Hello everyone! Kahotan here!! (@gsc_kahotan)

Today I’ll be taking a look at Good Smile Company’s 2021 New Year Card!

Every year the design department creates a brand new New Year Card! This year’s looks pretty simple from the outside…

▲I took some pictures with Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Kōrin Kimono Ver.!

Taking it out from the clear plastic bag we can see it’s actually quite thick!

Taking a look inside…

…it looks like this!

The right side has our New Year greeting! As for the center panel….

↓↓ Let’s open it up! ↓↓

It folds out like this!

This accordion-folded paper features the history of Good Smile Company!

For example we can see that in 2010, Nendoroid Hatsune Miku sold over 100,000 units!

Thanks to the support of our fans, Good Smile Company is turning 20 in May 2021! To celebrate this occasion, we listed out our history so far on the card!

Taking a look at the back…

…you can see all kinds of featured products and media by Good Smile Company!



Mecha Smile

Good Smile Company’s new brand focusing on Mecha contents!

Special Site (Japanese): https://www.mechasmile.com/


Masaki Apsy×huke×Good Smile Company’s plastic model series.

Special Site: http://chitocerium.com/

Warau Ars Notoria

Warau Ars Notoria is an upcoming smartphone game with an original story by Nitroplus to be published by Good Smile Company!

Official Site: https://www.arsnotoria.jp/


GOOD SMILE TV is a series of videos featured on our Japanese YouTube Channel!

You can find links to all of the videos at the GOOD SMILE NEXT site!

GOOD SMILE NEXT: https://goodsmile20th.jp/en/


POP UP PARADE figures feature intricate sculpting and gradated paintwork to faithfully bring out the charm of each character while costing just ¥3900.

POP UP PARADE: https://special.goodsmile.info/popupparade/en/

Nendoroid Doll

What are Nendoroid Dolls?

Black Rock Shooter: inexhaustible Ver.

Presenting a brand new scale figure from “BLACK ROCK SHOOTER”.
Based on the 10th Anniversary illustration “10th BRS inexhaustible”, the figure features Black Rock Shooter stood atop the Rock Cannon as it fires into the ground with a brilliant blue light.

Special Site: https://special.goodsmile.info/brs_inexhaustible/en/

Harmonia bloom

The Harmonia bloom doll series was made with the concept of cute charm that transcends time, much like flowers.

Harmonia bloom dolls are sculpted by Iwanaga Sakurako (Shokubutu Shojo-en), a sculptor well-known for enchantingly beautiful sculpting.

Each doll features makeup done by hand,
elaborate glass eyes and outfits made with the finest materials.

Touhou Lost Word

Touhou Lost Word is Good Smile Company’s smartphone game from the Touhou series! The global version is set to release soon!

Global Site: https://global.touhoulostword.com/

From everyone at Good Smile Company, we hope you have a wonderful 2021!