The 1st of May is Good Smile’s Birthday!

Plus it’s our 10th anniversary!

I wish to thank everyone who has supported us over the last couple of years! We’ve just started preparations for the upcoming Good Smile Company 10th Anniversary Party!

on the 1st of May at Akihabara’s Bellesalle building we are planning on hosting the party where we were intending to display all the products released over the past 10 years, but…

     / ̄ ̄\
   / ._ノ  ヽ、_\  ← Nagaizu from Management
   | o゚⌒  ⌒゚o |  
   |  (__人__)|    “I can’t find some of the figures…
   |   `i  i´  |     I just searched the entire warehouse!”
   |   . `⌒   }      
   ヽ       } 
    ヽ     ノ 
   /      ヽ 


It turns out we are missing some of our older releases – but we really do want to display as many of the figures as possible!

And so…
We are looking for anyone with these figures:

・D.C. ~Summer Vacation~ Kotori Shirakawa: Swimsuit Ver.
・Fate/stay night –

・Ramune – Hikari Nakazato

・School Rumble – Tenma Tsukamoto
・Nanoha A’s –
Nanoha Takamachi
・Lineage II –
Dark Elf Mage Female
・Fate/stay night – Black Saber Set (WonFes Product)

If you own any of the figures above and you don’t mind letting us borrow them for the event, then please contact us!

       /      \ 
      /  ─    ─ \   ”I don’t mind if you want to display
    /     (●)  (●) \    it at the GSC 10th Anniversary Party!”
    |       (__人__)  | ________
     \      |r┬-|   ,/ | |           |
    ノ      `ー’´  \  | |           |
  /´                 | |           |
 |    l                | |           |
 ヽ    -一ー_~、⌒)^),-、  | |_________|
  ヽ ____,ノγ⌒ヽ)ニニ- ̄   | |  |
“You can borrow my figures for the event!”
Please include the following information:
・The figure you are willing to let us borrow for the event.
・Your name.
・Your address.
・Your telephone number.
– Please only contact us if you’re located within Japan.
– If multiple people mail regarding a single figure we will choose one person at random.

We will of course reward you for your efforts!


Everyone who lends us a figure for the event will receive:

– Three GSC Mascot Plushies, and…

– Any Nendoroid above #60 of your choice.
(There may be a couple that are not available, however.)
It’s rather embarrassing that we have to ask to borrow our own products, but we’d love it if anyone is able to help us out!

Spring is finally here and it’s warming up nicely, plus I have also received a ton of cherry blossom photos from everyone – thanks to everyone who sent them in!! I will be displaying some of the photos on the blog next week around Thursday or Friday, and I might have another post with more photos toward the end of April.

But that’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again next week!  (・∀・)ノ゛

(C)huke/B★RS Project