling!

The picture is stunning quality and really brings out WIM Miku’s charms! I don’t think I could ever take such a stunning photo… ^^;

The picture’s title is ‘Passing the Baton’
I have recreated the change of seasons with Nendoroids! As they leave they say their farewells, and promise to meet back at the same time next year!



Seasonal Nendoroids!

When you create a theme like this one it’s weird how Miku’s blushing face can seem a lot sadder all of a sudden. I look forward to when they meet again next year!

I’m an avid reader of the blog, so it’s nice to meet you!
On the 10th I went down to a nearby park with Kiririn to check out the blossoms. It seems Kiririn was very content with what she saw!

   - Anon


The blossoms in the front are beautiful!

But the cute little face poking out the back is just as great… making use of the fore and background is a great technique – love the photo!

Aniki has been swept away by the cheerful Spring and is meeting with the blossoms.  (He even opens up his heart to plants… as long as they’re male)

  - Annon


There he is!! xD

That is an incredible pose! This is one not to be missed!

Saber drank a little too much while enjoying the blossoms and climbed up a tree… and now she can’t get down. I just had to get a picture as the setting sun shone off her cheeks!

   - Tooyama

Leave her there, I want to come see her!

The setting for the photo is so cute!

The other day my sister and I went to view the cherry blossoms nearby with some Nendoroids! They were not quite in full bloom yet, but they were still pretty! I took a load of photos, but I just picked my favorite and sent it through with this mail. Here is to hoping that recovery for those up North is quick and without any more trouble!

   -Mizuno Mitsuba

The pink and blue contrast is wonderful!
It looks like Saihate Miku-san is looking to the skies and praying…
There have been a lot of mails hoping for the fast recovery up North, it’s great to see that everyone is willing to put in some words for them. I am also hoping that everything can get back to normal as soon as possible!

“The Season of Love”
Photos of cherry blossoms, figma Nagato and Kyon! (I hope figmas are okay. ^^)

   - Morry


My heart just skipped a beat!
As soon as I saw the photo I could only wonder what kind of situation this is… Nagato’s gentle smile is so cute!!

Seen it was close to where Haruhi was set, I took her out to see the famous blossoms in Kawabe. She seems to be enjoying the view!

   - Under B


She seems most content with them!
This version of Haruhi really has a color set that matches with cherry blossoms nicely. I wish I could have a walk with Haruhi on a nice day like this one!

Haru-chan arrived just in time for the cherry blossoms, so as soon as she got to me I took her out for some photos. The pictures are taken in a lovely place that only locals know about, so I could relax and take some nice pictures!

  - Fuun no Doradora

The trees lining the road are wonderful! And Haru-chan in the middle just makes it perfect! I’m kind of jealous that you have such a nice place that you can take photos at! :P

A few days back I took some pictures with the cherry blossoms, so here they are! (・ω・)ノ
At the time they had already started to scatter in the wind a bit, but even on the ground they were really beautiful so Sakura decided to play around in them! (*´ω`)
I think she is running up to Emiya or her sister up ahead!

   - Sayuu

Sakura in the Sakura!
Sakura is the Japanese word for ‘cherry blossoms’ so this just seems perfect! I was sure at least one person would send a picture like this! :P
The entire floor is almost pink, it’s really nice! Plus the huge smile on Sakura’s face just adds to the happiness in the picture!

This is a picture taken near the Oosaka mint. My Sharo is the cutest in the world! I think….!

   - Banyaaki

Never! My Sharo is the cutest!
Sorry, I just had to say it :P
Are these double cherry blossoms?  They seem to have so many petals! It’s so pretty!

Azunyan seems to be enjoying herself playing her guitar up in a cherry blossom filled tree! I think she wants to do a live here with the other members!

   - Anon

She’s playing for the cherry blossoms!
I’m sure the other members would be happy to do a live performance in such a beautiful place! Next time I think you should get a photo with all five!

The blossoms have finally bloomed down where I live!
My little brother helped out as an assistant for the photo – I took the photo while he held Senjougahara by the legs. It was a carefully posed so that the stapler was hidden behind the flower!

   - Shin Ooze

Senjougahara surrounded by nature!

She really  looks like she was meant to be there! It’s perfect! The hidden stapler is also a perfect touch!

I took some cherry blossom photos. It was just after some rain so I was worried they would all have fallen off the trees, but luckily they were all still blooming! Mato-chan also seems to be enjoying herself… I want a Yomi figma to put beside her!

   - ToY

Her expression is so adorable!

The picture gives such a nice relaxed atmosphere, I feel relaxed just by looking at it! The little green leaves in the picture and keeping to Mato’s personality only makes it better! Good job!

These pictures were taken on the 5th around Oosaka castle. It was my first attempt at outdoor photography, and it was more difficult than I expected! Getting the figure into a position where they suit the background, and getting the timing of the sun’s light right was quite tough!

Luckily I went on a weekday where there weren’t too many people watching me. :P

   - Erimu

Sakura and Sakura Miku-san!

Thank you for the super cute picture!
Outdoor photos do add a lot more variables to the equation, but they really have a whole new feeling compared to other photos. I hope you’ll take the challenge again soon!

Dead Master normally has an image of darkness and the night, but she looks just as good in the daylight! The smile across her face while she holds some nearby blossoms is great!!! I can’t wait to get some pictures of her alongside Golden Saw and Strength!

   - Ringo

It’s too perfect!

As expected of De-chan, no matter what the circumstances she is always beautiful… plus the sexy appeal is great as always! Wonderful!

The blossoms around me just bloomed and so I decided to take some pictures with Luka.
She went through a lot including a few scratches and some missing parts, but she’ll always be my precious partner.

   - TACHI


Singing in the cherry blossoms!

The blossoms are everywhere from the very front of the picture all the way to the back, it’s stunning! Luka has a little sunlight on her face as she sings up to the heavens – she looks so happy!!

Looking at the previous cherry blossom pictures made me want to try taking some pictures with my figures, so I ran out and tried to find a tree that was still flowering!

   - Ryuuji

Three Mikus!

The original clothes really add something new to them! Very cute!
It can still get chilly even in Spring, so it’s nice to have an extra layer to put on for those days. (Yep, I’m worried about those chilly days for figures!)

The cherry blossoms have already come to an end… the seasons really do pass quickly. 

   - Araya


The last photo is Sharo, blossoms and the sky!

The blossoms may have come to and end, but I’m sure next year I’ll be doing this corner again!
The seasons do change without notice, but that’s just a way of life – everything has to change eventually!

I hope to see you again next year!

And that brings Kuroyagi-san’s letter corner: Cherry Blossom Ver. to an end for this year!
Thanks again to everyone who sent in photos!

It’s been almost two months since the earthquake now… Japan is still in a bit of a harsh time, but I hope that these photos were able to brighten up some people’s lives a little!

I know it’s getting a little repetitive now… but thanks to everyone for the mails! They really mean a lot to me!

And as always, I’m still looking out for more mail for the normal letter corners! I promise I’ll read it – so if you have any questions, photos you want to share, product requests, want to discuss your dinner or even want to discuss the May blues… then feel free to send me a mail!
(゚∀゚)  Mikatan Mail!

       /      \
      /  ─    ─ \      ”Boys and Girls are welcome!”
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 |    l                | |           |
 ヽ    -一ー_~、⌒)^),-、  | |________|
  ヽ ____,ノγ⌒ヽ)ニニ- ̄   | |  |

– Notice –

The 1st May is GSC’s 10th Birthday!
I’ll be doing a load of live broadcasts on the day and the day before!
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05/01 (Sun) from 18:00 (Official Nico Live!)
A glance at all the figures GSC has made over the years as well as a special live performance from JAM Project!
Besides the final official Nico live, all the shows will be broadcast live on the GSC channel. We’ll be taking a look at the atmosphere at the event, so do tune in for those as well!

There is also going to be a live event by JAM Project on the official Nico live, so don’t miss out!

That’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again next week! (・∀・)ノ゛