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Saber/Mordred ~Clarent Blood Arthur~

“I am no king, but I follow in the king’s path. I will destroy all that I must to bring the king peace!”

From the popular smartphone game “Fate/Grand Order” comes a scale figure of the Saber class servant Mordred in her 2nd Ascension appearance. Mordred has been recreated in the moment she swings her sword Clarent, unleashing a devastating blow. With the use of a special color modulation painting process, the figure’s complex sculptwork is further highlighted by detailed, varied shading on each surface. An alternate Clarent Blood Arthur sword + effect part are also included to display Mordred activating her Noble Phantasm. Be sure to add her to your collection!

The Saber class servant Mordred has been recreated in scale figure form in her Second Ascension appearance!

Mordred has been recreated in a dynamic pose swinging her sword Clarent!

This figure features the use of a special color modulation painting process, providing an even more detailed look to the complex sculpting of the figure.

▲You might be able to see this on her shoulder pauldrons and helmet at her back!


I love her strong, sharp expression and how you can see her fangs!

▲I love the contrast between the sharp edges of her armor and her soft-looking hair!

Take a look down at her feet too!

Check out how the stone-like base appears to crack, deform and change color from Mordred’s strong stance! A ton of attention-to-detail has been paid in properly recreating the texture of stone.

▲This diorama-like base makes it so you can really feel the world of Fate/Grand Order just by displaying the figure!


An alternate Clarent Blood Arthur sword part is included!

The effect part surrounding the sword has been recreated with translucent parts!

▲The way the sword changes color from red to blue to purple is quite beautiful as well!

Enjoy displaying Mordred with either sword when you take her home!

Saber/Mordred ~Clarent Blood Arthur~

Available for preorder now!

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