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Hello everyone!! Kahotan here! (@gsc_kahotan)

Today I’ll be taking a look at Phat! Company’s…

416 MOD3 Heavy Damage Ver.

“This pain… I’ll pay it back someday!”

From the popular smartphone game “Girls’ Frontline” comes a 1/7th Scale figure of the Assault Rifle T-Doll 416! 416 has been recreated in her MOD3 appearance from the game. 416’s MOD3 equipment contrasts with her pale skin showing beneath the damaged parts of her outfit, making for an eye-catching display.

416 has an embarrassed look on her face, unlike her typical composed expression. Her long hair has been recreated with translucent parts, giving it a somewhat see-through appearance. Additionally, the fine details of her rifle have been faithfully captured with a combat-weathered look.

From “Girls’ Frontline” comes a 1/7th scale figure of 416 in her MOD3 appearance!

Every strand of hair…

…her combat-weathered assault rifle…

…and her special MOD3 outfit have all been carefully recreated in scale figure form!

▲You can see that even her bag’s wrinkles have been realistically sculpted!

▲The midsoles of her shoes feature matte paintwork!

▲Her gloves and the grenade in her hand are all strikingly detailed.

This “Heavy Damage” version features exposed skin at ripped parts of the outfit. These areas are clearly painted to emphasize the difference in texture between her skin and clothing.

▲I also want to point out the detail of the paint on the back of her legs!

In order to recreate its slightly see-through look from the original illustration, her hair has been created with translucent parts!

Her face is expressive and embarrassed at failure; fitting for the ultimate perfectionist that is 416.

Be sure to preorder her for your collection!

416 MOD3 Heavy Damage Ver.

Available for preorder now!

Most Good Smile Company products are made to order, so if you want to be sure that you get your hands on them preordering is always the safest bet! Make sure you don’t miss out! (∩・∀・)∩

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