Hi everyone. I’m finally getting back to blogging normally!
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So today I’m going to be taking a look at…

Max Factory’s

Miku Hatsune: Tony ver.!

A new figure of Miku based on the famous illustration by Tony! Even the transparent feeling from Tony’s original illustration has been transferred to the 3D rendition!

Let’s take a look at this image first! (・∀・)ノ


This is the original illustration!
When you compare it to the figure you’ll notice just how similar they really are!

The figure is sculpted by Chieri! Sculpting the figure so close to the original illustration must have been quite the task! As expected of Chieri!!


This is how she looks from the back!

The hair swirling all around her really gives a nice dynamic feeling to the figure. The light colors that Tony uses in his illustrations are also very apparent in the figure version!


Miku always has nice thighs showing!

It really gives a sexy feeling to the figure… it also really makes it feel like a figure sculpted by Chieri…!
The bodyline from her waist down to her bottom is also fantastic!


A cute smile!

It really is a perfect conversion of Tony’s Miku! She’s so cute!!


The silver painting on her top is stunning!

Oooh… I never thought the parts that looked so good on the master figure would come out just as nice on the final product!! Oh, and I didn’t pick this angle for any specific reason by the way… ;)


Her hair features beautiful clear plastic!

As you move toward the tip of the the hair it becomes more transparent. You can see here just how detailed it is as well!


This is how the base looks!
It looks like something out of the near future… very appropriate for a virtual idol!

You can also see that the twintails each have a transparent rod to support them. The figure comes with a little explanation sheet which will explain where all the pieces fit into.


She has a mike in her right hand!

The mike can be removed and replaced whenever you want. She even has a manicure done on her fingernails… it looks so neat!


Service Shot!!

   /      \
 /  ─    ─  \     ”I could take pictures like this forever…!”
/   (≡)  (≡)  \
|    (__人__)    |
\   `Y⌒y’    /ヽ
(ヽ、  ゛ー ′  / ̄)|
| ``ー――‐”|  ヽ、.|
ゝ ノ      ヽ  ノ |
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄


Miku Hatsune: Tony ver. !

   / ̄ ̄\
 /   ⌒ ⌒\ 
 |    ( ●)(●)                ___
. |   ⌒(_人_)            /      \    ”Tony Miku Please!”
  |     |r┬-|           /─    ─    \ 
. |     `ー’} \       / (●) (●)      \
.  ヽ        }    \    |   (__人__)      | 
   ヽ     ノ       \   \   ` ⌒´     _/
   /    く. \      \  ノ           \
  |     \  \    (⌒二               |
    |    |ヽ、二⌒)、      \         |  |

She was sent out from GSC on the 16th March!

Deliveries to certain areas cannot be made due to the recent earthquake, but as soon as possible products will be sent out.

For ordering details or questions please check out our partner shops.

All of our future products may be delayed due to shipping problems, planned blackouts and circumstances with the shipping companies, but we will strive to keep them all on the same schedule they are currently on. It’s hard to determine how things will turn out in the current circumstances, we hope everyone will understand!

That’s all for today!
I hope to see you all again tomorrow! (・∀・)ノ゛

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